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GCRESPtNEL e S"'" ;;; O"'l ,.......; '" ~ ~ Q.) ...os ~ o Q.) If you've boonto the Unit'" Grand Prix or th e American rou nd of the Wor ld Superbike Ser ies in the past three years , yo u probably already k now abo ut James Crespi nel. His commis sion ed wor k incl udes portrai t s of Mi khail Go r b ac hev , Martin a Na vra til ova , Michael Jorda n, Brian Boswor t h a nd Steve Largen t, in a ddi tion to images of Ja mes Dean, Elvis Presley and Mari lyn Monroe. He is quickly becoming one of the mos t sought after competition artists in t he United States. Many wo rld class riders themselves own original oil paintings by Crespinel and now lithographs of his works are available for both the collector and enthusiast alike, through Cycle News Products. EDDIE LAWSON Some call him the grea test rider who ever lived. Fast approa ching legend s t at us ; nobody wo n mor e 500cc Grands Prix in th e 1980s than Eddie Lawson. In seven year s of World Championship competition. Eddie has won thirty 500cc Grands Prix . Only the legendary Giacomo Agostini and Mike Hailwood have won more and Hailwood 's record of thirty-se ven victories is within reach . Crespinel's image of Eddie Lawson was created over a three-day period at the U.S. Gra nd Prix at Laguna Seca in April of 1990. MARCO LUCCHINELLI Former 500cc Gra nd Prix World Cha mpio n Ma rco Lucchinelli now heads the Ducati factory effort in the World Superbike series. He has been the impet us behind the 'current race effort from Duca ti an d has built the tea m to be the st rongest, most effective, dominating force on the World Super bike circ uit. , The flamboyant Italian occasionally suits up to show off his riding talents at var ious events. (please a llow 4 to 6 we eks for deli very) ~------------------~----------------- ([!ill~/( 'HE H P~~E I, ORDER FORM Fill ou t completely and prin t clearl y Name Address State Zip _ Order Date Phone ( , _ DESCRIPTION U ed Deluxe European Collector'sE nfram dition s s s s s $259 $149 $105 $32 $19 Framed LimitedCollector's Edition U ed Limited Collector's Edition nfram F ed Bantam Edition ram \ A O NT MU U PRICE NIT Unframed Bantam Edition (FREE) Payment Method: 0 Check or Money Order Enclosed (Sorry, no COD's) 0 Mastercard Charge my 0 VISA Card No. Exp. Date _ Signature --'- Q1!ill ~ 2 .- L . _ - ' Send Orders to: Product s . P.O. Box 498 . Lon g Beach, CA 90801-0498 . ยทยท_ ~~~~~~~~~~~2~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~ J ean-Michel Bay le , who clinched th e Masters of Motocross title at round four in Monaco, missed the Dutch round due to a back injury suffered November 22 in a practice crash on hi s personal supercross tr ack in Man osque, France. Bayle's Honda landed on his back after he cartwheeled down the track, and the Frenchman was immediately taken to a renowned Fren ch doc tor who performed two manipula tive operations to correct a displaced vertebra and pelvis. Bayle was scheduled to be exam ined on November 25 to determi ne if he wou ld go to J apan fo r testin g a n d the ' November 30 Tokyo Supercross, Guy Cooper injured his foot du rin g the first ni gh t of racin g in Maastricht. " I thi nk I may have fractured a bon e in my heel," said Cooper. " X-rays didn't sho w a ny frac ture, but th e swelling is bad an d th e doctor told me he th inks th ere must be a brea k of some kind. I'll see my own doctor whe n I get hom e. T he swelling should be down by then and we'll be abl e to see exactly wha t is wro ng." Cir cuit H onda was also in jured tore shou ld er crashed during Cred it Bill Werner , Scott Parker's tuner, with the lin e of the night at th e AMA Pro Awards Banquet. In answer to severa l quest ions, Werner said, ' " Do n ' t blame me for the stoc k mark et." That was in referen ce to Harl ey-Davidson stock dropping from $60 to $35 per share over the past several weeks, reportedly du e to a th ird quart er earn ing's report that failed to live up to Wall Street's expec ta tions. Shortly before the earn ing's report was released, three Harley 'executives sold approximately $8 million wort h of th eir sha res. Yep , when a sha re was in th e $60 range. The Securities & Exchange Commission is inv esti gating th e actio n. . TOTAL PRI CES INCLUDE CA Residents Add 7 1/.<% Sales Tax U P S INSURED SHI P P I NG & H A NDLIN G LACounty Add 8%% Sales Tax Shippi ng & Handling PLEASE ALLOW4 TO 6 WEEKS for DELIVERY ORDER TOTAL On November 25, a House Senate Conference on the National Trails F u n d Act passed a versio n of the bill that wou ld estab lish a national trust fund of $30 million for trail construction and maintenance. It is expected that the bill will be sign ed into law before Th anksgiving. Th e bi ll. renamed the Steve Symms National Recreational Trails Fund Act of 1991 for the Idaho Republican senator who authored the legislation , will return federa l gasoline taxes paid by offhighway vehicl e owners to state programs for construction and maintenan ce of all types of trails . Scot t Parker, who won a record tyi ng fourth stra igh t AMA Grand National Championship/Camel Pro Series titl e this year, was named AMA/ MotoWorld Pro Athl ete of the Year at th e AMA Pro Awards Banquet in Redo n do Bea ch , California , o n November 23. Coverage of the affair will ap pear in next week's Cycle N ews. (No P. O. Box , APO /FPO or Foreign Sh ipmen ts) Q UANTITIES Eddie M arco Lawson Lucchinelli Belgian Stefan E v erts (Suz) was the overa ll winner at rou nd five of th e Masters of Motocross Series in Maastricht , Ho lla nd, November 23-24. The l25cc World Ch ampion topped Americans Dean Matson (Suz) and .Gu y Cooper (Suz) on the first day, and was the runner-u p to winner Larry W ard (Suz) on day two. Tallon Vohland (Suz) finished third. Peak Antifreeze/Pro rider J e romy Buehl in H o ll and. Bu ehl ligaments when he pr actice. _ City IN THE WIND ByPap_a_eal-L-e_~_ W y ~J In th at third quarter earnin g 's report, Harley-Davidson reported that, compared to the year-ago q uarter, th e Motorcycl e Di vis ion h ad a $26.5 million sales increase, unit shipments increased by 2618 units, and the Parts and Accessories Division had a 12% sales increase. Overall, Harl ey's net sales for the q ua rter were up 18%over the year-ago q ua rter. Motocrosser Johnny O' M ara , wh o an nou nced his retirement from MX raci ng last winter, will compete in the Jan uary 25 Anahe im Supercross aboard a factory-backed Kawasaki. "I've been testing with Kawasaki and riding eno ugh to get in shape," said the 1983 l25 cc National and '84 Supercross Champion between motos at a November 23 local MX in Perris , California. O 'Mara has competed in local events recently, but don' t look for him to return to motocross full time since he's con tracted to race mountain bicycles next year. O'Mara won the National Off-Road Bicycle Association's Exp ert National Championship and will move up to the Professional class in '92. The Mint 400 desert race that was scheduled for November21-24, starting at Las Vegas, Nevada, has been ca n celed. Baja Promotions' Lou Peralta cited the lack of entries, the lack of sponsorsh ip support, and the fact that major and sma ll team budge ts had been exhausted for the cancelation. " We're sor ry that we cou ld not realize the event this year," Peralta said. " But it wo u ld ha ve been far more embarrassi ng to our sponsors and racers, demeaning to the event, and we wou ld have been short-changing the public if we did not pu t on a grea t racin g show, with lo ts of racers an d team s. With the nu mber of entries we have received as of today (November 16), tha t would not have been possible." Pro Spor t s USA , o f . Lak e Ma ry, Florida, has anno unced tha t they have assumed responsibi lity for the management, operation and promotion of mo tocro ss acti vi ties at O r a n g e Count y R a ce way in Orl ando, Florida. " ProSpo rts USA has ambitiou s pl an s for Oran ge County Raceway," sai d Lou Whitn ey, pr esident of ProS ports USA. " We have a motocross facility that ha s the best locati on in the state, and the potential to be a wor ld-class track. Many of the basic facilities are in p lace but need to be expanded and improved upon. We intend to capitalize on the input from professiona l motocross rid ers, track builders, and a genera l cross-section of rid ers and race ent husiasts." MX races will be held at the track every Satu rday night. For mor e information, 0111407/ 568-2271. Seven fund -raising Ride for Kids even ts will be staged in 1992, backed by American Honda and other sponsors. Mike Traynor, who conducted the in augural and subseq uent Ride for Kids in Atlanta, Georgia, and then in Ch icago, Ill inois, will oversee the rides. The participants raise money for research into pediatric brain tumors, the nation 's leading kill er of children by disea se: Sin ce 1984, over $1 million has been raised in the Atlanta and Chi cago rid es. Rid es in Ca lilornia, T ennessee, Colorado, Iowa and the Washington, D.C., a rea ar e being added for 1992. At every ride, 75% of the money rai sed will go to local brain tu mor research facilities or organizations. The remaining 25%of funds wil] go towards th e establishment of the nation's lirst brain tumor registry, a data bank to collect vita l patient and disease informati on . All funds raised

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