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NEW BERLIN. SAME OLD STORY Any sim ilarity to la st week's race results ispurely intentional. The story'sthe same, only the name s ha ve been chang e d to p rote c t the competition from total humiliatio n. July 14, New Berlin, NY- Mike Kiedrowski, reportedly riding a brig ht green KX125 ,tho ro ughly d o mina ted the 125cc Support cla ss at the Unadilla MX Grand Prix. Authorities specula te that this is the very same Mike Kiedrowski who embarrassed an entire field of riders in a similar evenf o nly one week earlier. Much to their d ispleasure, it seems Kiedrowski is perfecting his scam. At Unadilla he collected 1·1 moto finishes for a flawless 50 points. If yo u have any information a t a ll cbout how to a p p rehend Mike, please notify his competition.They don't have a c lue. Ka\¥asaki Let the good times roll. /

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