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Kawasaki Let the good times roll. Yes, knowthyself. Because the machine gracing these pages extends the outer limits of anything you've experienced in your motorcycling career. Knowing thyself means knowing one's limits - which is importa nt, becausethe 1994Ninja ZX-9R will unveil territory unknown to youterritory reachable only on a machine created from the sum of Kawasaki's revered engineering and performance-creating abilities. It's territory that demands respect. And responsibility. Howdoes the Ninja ZX·9R take you into the uncharted? With a mindbogg ling combination that takes the best of Kawasaki's championshipwinning Ninja ZX·7and the Speed King Ninja ZX-11 . The ZX -9R's exceptional power comes from a liquid-cooled 899 cc engine fed by a bank of big, 40mm carbs and Kawasaki's exclusive Twin Ram Air intake system. Every other K-bike fitted with this system simply annihilates everything in its class: It'8 up to your imagination what the ZX-9R will do. lt's all harnessed in a ZX based frame, one with geometry and rigidity good enough to have won ten championships on the national and international level. You don't need an imagination to ·7 knowwhat tha t means-the facts speak loud and clear. And your first ride will punctuate them. If you think you knowyourself, ride a ZX-9R. You'll learn things you never knew were possible. The Ninja ZX·11 needs no introduction-the world motorcycling press has taken care of that. And for the fourth incredible year in a row, it'll be the sport-touring superbike against which the others ar e judged. And like in the past four years, they'll probablycome up short. Why? Becausethe 1994ZX·11 carries on the tradition of all ZX -11s that have preceded it: It delivers more performance than any other street-legal production motorcycle in the world. If you're even a remotely serious motorc ycle enthusiast, you probably know the Ninja ZX performance ·11 formula by heart. For those who don't (and for those whoget an adrenaline rush just thinking about what the ZX· 11 is capable 00, here it is, in order ofhow it all happens: Twin Ram Air induction. 40mm semi-downdraftcarbs. Double overhead cams. 16 valves. 11:1compression. Digital ignition. High capacity curved radiator. Six-speed transmission. 5.5-inch-wide rear rim with a 180/55 ZR17 tire. The chance to own a legend does not comeevery day. Seize the opportunity: The 1994Ninja ZX ·11. The Ninja ZX-7 proves that "racing breeds better better street bikes.' Go ahead: Swing your leg over the seat and thumb the starter-you've arrived at Sportbike Nirvana. How do you get there? with a frame/suspension/tire combo that makes the ZX feel like it's on rails when apex-7 strafing. Powerful, progressive disc brakes. And most importantly, Kawsaski's exclusive Ram Air induction system- technology engineered and perfected in the heat of world-class competition. Absolute purists will revel in the ZX-7R-8cott Russell's World Superbike challenge is based on this machine. Need we say more? Ninja ZX and 7R: Their credentials speak for themselves. ·7 See all the Kawasaki Sportbikes at these participating dealers ARIZONA MESA Kellya Kawasaki 817 S. Cou'Ji2' ClubDrive Mesa. 8521 0 (602) 969-9610 PHOENIX Dirt & S1ree1 Kawasaki 1030 E. CamelbackRoad Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 864-1437 vallee! KawasakJ 18251 N. aveCreek Road Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 867-3381 TUCSON Tuc son Kawasa ki 5225 E. 22nd Street Tucson, AZ 85711 (602)747-4824 PARAMOUNT M idCitiesH ondll!KllwasakllSea·D oo 15725 Lakewood Blvd. Paramount. CA90723 (310) 531 -1225 (714) 828-4080 FT. PIERCE J.B. Kawasaki 4205 Metzger Rd. Ft. Pierce. FL 34947 (407)461-7617 REDONDO BEACH Del Arno Kewasakl 151 2 Aviation Blvd. Redondo Beach, CA 90278 (31 0)372-8891 RIVERSIDE langston's Kawasaki Ine. 4020 Tyler Street Riverside, CA 92503 (909) 785-1929 CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO California Kawasaki 01 San Francisco 385-8th Street San Francisco. CA 94103 (415) 255-2474 BURLINGAME Peninsula Kawasaki 783CalifomiaDrive ingame, CA 94010 BuM (41 5)348-5448 SAN MONICA Kawasaki Santa Monica 828 Pico Blvd. Santa M onica, CA90405 (31 0) 450-4643 HARBOR CITY Calilornia Kawasaki 1517 PacificCoast Hwy. H arbor City, CA 90710 (310)539-3366 CONNECTICUT HOLLYWOOD KswssskJ 01 H ollywood 6525 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038 (800) 371·3718 LAKE FOREST KawasakJ Sportcanler 24417 Rockfield Lake Foresl/MissionV CA 92630 iejo, (800) 859-CYCLE I (714) 859-3186 ILL ROCKYH idtown Kawasaki M 1864 Silas D eane Hwy. Rocky H CT 06067 ill, (203) 721 ·0193 FLORIDA FORT LAUDERDALE Kawasaki 01 Fort Lauderdale 808W. BrowardBlvd. FM Lauderdale, FL33312 (305) 763-7786 MINNESOTA NEW YORK HOLLY HILL LINCOLN PARK BrlghlKawa.akl 3954 Dix LincolnPark, MI48146 (313)382-1220 Daytona Fun Mac hines 450 Ridgewood Avenue NEVADA HICK SVILLE Long Kawesakl 67N. Broadway Rt. 107 H icksville. NY11801 (51 6)935-6969 QUEENS VILLAGE New York M olorcycle Lt . d 222-02 Jamaica A ve. Queens Village. N Y11428 (800) 527-2453 Holly Hill, FL32117 (904) 238-0888 VILLE JACKSON Regency Kawasaki 10290 A tlanticBlvd. Jacksonville, FL 32225-0735 (904) 641-5320 WESTPALM BEACH Cyc les 01 Palm Beac h 2353 N. M ilitary Tr. West Palm Beach. FL 33409 (407)863-1642 LAS VEGAS Kawasaki 01 La. Vega. 3800 N. Rancho Drive Las Vegas. NV 89130 (702)656-1955 Red carpel Kawasaki 4280 Boulder Hwy. Las Vegas. NV 89121 (702) 451 -1121 OHIO DAYTON F & S Kawasaki 7200 N. Dixie Drive D on. OH45414 ayt (800) 783-4245 PENNSYLVA NIA NEW HAMPSHIRE CONNEAU LAKE T Track 'NTrail, Inc. R.D. #3 Rt. 322 Conneaut Lake Road Conneaut Lake, PA16316 (814) 382-4821 St~1 GEORGIA HUDSON GAINESVILLE Kawasaki01 Gainesville 712Atlanta Road Gainesville. GA 30501 (404) 532-7083 Hudson Cycle Cente r, Inc. 2 Flagstone Drive Hudson, NH 03051 (603) 862-1573 TEXAS EL PASO NEW JER SEY Granprl x Kawasaki LODI 10017 M ontana Ave. EIPaso, TX 79925 (915) 593-1024 ILLINOIS DES PLAINES IIl1nol. Kswa.skl 815 L Street ee D Plaines, IL 60016 es (708) 299·6604 LAKE VILLA N tetsen Enterprises, Inc. 7 Miles West Of Great America LakeV IL 80046 illa, (708)356-3000 Bergen Kawasaki 30 Rt. 46 E. Ladi, N 07644 J (201) 641-0100 RAMSEY Kawa sak i of Ramsey 995 Rt. 17 South Ramsey, N 07446 J (201) 825-3333 SAFE RIDING'S MORE FUN Ride responsibly. Kaw asaki believee eefetybegins with us and contin ues with you. Al w~lI wear B helmet , eye protection, a nd pro ~r a ppare l. aaeengere too. Ride defensively. Obey e Basic Speed Law. Never ride under the influence of drur or alcohol. RidinStillmore fun on a well-main tain ed mctcreycle...follow e instru ctions in your owner's ma nual. Remember, riwng eefe is smart .

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