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_ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ __ ___ --Papa Wealey By' Jean-Michel Bayle (H on) captured the King of Ber cy crown at the November 14-16 Paris Supercross held in Bercy Sta di um in Paris, France. Damon Bradshaw (Ya m) was the overall runner-up a nd won the main event o n th e first night o f raci ng, whi le Larry Ward (Suz) claimed the victory on night two a nd was third in the overa ll sta ndings. Bayle won th e final ni ght's main event to take the crown. Jeremy McGrath (Hon) topped Jeff Emig (Ya m) for th e Prince o f Bercy titl e in th e 125cc clas s. Mike Jones (Suz) was the only rider to reach th e podium on three occasions a t th e Nov ember 14-16 Stockholm G lobe Supe rcross in St o c k ho lm , Sweden. J ones topped Michael Craig (Kaw) a nd Donny Schmit (Suz) o n the first night, but o n night two he trailed winner Erik Kehoe (Honrand runner- u p Ron Tichenor (Suz) across the finis h lin e. Craig was first o n the final night, followed by Kehoe and J on es. Road racers Wayne Rainey and Jim Filice round out the slate o f nomin ees for th e AMA /MotoWorld P ro Athle te ofthe Ye ar A w a r d , which will be pr esented at the AMA P ro fessional Awa rds Banquet o n November 23 in Redo ndo Beach , Ca liforn ia. Rainey, 31, won h is seco nd co nsecutive 500cc World Championship in 1991 a nd is cu rrently recoveri ng from injuri es su ffered in a practice crash prior to th e season fin al e in Mal a ysia. Fil ice won the 1991 AMA 250cc G rand Prix Seri es National C hampions hi p ti tle des pite join in g the circu it afte r th e season opener at Da yton a. The most remarkabl e aspect' of Filice's cha m p io nsh ip seaso n is the fact that he was co m ing back to Nation al -ca liber co m petition after life-th rea ten ing inj u ries su ffered in a traffic acci dent before th e 1990 seaso n. Pr eviously a nnou nced no m inees for th e award, wh ich carr ies a $2500 cash p rize from ESPN 's Mot oWorld, are Camel Pro Series Ch amp ion Scott Park er, mul ti -clas s MX cham p J ean-Mich el Bayle, a nd th e U.S. Mot ocross des Nations-winning team o f Dam on Br adsh aw , Mike Kiedrowski a nd j eff Stanton. In tern at io na l Cham pionsh ip Events (ICE) will pr esent th e 3rd Annual Budweis er Speedway Ice Racing World Championship in the Tucso n Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona , J anuary 17-18. In co nj u nction with the racing, ICE will host the ina ug u ra l Sportsworld Festival, an exposition th at will feature exhibi ts focused on a wid e vari et y of sports, in cl u d i n g motorsports , bi cycling , weight train ing, hunting, fishing a nd hiking. Holders o f tickets to the ice its 2nd An nual Sil ver Tire Award which entitles its reci pient to a Silver Tire Award plaque a nd a Silver Tire Contract for the '92 seaso n. For more information on th e program, co n tact Dunlop's Frank Sta cy at 716/773-8200. races will be admi n ed free to th e exposition . Those interested in exhibiti ng should contact Liane Densford of ICE a t 602/299-0206. ICE has hooked up with World Speedwa y Raci ng Association (WSRA) a nd will take a co ntingent of North Am erican ice speedway racers to England for a series o f race meetings in la te February. The exact dates will be a n no u nced soon. Eight ICE speedway bik e riders will be seeded fo r the overseas racing, and an additional four rid ers will qualify for th e Bri tish races at th e Bud weiser Speedway Ice Racing World Championship at Tucson in January. Riders interested in contesting fo r those slo ts sho u ld ca ll ICE at th e number listed above. Th e Old Timer's MX Club of California is o ffering free, one-race guest memberships to riders 40 years o f age a nd older at any of the cl u b's even ts held at various southern Ca lifornia facilities. The club will hold races at Perr is Racewa y in Perri s on November 23, and Decem ber I and 8 at Los Angeles Co unty Raceway in Palmda le. For more in formation , call 714/633-9503. If you hap pe n to be in Palm Springs, Ca lifornia , over the November 22-24 weekend, you' ll no doub t hear the unmuffled sounds of vintage race ca rs in action on a city stree t circu it. That's beca use the 7th Annual Rick Cole Palm Springs Road Race & Auction Weekend will be ta ki ng p lace. Once again, the weekend's activities will include a vintage motorcycle a uction . Wh il e ma inl y de voted to motorcycl es, a li m ited n u m ber o f sports cars will be incl u ded . The auction takes place o n Saturday, November 23, at 12 noon. For m or e informa tio n, call 818/ 506-4661. The Bimota Tesi has been named as o ne of the " year' s 100 gre a test achievements in science a nd technology" by Po p ul ar Scie nce maga zin e. T he a wa rd was presented in New York City on Tuesday, November 12. If you live in th e Los Angeles ar ea a nd m issed last week 's telecast of the U .S. 500cc MX GP on SportsCha nnel beca use o f a last-m in ute schedule ch ange, don 't feel alo ne. Pa pa 's been told th at th e show will air again o n Fri da y, No vember 22, a t 11:30 p.rn, P aci fic time. Els ewher e across the co u ntry, check ou t yo ur local schedule. You j ust m ight be lu cky. Yamaha has finalized its mo tocross teams for th e 1992 season. Damon Bradshaw , Doug Dubach and Jeff E mig wi ll return as team members, a nd all three will co mpete in th e Camel Supercross Series. Bradshaw and Dubac h wi ll also co ntest th e 250 a nd 500cc Nationa l Ch ampionsh ip MX Series, while Em ig will retu rn to th e 125cc Na tio na ls. K en H ayes, a longtime mo tor cycling sta lwart in th e Southeast, suffered spi na l co rd damage in a hare scra mbles in Tennessee o n Sunday, Novemb er 17. Ca rds a nd lett ers for H ayes, who was na m ed " Mos t Help ful Rider" at this yea r's Co lo rado 500, ca n be sent to th e famil y's mot orcycle deal ership, Jim 's Mot orcycle Sal es, 1209 W. Market St., J ohnso n City, T N 37901. Ya ma ha wi ll also field th ree o u tside su p port tea ms in '92. T eam DGY (Do wners Grove Yamaha ) will conce ntrate its efforts on th e 125cc Eastern Regi onal Supercross Series a nd 125cc Nationals with returning rider s Doug Henryand J immy Button. Team NCY (No rt h Co unty Yamaha) will contest th e 125cc Western Reg ion a l Su percross a nd 125cc Nationals with for mer Kawasaki support rider T y s o n V ohla n d a n d D ana W i ggins. Noleen Racin g will retu rn with the ir Ultracross team consisting of Kyle Lewis, Jim Holley, Lowell Thoms o n , Jason Langford , Larry Brooks a nd Lance Smail; the y'll also co ntest selected 125 and 250cc Camel Supercross and National MX even ts. West Racing and Varner Ra cin g ha ve teamed up to form SGH Racing, a nd will p ro mo te Sa turday morn in g races a t Gl en Hel en OHV Park in San Bernardino, CA, beginning November 30. Long motos will be held o n the su per cross tra ck for a ll regular classes. For more informat ion ca ll 310/5480885. Dunlop has announced it will be th e offi cial tir e sponsor o f events promot ed b y SI. P etersburg , Florida-based WorldSpo rts. Events included in th e spon sorship pack age includ e th e :-Iorida Gold Cup Series, th e Florida Winter National O lympics, the Florida Winter AMA Series and th e AMA Amateur Supercross National Championship Series . As part of its spon sorship, Dunlop will provide contingencies and series a wa rds, and present Doug Dubach injured his left ankle a t the Osaka Supercross in Japan. " It was ,!Iready a bit sore (fro m a previous INTHEWIND European supercross event), th en in Japan I landed on a ha y bal e wh ich had been knock ed on to the track," said Dubach at the November 14-16 Paris Su pe rcross in France wh ere he attem pted to practi ce each day . " I co uld maybe ride if it was for a champ io nship, but it is just too sore for me to consider racing." ~ e Jeff Ward ended his European supercross tour battered a nd bruised. " My ankles 'are not such a pro blem any more, but I have trouble with my left shoulder," explained Ward at the Pari s Supercross. " I hurt it about two months ago and there is a piece of bone floa ti ng around in there a nd p robably some pinch ed nerves. It wasn ' t a p roblem in th e Na tio na ls, bu t it's ta king a pounding o n the supercross tracks. I'll need to ha ve it cu t open af ter the (Novem ber 30-December I) Tokyo Su percross. " Mo to cross legen d Rick J o h n s o n a p peared at th e Paris Supercross where he rod e a Ha rley-Davidso n into the arena each ni ght. J ohnson was wear ing a cast on hi s right wrist, the in jured wri st whi ch forced him to retire from motorcycle raci ng ea rl ier th is year. UI had two bo nes rem oved a nd som e o the rs were fused," said J oh nson , who will race o ff-roa d tru cks next year. T he Salinas Ramblers M .e. Hare Scrambles , a n AMA Distri ct 36 event th at was sched uled to ta ke place on December I in Ca lifornia 's Clear Creek Recreati on Area, has been ca ncel ed. According to Ed Tobi n, the cl ub's p resid ent, poor econom ic co nditions and the continued dry co nditions in th e a rea are the principle reasons for the ca ncelation. T he Southland Racing Assoc ia tion will hold a Toy s for Tot s Grand Prix at southern Ca lifornia's Carlsba d Racewa y o n Decemb er 15. Riders will be treated to a six-m ile co urse for a n entry fee of $25 and one toy ($10 or higher value) which will be co llec ted by the U.S . Marines. Fo r more informa tion, con tac t th e SRA at 714/957· 2985. After successf ully defen din g h is AMA Na tional Ch ampionship Hare Scrambles a nd Cross Country Ser ies crowns, Scott Summers has signed a two yea r contract with Ho nda. Summers will continue co mpe ting o n XR600s in both the National Championship Har e Scrambles and Cross Country Series, a s well as sel ect ed AMA Na tional Enduro and R el ia b i li t y Enduro events. Three-time World Champion Freddie S pen c e r has inked a contract r--------------------------------------------------------------SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name _ Ad d ress _ City Order Date State Zip _ _ Please start my subscription to Cycle News: Every week for one year (50 issues) for $35.00 (can be billed 3 monthly payments) (California residents add $2.75 sales tax ) o This is a renewal o Please bill me o Bill 3 payments of $11.67 (Ca. residents $12 .59) o Enclosed is my check or money order Charge m y 0 Visa 0 Mastercard o MC/Visa II l'ISO ! Signature o Every week [or two years (100 issues) [or $65.00 :111 o Six months second class (25 issues) for $18.00 · _ Cycle News, Inc., P .O. 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