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.~ IN THE WIND By Papa WeaIey ~ For the second week in a row, Italian Franco Ros s i (KT M) won a 500cc MX GP , this tim e with 3-2-1 moto finishes in ro und three of th e World Championship 500cc MX Seri es May C'l 10 at Sittendorf, Austria. Georgian O"l Billy Liles (Hon) was second overall O"l with 1-3-2 fini she s, while defending ...... 500cc World Champion George s ~ Jobe (H o n) of Belgium completed the top three with a 4-1"4 tally. j obe leads C'l Li les in the point standings, 132-118, ;;... wh il e Englishman Kurt N icoll C\S (KT M), who finished fourth overall, ~ is third with 11 7 points. Rossi is fourth ~ wit h 113 points. o Dutchman Davey Strijbos (H o n) wo n round six of the Worl d Championship 125cc MX Series on May 10 in Svarnpaban, Sweden, with 2-1-1 moto finis hes . Compatriot Pedro Tragter (Suz) fin ished second overall wi th a 1-3-3 tally an d Swede Joakim Karlsson (Kaw ) was third wit h 4-42 moto finis hes. Ca lifornian Tallon Vohland (Suz) fin ished 12th in the second rnoto, but failed to earn points in the first or th ird motos. Tragter has a 26-point ยท lead on Strijbos in the standings, 257-231, whi le South Afri: ca n Greg Albertijn (H o n) , who finished fourth overall, is th ird wi th 221 po ints. Four-time Na tio na l Enduro Champion Terry Cunningham (Kaw) scored the overall win in ro und five of the AMA National Championship Enduro Seri es in Wellston, Ohio, May 10. The runner-up was defending series champ Jeff Russell (KT M). Rou nding out the top five were Kevin Hines (H us ), Kelby Pepper (KT M) and Steve Hatch (Suz). Series poi nts lead er Randy Hawkins (Suz) did not fin ish. Team Suzuki Endurance (Suz) won the six-ho ur WERA Vansonl PM Na tional Endurance Series round in Mt. Meriden, Indiana, May 9. The Lake Elsinore, Cali fornia-based team topped Motosport R a cing (Suz) and Virginia Breeze R a cing (Yam) by com p leting 193 laps, 347 m iles, o n the 1.8-mi le race track, despi te two red flags. Team Suzuki E n dur ance II (Suz) won t~e Mediumweight Superbike class o n their ' GSXR 600, giving the new bike its first end ura nce class Will . In co n j u n ctio n wi th th e Ma y 17 Southwick, Massachusetts, round of th e AMA National Ch ampi onsh ip I25/250cc MX Serie s at MX338, Brockton Cycle Center in Brockt on , Massachusetts, wi ll host their 5th Annual Southwick Pre-Race P arty on Friday, May 15. The guest list is quite impressive and i ncludes Kawasaki Team Green's Jeff W ard and Mike Kiedrowski, and Yamaha factory tea m ri de rs Damon Bradshaw, Doug Dubach and Jeff Emig. In addition , reps fro m AXO , Fox, jT and Scott will be on hand. The factory motocrossers will be signing autographs from 6 p.m . to 8 p .m . For more information, call 508/ 584-1451. Word of the affai r was late in reach ing us; ho pefully, it will reach you in time for you to attend th e party. Neither rain , nor snow, nor sleet . . . Six-time MX Nati onal Champion Brae Glover won the 1992 Bel-Ray Driver Searc h Competition and wi ll drive a Bel-Ray-sponsored Form ula 3 car in six races of the International Fo rmu la 3 Championship of the Americas Series . Gl o ver, wh o was among 10 finalists in the driver search competit ion, will mak e hi s F-3 debut May 31 in Phoenix, Arizona. Sou thern Ca lifornia 's Simi Valley Ho nda will be hosting a two-day Ride Red Open House on May 16-17. In ad dition to free hot dogs and soft drinks, a giveaway drawing will be Green Sticker I1rogram in jeoI1ardy-_ C 2 aliforn ia's Gr een Sticker program, the largest sta te-admini stered off-h ig hway veh icle program in the count ry, is in immediate danger. The Green Sticker fund gets its mon ey entirely fro m licen sin g and fuel user fees on off-hig hway vehicles. And the legislatio n that created the fund stip ulates tha t the money mu st be used exclusively for motorized recreat ion opport u nities. ' H owever, a proposal by the Ph oenix Commission, a co mmittee of Department of Park s and Recreat ion officers charged with developing cost-cu tti ng measures, would put the state's off-highway vehicle recreation areas under con tro l of other park programs, would limit yearly expenditures and would divert mi llions of dollars each year away from the intended purpose of the program. The Gr een Sticker Fund raised some $22 million annually. That mon ey is used to develop and maintain riding areas in all areas of the stat e. Becau se of the funding through this program, these rid ing areas can be designed and maintained j'na n environmentally responsib le manner. . The Phoenix Commission's proposal was o utlined during an emo tio na lly charged meeting on May 8 at the Depart ment of Parks and Recreation headquarters in Sacramento. In attendance at the meeting and opposing the proposal were repres entatives from the Off- Road Legisla tive Coa lition, made up of vari ou s offhighway vehicle user gro ups, including th e Ameri can Motorcyclist Associatio n (AMA), AMA Districts 36 and 37, the California O ff-Road Vehicle Association (CO RVA), the California Snowmobile Association, the Californ ia Fou r-Wh eel Drive Association, Dirt Alert and othe rs. No final decisi on o n the act io n was reached, and negotiations between the two sides are expected to continue. ''This is a bad proposal for severa l reasons," noted Eric Lundquist, AMA legislative affairs specia list who represent ed the Association at the meeting. " It is unfair to off-highway vehicle users who are paying into this program, and it has the po tential to create greater impact on the environment by elimina ting important projects. "We understa nd th e financia l p roblems being faced by other recreational programs and we are willi ng to work with the Depart men t of Parks and Recreatio n to overcome the temporary fiscal eme rgency . Bu t motorcyclists sho u ld not be req uired to finance all forms of recreatio n by themse lves." All off-road motorcyclists are strong ly urged to voice their concerns abo u t this issue im mediately. Address your letters to: Do nald W. Murp hy, Director, Department of Parks and Recreat ion, P.O . Box 942896, Sacramento, CA 942960001; and the H on orable Pete Wilson, Governor, 1st Floo r, State Capitol, Sacra mento, CA 95814. Doohan still unbeaten after SI1anish GP R o th mans H onda's Michael Doo han (rig h t) co nt in ued his unbeaten streak by winning the Spanish Grand P rix at the Circuit de Jerez in Spain, on May 10. It was the Austra lian's fourth stra igh t 500cc GP victory . For the third straight race, it was again World Champion Wayne Rainey who finished beh ind Dooh an . The Marlboro Yamaha rider ended up nine seconds behind Doohan, bu t 10 seconds ahead of th e bat tle for second p lace wh ich eventua lly went to Nia ll Mackenzie on th e Banco-sponsored Sonauto Yamaha. The Scot got the better of Lucky Strike Suzuki's Kevin Schwantz and Campsa Honda's Alex Crivi lle, who crashed on the fina l lap while third. Ii was Mackenzie's first rostrum fini sh since 1990. ~ Marlboro Yamah'a's john Kocinski finished fifth; Bud weiser Yama ha's Randy Marno la was eigh th; and Sonauto Yama ha's Miguel DuHamel finished ninth , ahead of Lucky Stri ke Suzuki's Dou g Cha nd ler and Cagiva's Edd ie La wson, who finished 10th an d l lth, respectively. Doohan now holds a com ma nding 35-poi nt lead over Rainey, 80-45, with Ch andler and Schwantz tied for third wit h 32 points. Aprilia's Loris Reggian i ended the three-race win streak of fellow Ital ian Luca Cadalora with his victory in the 250cc G P in j erez, Reggi ani beat HB Hon da's He lmut Bradl by five seconds with HRC's Masah iro Sh imi zu, Cadalora and Repsol Ho nda 's Ca rlos Cardus ro u nd ing o u t the top five finis hers. Cadalora leads Bradl in the titl e chase , 70-37, with Cardus thi rd wit h 33 points. The 125cc G P was won by Ger man Ralf Waldmann on his Marlbor o Team Zwafink Honda RS125. Waldman n to pped Italia n Fau sto Gresin i and Spa niard Carlos Giro to extend h is lead in th e cha mpionship to 30 points over Bruno Casanova, who was a non -fini sher in Spain. cond ucted at 2 p.m. each day. Honda Servi ce Rep Ray Conway will be at the dea lership on Sa tu rday to answer Ho nda service questions, as will Ca mel Supercross and MTEG Off-Ro ad Gra n Prix announcer Larry Naston of AXO . For mor e in formation, call 805/5264122. T he May 16-17 White Bros. FourStroke World Championships at southern California's Perr is Raceway will featu re special classes for dual sport motorcycles. For more in formatio n, contact Team Dual Dogs a t 8181 701-191 3 or GF I Racing at 71417885853. ' Th e Motorcycle Heritage Museum, located a t the head quarters of the AMA in Westervi lle, Ohio, has been admitted as a member of the Interna tional Association of Sports Museums and Halls of Fame (IASMH F). Founded in 1971, the IASMHF curren tly has more than 100 member museums and halls of fam e around the world. It serves as a forum for the mus eum and ha ll of fam e industry, its mem bers sharing information o n topics such as exh ibiting and induction tech niq ues, finances, securi ty, ha ll design and merchandising. " We' re grateful tha t the IASMH F ha s selected ou r museum for membership," said Jim Rogers , director of th e Motorcycle Heri tage Museum. " When we decide to install a motorcycling ha ll of fame here, or share information or other ideas, we'll be able to do so with top experts in the field." If your su mmer trave l plan s incl ude being in the central Oh io area, check o u t th e Motorcycle Heritage Museum. It's located at 33 Collegeview Road in Westerville, which is northeast of Co lumb us, just 'off the Co l umbus be ltway (1-2 70) . T h e museum is open on weekdays from 9 a.m . to 4:30 p.rn., and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m . on Sat urdays and noon to 4 p.m. on Sundays . For more informa tio n, call 614/ 891-2425. H old it! Mo tocrosser Keith Bowen be retiri ng Irorn ra cing as previously reported here. " I was goi ng to retire (after a ride with an Italian team did n't work out ), bu t I' ve got bikes and su pport from K&W Cycles in Ut ica, Michi ga n ," said Bowen, who was o nce a Yamaha factory rider. Bowen says that he will once again ride Yama has in selected 125 and 250cc Nationa ls, are nacross and events in Mich igan in between working as a, ma chi nist fo r an au tomaker. w on 't T he next ro und of the AHRMA/ Vintage Iron National MX Series at Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville , Tennessee, Ma y 30-3 1, will i ncl ud e a sp ecial get-together on Fri day even ing, May 29, fea tur ing food , beverages, rar e film foo tage of 1960s MX an d video tapes of vintage racing. Also o n hand will be racin g legends Dick Mann, Jeff Smith, Barry Higgins and tentatively J im Weinert, who have agreed to take part in a questi on- and-answer sessio n . Racers and racing fans alike are invit ed to attend . For more information, call 715/842-9699. Debby Pickett, vice president of the Specialty Vehicle Institu te of Ameri ca, was in vol ved in an off-road accident wh ile rid ing in Baja, California, , Mexi co, on May 2. She is unconscious due to serious head trauma and is in intensive care at a southern Ca lifornia hosp ita l. O n l y im m ediate family members are allowed to visit Pickett at the present time, bu t friends and associates are encouraged to send cards , ph otogr aphs and audio cassette tapes with news tha t will be o f interest to her. (Boo ks on tape are welco me if you do n 't have any news.) T he cassette tapes and pictures will be used to assist in her recovery as she regai ns conscio usness. Send to: Debby Pickett, cI o IFW , 333 Sou th An ita Dr., Sui te 1025, Orange, CA 92668. For mer 250cc G P motocrosser Rodney Smith (Suz) was the unofficial overall win ner at th e Virginia City Grand Prix in Virgi nia Ci ty, Nevada, , May 9-10. Charles Halcomb (Suz) finished second, while Dan Richardson (Kaw), Paul Krause (Kaw) and

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