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uzu Swin roars oH with championship in Pontiac. JB Once again, Brian Swinkstealsthe show. And another tirle. That's rightthe 199 1 Eastern Regional Supercross Series champion is now also the 1992 Eastern Regional Supercross Series champion. At the Pontiac Silverdome the 19-year-old used his smarts, guts and Suzuki RM125 to ~:O#S. pull out victories in both 15-lap 125cc main ~~ events. Brian's double whammy gave . d;~ him a grand total of seven first ~ ,J places in the series and clinched the tirle with one race still to go . Since he hails from nearby Fenton, M ichigan, it was a classic case of hometown boy makes good. Have a glorious ride into the sunset Brian. You deserve it. , Pa lmer thunders, strikes twice in Memp his. If you 've been hearing rumblings coming from the South this we ek, it was proba bly Cl iff Pal mer stormin g th e AM A N a tio na l , A re nac ro ss C hampio nships i n Tennessee . Nobody on the 13-race ci rcuit rode as ' consistently. Ch eck it o ut: o n a Suzuki RM 12 5, C liff racked up 185 points, with five victori es a nd three seco nd-place fini shes. On an RM 25 0 , he scored 184 points, three w ins a nd four second plac es. N aturally, Cl iff's stunning swe~p of both 125cc and 25 0c c cl a sses made him th e overall Pro c ha mp ionship w inner, a s we ll. Congratulatio ns, C liff, a nd may a ll your performa nce s be thi s elect ric. The 1992 RMs. Preferred by riders and writers ev erywhere. Normally in this space, we 'd ta lk a bo ut how great a ri der a new Suzuk i RM w oul d ma ke you. But this time we 'll step asid e an d let MOTO CRO SS ACTION (May 19 9 2 ) state the ca se for us. "The best 125 in 1992 i s th e Suzu ki RM 12 5 . It's the best-bal a nce d packag e o n the track . We w ere im pre ssed with its r e li ab ility, overa ll handling, power, quality suspension and lig htness. The RM 125 . w ins because it does w hat a motoc ross bike is supposed to do everything!" Thanks, guys. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. '" Su""ki, we want"""'Y ride 10 be sofa and enjoyable. So a~ weara helmet. "y" proledion and praledive cloth;ng. s. ualand always ;nspec:! you Su""ld before r Neverride under the ;nRuen", ofaloahol or atherdrug Study your owneB man ri ;ng. Always aoevise young rider>. The RM series rnalan:yde. are d fardosed ecorsecompehtion usea nd reksed procfice only. I'rafess;ooal rider pi'*'9' aP ted under c!asecl

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