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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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cross - J e a n -M ic h e l Bayle, Honda, asked for a bette r motorcycle AMA 250cc G rand Prix - Jim Filice, Yamaha, Du nlop racin g seas o n f ro m o ld S t. N ic k himself. AMACCS 750cc Supersport - Scott Russell, Kaw asaki, D unlop AMA 250cc National Motocross Jean-Michel Bayle, Honda, D unlop S ix national road raci n g c ham pionships . T h re e N at io na l M o to c ross AMACCS 600cc S upersport Miguel DuHamel, Honda, Du nlop AMA 125cc National Motocross M ike K iedrowski, Kawasaki, Dunlop champ ion sh ip s . A N a t io n a l S u p e rcross championship and two Wo rld Pro Twins GP2 - Stephen M athews, AMA 500cc National Motocross Jean-Michel Bayle, Honda , D unlop M o t o c ro s s championships. Plus the US Twin Sports - Scott Zampach, Harley-Davidson. D unlop It all adds up to make D unlo p the s ingle most winn ing motorcycle tire W ERA Endurance Superbike - Team Suzuki, Suzuki, Dunlop b rand in the world . Race -w inning motorcycle tire W ERA Endurance Production - Team Hall'n'Still, Suzuki, Du nlop performance d oes ntre q u ire a v is it from S a n t a . J u s t see you r n e a re s t 1991 OFF- ROAD RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS D unlop Perfomnance C enter. Then put t D u n lop , w e coul d n't h ave W o rld 500c c GP, 125cc GP, S up e rb ike and End ura nc e championships. 1991 ROAD RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS FIM World 5 0 0 c c Grand Prix Wayne Rainey, Yamaha, Dunlop FIM World 125cc Grand Prix, Loris Capriossi, Honda, Dunlop FIM World Superbike - Doug Polen, D ucati, Dunlop AMA Superbike - Thomas Stevens, YCl.maha . D unlop 33 12 1 56 5 D ucati, Dunlop FIM World 125cc Motocross Stephen Everts, Suzuki. Dunlop FIM World 250cc Motocross Trampas Parker, Hond a. D unlop AMA 250cc National Super- Du nlop yourself on th e choice of c ham pio ns . .. Dunlop d o e s no t rec ommend the use of any o f its p roduc t s in exc ess of lega l speed lim its . Be a sa fe rider . Alway s obey speed lim it s.

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