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I·IN ·TH WIND." E ".' ' " Scott Plessinger (KTM) capped off the AMA National Championship Hare Scrambles Series with the overall win in Lynneville, Indiana, on November 6. Steve Hatch (Suz), the recently crowned National End u ro Champion, was the runner-up , w hile Randy Hawkins (Suz), Jason Dahners and Tom Norton (Kaw) rounded out the top five. Despite winning, Plessinger finished third in the series ; Rodney Smith had already clinched the series title. Mike Sho-emaker (Kaw) and Cycle World editor Jimmy Lewis (Kaw) were two uno ffici al winners of the 21st Viewfinders Grand Prix at Castaic Lake Park in Cas taic, California, on November 5-6. Shoemaker bested Hi-Torque Publishing's Rob Mesecher (Hon) and John Ferro (Hon) to win the Vet race on Saturday, while Lewis topped former minicycle champion Mike "Mouse" McCoy (Hon) and Oarkley Lehman in Sunday's combined 125/250/500cc event. McCoy scored a win in Saturday's Unclassified race. An estimated 600 riders tackled the 10-mile course during the event, which featured eight races over the two days. Jimmy Gaddis (Kaw) was perfect in winning all four races during the opening round of the AMA National Arenacross Series at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa, on November 4-5. During' Friday night's opener, Gaddis topped Chad Pederson (Hon) and Todd DeHoop in the 125cc class before beatingjeff Curry (Suz) and Cliff Palmer (Hon) in the 250cc class. On Saturday, Gaddis again topped Pederson and Jeromy Buehl (Suz) in the 125cc divison and the went on to beat Buehl and Curry in the 250cc final. Vance & Hines Yamaha's Jamie James and Tom Kipp recently completed a two-day test session at Thunderhill in Northern California. The test marked Kipp's first ride aboard the Yamaha YZF750 superbike and the YZF600 supersport bike. "Things went really well:' Kipp said. "I felt very comfortable on both bikes and was w ith in a few tenths of Jamie's limes in about 10 laps . Between the two bikes I put on over 300 miles over the course of a few days and feel quite satisfied with my own performance. That Yamaha has got to be just awesome on the banking at Daytona." Road racer Scoll Gray is still in the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, Georgia, after suffering serious injury in the WERA Grand National Final at Road Atlanta on October 29. Gray broke his pelvis, cracked a knee cap and suffered a ruptured bladder. The Santa Rosa, California, resident underwent surgery to repair the damage to his pelvis and is expected to be transferred to a hospital in San Francisco, California, within a week. Those wishing to send a card or letter to Gray can do so by sending them to 1175 4th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. There is a chance that former 125 and 250cc World MX Champion Donny Schmit may make the switch to road racing. "I have always liked road racing," Schmit said. "I've owned a streetbike for a long time and followed the road racing scene fairly closely the entire lime I was motocrossing. I would Dirt track di its he American Motorcyclist Association has released the rider numbers for the 1995 A~ Grand National Championship Series. Team Harley-Davidson's Scoll Parker ~lll carry the number-one plate for the fifth time in his career, while 1993 champ Ricky Graham will retum in '95 with his familiar number-three plate. As has always been the tradition in Grand National racing, single-digit numbers are reserved solely for former champions. Numbers 10 through 99 are awarded to racers who earned ~ough championship points the previous season. Unlike motocross and supercross, dirt track numbers - other than number one - do not reflect the riders' previous season results. There are no three-digit numbers in Grand National racing. Instead, riders use a one or two-digit numeral, along with the leller designated to their region of the Nation. ' T ~ ~ ~ 0\ 0\ rl , 0 Z· 2 1. Scott Parker 3. Ricky Graham 4. Chris Carr 9. Jay Springsteen 10. Greg Sims ' 11. Ben Bostrom 12. Rex FISher 13. Mickey Fay 14. Joe Winston III 15. Chris Evans 16. Ronnie Jones 17. Aaron Hill 18.Terry Poovey 19. Billy Herndon 20. Eric Bostrom 21. Will Davis 22. Dan BuUer 23. Kevin Atherton 24. Michael Varnes 25.Randy Texter 26. Steve Beattie 27. Davey Camlin 28. David Uoyd 29. Dale Jenneman Sr. 30. Lars Trulson 31. Kenny Coolbeth Jr. 32. M Hale ike 33. Dave Hebb 34. JohnWincewicz 35. Jeff Annen 36. Steve Aseltine 37. J.P. Simonsen 38. Ricky Smith 39. Del Schnitzer 40. Tom Troudt 41. Brett Landes 42. SteveMorehead 43. Joe Kopp 44.Kris Kiser 45. Jim Sumner 46. Gary Strode 47. Ronnie Brown 48. Rick Hocking 49. Brain Anderson SO. Jeff Eklund 51. David Anderson 52. ShaneButchart 53. Paullwanaga 54.Speedy Kell 55. Jeff Hiatt 56.JoeyDuvall 57. Rusty Rogers 58. Dave Durelle 59. Willie McCoy 60.Dan Stanley 61 . James Hart 62. Scott Buchan 63. Robert Buffington . 64.Alan Eadie 65. Jason Aetcher 66. George Roeder II. 67. Mike Hacker 68. Robert Lewis 69: Roger Durkee 70. John Hlebo III 71. Georgie Price IV 72. Larry Pegram 73. Brent Armbruster 74. Dan McDonnell 75. TedTaylor 76. Jeff Harsha n. Scott Stump 78. Don Wilson 79. Russ Yamamoto 80. Rich King 81. Lonny Kopp 82. Tom Colson 83. Michael Reid 84. Chance Darting 85. Doug Beattie 86.Kenton Longcor 87. Chartie Orr 86. Geoff Clark 89. Kevin Varnes 90. Clint Vahsholtz 91. Andy Tresser 92. Rodney Farris 93. Jess Roeder 94. Steve Champine 95. Matt Wait 96. Donald Paul 97. Rob Gette 98. Bret Beyer 99. Duane Veeder Barcelona SX to Lamson T eam Honda /1-800-COLLECT rider Steve lamson (right) earned his first stadium victory ever at the Palu Sant [ordi arena in Barcelona, Spain, where he won the first night of racing on Saturday, November 5. Sunday's event was topped by French Yamaha rider Frederic Bolley, and while Jeremy McGrath failed to win a main event, the Camel Supercross Champion continues to lead the World Championship Series point standings. From an initial 12th in Saturday's 16-rider field, McGrath faced a tough task to move upfield. "The track was really one-lined, but several riders made mistakes," said the 22-year-old. "Then I started taking wide lines." The tactic worked and McGrath tore around the outside on long turns to move through the first six, snatching second place from teammate Doug Henry at the start of the 20th and final lap around the short 4O-second course. But time ran out to catch Lamson, who had passed the holeshotling Jimmy Bullon early in the race to win his first main event. Lamson had posted podium placings at the facility the two previous years . . The top five were completed by Henry, Bullon and Mike Craig. In the absence of 250cc World Champion Greg Albertyn, who injured his wrist a few weeks ago, American riders dominated the placings; only ninth-placed Mexican Pedro Gonzalez intervened in the top 11. Stefan Everts and Bolley were both held up in the first tum, and Yves Demaria crashed out on lap four . McGrath again started 12th on Sunday, and moved through the field. He demoted Henry to third with five laps remaining to set his sights on the leading Bolley. A grandstand finish appeared to be in the cards, but Bolley turned up a notch to win by five seconds. Lamson had initially been second, but he and Henry succumbed to a hardcharging Larry Ward early on. Henry fought his way back by, but Lamson dropped out later on. Henry finished third, with Jeff Emig fourth and Gonzalez fifth. This year's series is the first professionally run stadium championship to contract the top riders from both sides of the Atlantic to the entire series . Alex Hodgkinson like to try it just for fun, initially, to see if I wotftd like it and how well I can do it. I want to stay in racing. I've been interviewing with Polaris (the snowmobile and personal watercraft company) to do some R&D for them, and may run some riding schools. I'm weighing it out right now. I'm looking at possibly doing a 600cc Supersport deal, depending on a lot of things." On the obvious comparison between himself and Jean-Michel Bayle, Schmit said: "I 'm happy to see that he did so well this year. I was able to make it to one GP in Europe this season and talked to Bayle. He was very happy with where he was in road racing. I think he's a very talented individual, and can probably do anything he puts his mind to." Dwayne Erickson of Hesperia, California, was the winner of the 1994 Suzuki RF600RR which was given away at the WERA Grand National Final at Road Atlanta on October 30. The RF600RR wa s the grand prize in a season-long EBC Brakes Team Triple Crown sweepstakes. Th e 1995 AMA National Arenacross Series kicked off on November 4-6 at Veterans Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa. The 12-event series will conclude at the Denver Coliseum in Denver, Colorado, on February 24-26. For more information call 817/626-7297. According to a press release from Pro Sport, motocrossers Mike Brown and Davey Yezek will compete in the Osaka Supercross and the Tokyo Supercross in November with combined sponsorship from Pro Sport and Kayo Racing. American International Racing (AIR) has announced that licensing and entry materials are available for the 1995 U.S. Supercross Series. Riders who are plann ing to participate can obtain th ese mat erials from AIR. The series includes 15 events, kicking off in 'Orland o, Florida, on January 14. The series is open to riders 16 years of age and older who meet the minimum experience requirements for professional competition. Write AIR at 9770 16th Street N ., St. Petersburg, FL 33716. Today's yuppie has it tough. He's expected to make periodic appearances on his Harley-Davidson street bike, but must then worry about missing important business calls on his cellular phone, which is stowed back in the Beemer. That dilemma may soon be over, however, according to a press release from International Product Design. Apparently, inventor Anthony Wise, of Detroi t, Michigan, has devised "an innovative motorcycle helmet which allows riders to communicate with others via telephone. Its hands-free design not only reduces the .risk of missing important calls, but also enhances driver, passenger and pedestrian safety." We can only surmise that the product enhances safety by taking some of the load off those daring riders who use standard cellular phones while on their bikes. Wise is hoping to have Teknoir in full production and available to the public within the very near future. According to sources close to the school, the CLASS Road Racing Schools are currently being courted by manufacturers other than BMW for 1995. CLASS has used BMW exclusively for 10 years, but there is interest from Japanese manufacturers for the coming season. The 1995 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show schedule has been announced. The consumer shows w ill begin in Denver, Colorado, on December 2-4, 1994 and ends with the March 17-19 show in Pontiac, Michigan. For more information call 714/513-8400. According to BMW, the Los Angeles Police Department recently conducted performance evaluations on BMW' s K75RT-P police motorcycles to deter-

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