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eIN THE WIND I . 1""""4 0") 0") 1""""4 ~ 0() ence allo wed riders to ge t in a handfu l of la ps in prepara tion for the race and many of the m sche duled a n ea rly a rrival in northern Ca lifornia to take advan tage of th ose ridi ng sessions. T he Sacramento Mile, the second ro und of the 1991 Ca mel Pro Series, takes pl ace on Saturday nigh t, April 6. We tru st Burr it o will have restocked the barbecue sa uce by then. :::: Speaki ng of the Sacramento Mil e. .... . Harley-Davidson of Sacramento 0.. will hold their 8 t h Annual Sacra~ mento Mile O p e n House o n Frid ay , Ap ri l 5, from 5 to 7 p.m . Featured g u ests w i ll in clud e th e H arl e yDav idson factory race team memb ers. For more informat ion, call 916/9294680. It 's officia l! As we mentioned in the Voi ces sectio n last week, the J ul y. 20 Syracuse Mile replaces the Parkersburg (West Virginia) Half Mile on the 1991 Camel Pro Series schedu le. The West Virginia event was canceled due to th e impending sal e o f the facil ity. The July 20 Syracus e Mile, which will be promoted by Jay Mil liga n a nd hi s firm, JM Productions, will be videota ped for an August 2 national televisi on airing on ESPN. Mot or cyclists in Los Angeles (Ca liforni a) County can make a differen ce a t th e Tuesday, April 9, elec tio n by casting their votes for Pet e Ireland in th e race for a seat on the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees. Current board member Pat Owens, a former Triumph factory race team mechanic, says with Ireland's elec tion, th e em ba tt led mot orcycle repair program at L.A. Trade-Tech will have a chance of continuing. A tip of Papa' s helmet visor to Cycle a nd Cycle World magazine's western advert isi ng manager. Carol Hall, who donated food (steaks. turkey paddies, cake. etc.) that was lei t over from a post-Daytona 200 party hosted by the magaz ines to the Hal ifax Urban Ministries in Daytona Beach for d istribution to homeless people. St. Petersburg. Florida's WTSP-TV was recently honored for a su percross segment that appeared on the televisio n sta tio n 's New sCenter 10 show. The Soci ety o f Professional Journalists a warded first place in Sports Report- ., ing to assistant sports director J e rry J ohnson and photographer P e t e r Livi ngston for th eir covera ge of th e 1990 T ampa Bay Supercr oss. Johnson a lso receiv ed th e Green Eyes ha de Award. the society's most presti gious honor. This is th e first time that th e award was give n to a sports entry and it is o nly the second tim e in the hi story of th e co m petitio n that a television sta tio n received the award. T he Society of P rofessional J ournal ists co m pe titio n for news excelle nce judges entries from th e II-state Southeast region of the U.S. S1. Pete rolls out carnet for Sunercross T he City o f St. Peter sb u rg , Florida, is ro ll ing o ut the red car pet for the April 6 Tampa Bay ro und of the Cam el Su percross Seri es at the Florida Suncoast Dome. " With the Ci ty of St. Petersburg's ent h usiasm and su pport of the Coors Li ght Ch all en ge Supercross there will be activities for everyone co mi ng to the area for the even t," said Bill West, promot er of the Tam pa Ba y Supercross. " We're pleased a nd exci ted a bo u t wh at th e com m u nity has p lan ned for all the riders, families a nd . fans." T he T a m pa Ba y Supe rcross will be the first su percross race ever held a t the new Florida Suncoast Dom e, a n indoor stad iu m whi ch o pened last yea r. Activites su rro und ing the event include Supercross Warm -up Parties which will begin Wedn esda y. Mar ch 27, a t th e St. Pet e Hoot er s a nd co ntin ue a t a rea Hooters Restaurants through April 5 (Apri l I, T ampa H oot ers; April 2, Clearwater Hooters; Ap ril 3, Palm Harbor Hoo ters; April 4, Port Richey Hoot ers; April 5, St. Pete H oot ers ). The St. Pete Hooters will also be hosting a Supercro ss Victory Party immedi atel y foll owing th e co ncl us io n of the racing on Sa turday ni ght. April 6. . At each party. Hooters a nd 98-Rock will conduc t prize dr awings. Other activi ties in St. Petersburg over the April 5-6 Supercr oss weekend include the Sun Bank Parade of States on Saturday. Som e of th e top factory team superstars wi ll participat e in the par ade. Person al watercraft races will be run both Saturday a nd Sunday al on g the St. Peter sburg Pi er. On Sunday. the fun con tin ues with the C&S Air Show a t Alb ert Whitted Airport. World War II vintage aircra ft will perfor m alo ng the waterfront a nd will be available for in specti on on the ground a t the airport. There will be speci al aerobatic performances by the Lima Lima Fight T eam, th e Six of Diamonds, and the world-champion Russian Sukhoi. The ai r show will run "from I p .m . to 3 p.m. Capping the weekend will be the Fireworks Ex travaganza at th e downtown wa terfro nt area. The pyrot echnic di splay begins at 9 p.m. The Tampa Bay Supercross is the ninth event of th e 18-round Camel Supercross Series a nd it will resume seri es action after a two-w eek break in the sched ule. It will pit points leader J ean-Michel Bayle against defending cha mp and teammate J eff Sta nton and the rest of the field. Betw een th em , T eam Honda 's Bayle and Stanton have won seven of th e eigh t even ts. Only T eam Yamaha's Damon Bradshaw has been abl e to sto p th eir winning ways, having done so a t the Atlanta Supercross in February. . Stephen Spencer of Shawn ee-Mission. Kansas, is offering a $1000 reward for informatio n lead in g to th e recovery of his 1990 blue a nd white Suzu ki GSXRllOO th a t was sto len d uri ng Camel Cycle Week in Dayton a Beach . The bike was sto len fro m a motel pa rking lo t in the earl y mo rning hours o f March 6. T he VIN number is JSIGV73A4L2101087 a nd the engine number is 106708, a nd the odome ter showed 1650 miles. If you can help Spence r, call 913/ 268-5244. Allied Suzuki wi ll celebra te th e open ing of th e first-ever Yoshim ura P e rforma n c e Ce n t e r with a gra nd opening cel ebration a t th eir new facility in Upland. California , o n April 6-7. Team Yoshimura/Suzuki su perbike road racer Tommy Lynch , T eam Yoshimura Performance Cente r road racer Chuck Graves. and Yoshirn ura/Suzuki crew ch ief Don Sakakura are among the notables wh o will be on hand for a utograp hs a nd ben ch racing. Among the many doo r prizes to be given away is a new 1989 Suzuki RM 125. The name of th e lucky wi n ner of the bike will be drawn a t 1:00 p.rn. o n April 6, so stop in a nd register before that. The shop is located a t 1434 E. Foothill Boulevard, a t the corner of Euclid and Grove in Upland. For more information. call 714/981-0771. HosPITal STOP: Marvin Thom e Sr .. owner of H onda of Mitchell in Mitchell, South Dak ot a, su ffered a stroke on March II. H e has been recovering at St. Joseph 's Hospi tal in Mitchell, and is expecting to begin therapy soon to regain mobility in hi s legs and arms. Cards a nd lett ers can be sent d o Honda of Mitchell , 825 N. Main, Mitchell, SO 57301. pion. and J ean-Michel Bay le , th e current series point standings leader, will be at Anderson's Sal es and Service in Bloomfield, Mich igan. on Friday. April 12, in co nj unc tio n with that weekend 's Silverdome Supercross doubleheader. Stanton and Bayle will be sign ing autographs at th e Honda dealership between 6 and 7 p .m . For more information, call 313/ 858-2300. Want the best tra ckside seat at road races conducted at Talladega Grand Prix Raceway, Memphis Motorsports Complex, Ro ebling Road Racewa y and Road Atlanta? You can get close to the action by becoming a cornerwor k er for motor cycle races run a t those tra cks. All volunteers will be CPRand " cra sh a nd burn" trained and cert ified, as well as trained in radio , hand a nd flag co m m u nica tion. If you 're interested, co ntact Du st y or Becky Campbell a t 404/ 832-0850 (after 3 p.m .) or Diane McL oud a t 404/ 9210048. Mik e Dougherty , R&D engineer for ATK Motor cycles. sustained a broken thigh (fem ur) bone while practi cing on a mot ocr oss track on Sunda y, March 17. Cards a nd letters can be sen t to him d o ATK Mot orcycles, 5430 Un io n Pacific Ave., City of Commerce, CA 90022. Tea m H onda 's J e ff S t a n t o n , th e defending Camel Supercross Cha m- T en-tim e National Hillclimb Champion E arl Bow lby has decided to retire from co mpetitio n while he 's 0 top. Bowlby, 57. began competing i hillclimbs in 1965. He wonhis recor 10th title last year , topping the 800c class. Joel Henning was overlooked in ou coverage of th e February 24 Atlan Amateur Super cr oss report tha appeared in th e March 20 issue Competing in the 125 and 250cc class , Roseville. Ohio's H enning rod his O 'Neal /Scot t/Ohio Motorsport Powerrnist-backed Suzuki to divisio wins in both cla sses. AGV U SA, th e U.S.ยท di stributor 0 Ital ian-made AGV helm ets, is no accepti ng rid er su pport ap p lica tions Interested racers sho uld send a resum and phot o to AGV USA, 5711 Indus - - - - - - Con ti nued on page 4 -----------~ ~------------------------------------------------- ----------~- SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM N ame _ Address _ City O rder Date State .,.-- Zip _ _ Please start m y su bscription to Cycle News: o Every week for one year (50 issues) for .$35.00 (can be billed 3 mo nt hly paym en ts) o Every week for tw o years ( 100 issues) for $65 .00 . o Six months second class (25 issu es) for $18 .00 One yea r (50 issues). 2nd cla ss Canada or Mexico a nd a ll other for eign cou ntries S75.00 (U .S. fun ds). First class and airmai l rates available upo n request. 4 o o o o This is a renewal Please bill me Bill 3 payments of $11.67 En close d is my check o r money o rder Charge my 0 Visa 0 Ma ster card "!~11]3 Signature _ Me/Visa # _ Ex p iratio n Date Send to : Cycle News, Inc., P.O. Box 498. Long Beach, CA 90801-0498 213/ 427-7433

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