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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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presents the - 1995D~ S EEPSTAKES GRA IZE - TravelCraft Bike Week Package Including Alrtlne Travel, HotellRental car Package for Two (2) for 6 days15 nights - One year subscription to ~ ~ - Two VIP tickets to events Including ••• Prizes and promotional assistance provided by: lRAVEL CRAF(TM DAYTONA BUDWEISER 600cc NADONAL FridayNight, March 10, 1995 AMA GRAND NAT'L C'SHIP camel Pro SERIES OPENER Saturday Night, March 11, 1995 25th DAYTONA SUPERCROSS by HONDA saturday, March 11, 1995 54th DAYTONA 200 by ~ Superbike Classic Sunday, March 12, 1995 2nd PRIZE - Two ~ Regent Helmets - One Year Subscription to (]jill ~ ~- 3rd PRIZE -~ Darien Jacket and Pants or Roadcrafter Suit. (Winner's Choice) - One Year Subscription to (]jill ~ - -- - - ~ I~ ~ !~ ~ Official Entry Fonn-MaD Today !Ii A ONA o n 1995 SWEEPS-rAKES I,...,.. No, I don't want to subscribe, but please enter me in the sweepstakes. i i Address , I City I I ! Phone # i i o Renewal o Please bill me one payment of $38.00 'I 0 8 ill3 EZ payments of $12.67 each I 0 Enclosed is my check or money order ! Name i o New Subscription This is a: P re s D I' ' - 0 YES, I want to subscribe to CYCLE NEWS and be entered in the Daytona Sweepstakes - $38.00Ione year, 50 issues. "" Charge my 0 I VISA; 0 • I , I J Charge Card# State Zip Signature Exp. Date Order Date One Year (50 Issues). 2nd Class Canada or Mexico and all other foreigncountries $78.00 (u~ Funds). Flrst class and ainnail rates avallabla upon request - Send To: Cycle News, Inc. 1995 Daytona Sweepatakas . • , P.O. Box 498, Lon g Beach , CA 90801-0498 No Purehase 1'IeC88II8IY. Fill out the official entry form (Of' a:rx5- facsimile) , including your name, addfeeI, city, stalll , zip oode and phone number. Entr1ea lone per penIOO) must be received by Cycle News , Inc . by January10. 1995 . Fina l drawing wtlI be held on January 13, 1995 . The odcie01 • wIn""g will be det ennlned by the number oI anh'iel received. AI entries become the property of Cycle News, Inc . Wlnner's name will be avallllbie after the drawing upon request. Contest Is ll'06dwheflll prohibited.. Subject to all local, etate and fedefaIregulatiomJ. WInner,,1I be required to sign. I sta tement reIeesIng Cycle News , Inc. and au conrest sponsors from any datn8gn or Injuries In CClr"4unction with sweepstakes prize . IndlYkkaI lravei vendCn may hive specific reslricHona. Car ren&aI may require minimum age and credi t requinlmenI. Car ,.,Iaf Inc::kJdee ntnIal onty 0Iher c:ostI . lncIudIng guomsuranc.. opttona aaJes tax not Induded. WiMef ahalI be ao4eIy responsible lor all)'and .. damagee .ndlor theft 10 rented vehicle . SubItItute prtze 01 cuh conalderatlonehaII nol btl made In the evenI thallhe prize winner cannc:Jt lIM any ~.a portions of the prize . In . lal : .c::cepIlng the priz the winner grants Cycle Newa, Inc. pennisaIon to ~ and pubIldze his or her photograph and the prize won. AI ampIoyeesof Cyde NewS, Inc., Daytona lmematlonalSpeedway, CamelPro. Aeroatlch, AraI Helmets. Travelcranand their tarnIIIeI.... noceIIgIbte. e. i I i I I I ,I I I J

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