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_ emMW~~~_aw_~~~ Tallon Vohland (Suz) was the top performer at rounds five and six of the CMC Golden State Nationals, held at Sunrise Cycle Park in Adelanto, California, January 30-31. Vohland swept the 250cc Pro class on both days of competition, edging Craig Decker (Kaw) and Chris Young (Suz) on Saturday, and Mats Nilsson (Kaw) and Terry Parsons (Hon) on Sunday. Decker aced Vohland and Cory Keeney (Kaw) for Saturday's 125cc Pro class win, while Nilsson, Parsons and Keeney filled the top three 125cc Pro C;lass positions on Sunday. e a 'l"-l ::>-~ :::l ~ ~ Q) ~ Doug Henry (Hon) won the 125cc Pro class at round two of the GFI Winter Series South, held at Glen Helen OHV Park in San Bernardino, California, January 31. Craig Decker (Kaw) finished second and Erick Hilton (Yam) was third. Decker returned to win the 250cc Pro class, topping Tony Amaradio (Kaw) and Hilton. Robert Drew (Kaw) was the main event winner at the MTEG Stadium Off-Road Ultracross Series opener at Anaheim Stadium, in Anaheim, California, January 30. Larry Brooks (Yarn) finished second, and Scott Myers (Kaw) was third. Speaking of the Anaheim MTEG Stadium Off-Road event, multi-time Supercross and ~ National MX Champion Rick Johnson won the premier Grand National Sport Truck race in his Chevrolet after a close battle with Toyota's Ivan "Ironman" Stewart. Tim Ferry (Yam) was the 125cc Pro class winner at the fifth round of the Florida Winter AMA Series, held at Gatorback Cycle Park in Gainesville, Florida, January 31. Jim Neese (Kaw) was second, ahead of Scott Sheak (Kaw). Brian McElroy (Yarn) won the 250cc Pro class, edging Ferry and Sheak. Former Supercross and National 125cc MX Champion Johnny O'Mara combined 4-5 moto scores to finish fifth overall in the 125cc Pro class at the January 31 round of the Florida Winter AMA Series, held at Gatorback Cycle Park in Gainesville, Florida. O'Mara, who recently carne out' of retirement and plans to contest the 1993 National Championship 125cc MX Series, was pleased with his finishes. "I just got bad starts. My lap times were as fast as the leaders' near the end of the motos, and I felt great," said O'Mara. "With another month of training, I will be ready for the first National." In conjunction with the Temecula City Council, Don Shoemaker Productions and the Continental Motosport Club (CMC) have signed a contract to build the Temecula Motorsports Park, a multi-use motorsports facility that will be loca ted on the 40-acre Temecula Showgrounds property in southern California. CMC will manage the park and will promote a four-race MX series that will be recorded by Don Shoemaker Productions for broadcast on the Prime Ticket network. "The track will be all-natura!," said CMC's Stu Peters. "We have a three year contract with the city of Temecula, with an option for two additional years after that." The park is scheduled to open for practice in March, and the first race date is set in April. 2 Dirt tracker Steve Morehead is chomping at the bit awaiting the start of the 1993 Grand National Championship Series. "I have two new HarleyDavidson XR750s and one new 883," said Morehead. "I'm ready to go racing!" Morehead's XR750 motors were built by Skip Eaken, but his 883 effort will be strictly an F&S HarleyDavidson effort. "Gary Stolzenburg (owner of F&S H-D) will build the bike for me and work on it throughout the year," said Morehead. "I'm planning on hitting most of the 883 dirt track events, but I think Daytona will be the only place that I'll be road racing it. I'm planning on getting a hold of the 883 a week or so before Daytona so that I can get used to the feel of it." Morehead raced an 883 late in 1992 at the MARS Asheville Half Mile in Asheville, North Carolina, where he finished second to Harley-Davidson Twin Sports Champion Scott Zampach. The Sacramento Mile round of the Grand National Championship Series has been rescheduled. Originally scheduled for April 17, the race will now be run on May 1. For more information contact Chris Agajanian Presents at 714/533-4444. Steve Morehead, the 17-time Grand National Championship race winner, will miss the May 1 Sacramento Mile round of the '93 Grand National Championship Series. Morehead will once again cross the Atlantic Ocean to compete in a short track race in Jerez, Spain, on that date. "Master Slider," as he is called in Spain, has won quite a following in Europe and jumps at every opportunity to race there. "I get paid pretty good start money just to show up:' said Morehead. "But to tell you the truth, that's not why I'm going this time. It just so happen~ that the day after my race is the Spanish Grand Prix, a round of the World Championship Road Race Series. I've always wanted to see one of those, and now's my chance." When asked who he'd be rooting for, Morehead replied, "Wayne Rainey, who else?" The recent heavy rainfall in the Southwest and the subsequent water release on the Salt River in the Phoenix, Arizona, has washed out access o~ the main road to Phoenix International Speedway. Spectators and race personnel attending the February 12-14 AMA National Championship Road Race Series round at PIR will have to use the west access from Estrella Parkway or Bullard Road (Estrella Parkway or Litchfield Road exits off the 1-10 west of Phoenix). For more information, call 602/252-3833. The WERA Pro Series round schedulM for Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, California, will be held on July 10-11, according to WERA's Doug Gonda. The race has long been on the schedule, though the date was always listed as To Be Announced. The race will feature WERA Pro Series sprint races only; no endurance race will be held. According to Gonda, it is likely that there will not be a Willow Springs 24-Hour Endurance race in 1993. Roswell Honda-Suzuki of Roswell, Georgia, will host their annual Vintage Day/Swap Meet on Saturday, February 13, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Vintage bikes will be judged and prizes awarded in three classes. The following weekend, in conjunction with the Atlanta Supercross that takes place in the Georgia Dome on February 20, the dealership will host an open house on Friday, February 19, beginning at 6 (Left to right) Glen Parker, Eddie Fuller, Mitch Frerotte and Ken Davis. Buffalo Bills on bikes F our members of the American Football Conference champion Buffalo Bills unwound after the January 26 Super Bowl Media Day with a motorcycle ride to view the taping of NBC's Tonight Show. Offensive linemen Mitch Frerotte and Glenn Parker, and running backs Kenneth Davis and Eddie Fuller, made the trip from Dodger Stadium near downtown Los Angeles to the NBC studios in nearby Burbank. Frerotte and Parker, who both own Harley-Davidson motorcycles, rode Harleys furnished by Harley-Davidson, Inc. Davis and Fuller rode Hondas provided by American Honda. The players were invited on stage to meet Tonight Show host Jay Leno, an avid motorcyclist himself and supporter of motorcycle rider education. Fuller also supports a rider-education program in Buffalo, New York, by helping to fund the Academy of Motorcycle Safety of Western New York. Besides making a financial contribution to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation-recognized program, he also performs public relations and is a recent graduate of its Motorcycle RiderCourse: Riding and Street Skills course. "In junior high and high school I rode in the dirt," said Fuller. "I wanted to take the course because 1 figured there were things about riding on the street that I didn't know." Fuller found that some skills needed for street riding were indeed different than those used while dirt biking. And he says he actually applied'one of the skills taught when forced to swerve while riding his Honda CBR600 to avoid a chair that fell off a moving truck. During the off-season, Fuller plans to complete the MSF's Experienced RiderCourse to learn more advanced techniques and street-riding strategies. His teammates Frerotte and Parker also plan to take RiderCourse during the off-season. "I've never taken a course," said Frerotte, who owns two Harleys. "I want to see how good of a rider I am, if I'm as experienced as I think I am." Frerotte says he's ridden motorcycles "since 1 was a kid." While the ride from Elysian Park to Burbank on a Tuesday afternoon was in moderate freeway traffic, the Pennsylvania native still experienced L.A.-area rush-hour traffic. "We rode through town last night and it was hell:' said Frerotte. Parker, who was raised in southern California and now lives in Tucson, Arizona, agreed. "Corning out of one of the tunnels we saw a woman get cut off in traffic and fall:' he said. "We stopped to help her pick up her motorcycle and get going again." Davis seemed to have caught the motorcycling bug as well. He was heard asking how he could get a deal on purchasing the Honda Shadow he rode.

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