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H F ACTOR Y HTAC Is Your Ticket to a Factory Ride! HTAC is the only program you can make points in simply becauseyou ride a Husky...and if you dowell, you'll makeeven more points! It's the biggest factory-backed support effort in Husky history at the local, regional and national level. If you race enduro, hare scrambles or desert, HTAC will pay you to win on a Husky. Maybe even win you a ride onTeam Husqvarna next season. Score MoreIn Our HTACP oints Program. Each HTAC-sanctioned event pays you 30 HTAC Points for first place (each HTAC Point isworth one dollar). 40 HTAC Points for first Husqvarna. W payall the way to 20th place. e Your six best sanctioned events will count for HTAC Points (minimum of five riders to make a class). You don't have to be a Pro. HTAC Points are paid to A Band Cenduro j riders, and Expert Amateur and N ovice hare scrambles and desert riders ! Here's how the points are awarded: ° HfAC Points against other Husqvama riders in class: 1st 40 HTAC Points 2nd 30 HTAC Points 3rd 20 HTAC Points 4th 10 HTAC Points 5th thru 20th 5 HTAC Points And you can also make these additional points against other bikes competing. ~l.'IIII SUP HfAC Points against everyone competing: lst 2nd 3rd 4th 5th ° P 0 R , H 30 HTAC Points 20 HTAC Points 15 HTAC Points 10 HTAC Points 5 HTAC Points Note: Trophies andIffA Cpoints "ill only be paid to the combined threeIffAC categories (enduro, harescrambles, and desert) andonly to the top combined 4S riders-s-five each fromtheir HTAC class. Points andtrophies "ill be awarded after November 30, 1992. Easy Sign-Up Look for the HTAC Championship Form elsewhere in this publication, or pick oneup from your dealer. Send it in to Husqvarna after your next race, andyou'll immediately start building points toward a huge season-end payoff! You can also score our cash contingency awards-and win even more! Join theHusqvarna TransAmerican Championship for 1992. More than ever before, it pays to race a Husky! We'll post your race results regularly in Husqvarna News. You'll beseen in Cycle News too! Built to Build Your Confidence Since 1903 Husqvama T H E F IN AL STEP u p '

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