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Minnesofa lc:ncJfI'.c)'dt Cambrieigtt 6 12-689-5589 Mi...,.,ri , CounIyM/CPam Hazelwood 3'4-5'21'2300 HoMyl>rMtBonllCowolMiuouri ,..,.,. ' ,do CI...Jand 601·/U3·3 2S1 • ,.,~ Bozeman ~586·7 ' Q NorIh CoroIina ""Shot,,,,,,, RocIweII704-279-5"'5 fun cydM vaIcJ- lOA·874-4680 TriCityHottcla, Yomollo Gr-lsboro 9 19·852 ·370 1 New Hampshire ........ Spom' '''"' In<. Ho""",...J 603-329-7115 NewJeney , - - , C}'d. 1nc. .xsn-s Point 609-927-2071 GriIfan vJNkl. Chotsworlh 609-726-1717 ....... ' ,dn. In< MiJ1,,;1I. 609-=·3030 Town& Country C' " Or Suuu: 201·87502 11I ....." UnIimiooJ CoIogno 609-965-5080 NewMexico fIyin I)an. KTM 1m Cruats 505-525-3660 • U S """"""" ............ =292-6692 Nevada Corson Jicncr'omo eo,;vv Corson City 702 -883 - J 904 N.wxIa M/C 5peciollies Sparles 70 2-358- 4388 SpommcrnC)'dn Los Vega, 702 -64 1-640 1 New y."./r IaIaIDn c"a. Wotid' Ballston lake 5J 8·399 ·3939 _ .......... Spring> 315-253 -9631 ""-""",do Sloap ~ 91"'64-5400 IC&D~ iDwrwiIIe 315-376-6642 ..... y... ~ a.-.V.nag. 7I 8-Q9-7778 JNT.SpottC)"C'" £nt. YVhilMboro 3 15-736 -6207 TomGtant.~ Troy 518-663-83" WrIiom . 'I'I'' '' WMng HoIJor'tJ 716 -537 -2309 Ohio AppaIocItion Crd- ~' wellston 6 /.4 -384-6861 Atf.m .SpottC,..d... 1nc. Alhens 6 14·592· 1692 Awon Wpcwflt C,.o. Elyria 2 16-458 -6021 Ditf' RJJGII Wott. Nor1h Jochon 216-538 -2220 n """"-""""'"""" ,,.100 """""" 61. -695-5692 OWC,dn Ph illipeburg 5 1 J.8lU-5062 HoIoSJodEno--... AI,.,., 216-253-7455 MotNcu C"w SDIn eo- 2 16·343-6411 Pwrtott Hondo Amherst 2 ' 6-282·5'08 ~. In<. R~ 61. -8"-00 10 0IcJ0h0m0 Ai- M/' Supply O/olohomo C; . .05-632-3370 " HonJaolTuIaa Tulsa 918·744 -555 1 Oregon Al I'ro Cyd. & AlV Rmeburg 503-d73-2776 Curl'. Ye-naha Bo'er City 503 -,523·3500 G & G Cycle A1bonr 503 ·926-9320 HondaWodd' CoosSay 50 3-88 8-5588 Hu..-.. 01c;..J,am GmJ>am 503-667-3970 ~0I -.J Md>ni 503-m·55.S0 Pennsylvania • •• SoIe.,I s.Md Lo nr:oWr 717-569·576.4 . . . .'. Jo.&t C ,rdH Brodfo,-d 814 ·368 ·99 44'. 5iaukJ 501ft Johnslown 8 14·539-4 114 Dir1' SufI. C)"de Ccnn« JUlLo/t" 814 ·382-3478 . Dirfy Hony'.Ditf JikH Verona 4 12·8 28·266 7 ICDwuJGlci oiDuboi. Dvboi. 814·371· P202 ~ C YCJ. SO Inc TortWlhlm 4 12·2263727 ,", . Sonfidllmpotf't Piltslon 717-654 -4252 YamahaoI Ccrmp Hi' CampHill 7/ 7-76 1'6192 Rhode /JariJ "' ~ SoIa N.Kingstown 401 -295-8837 Sou1II Carolina T eam Marlboro Roberts Yamaha's Robbie Petersen beat teammat e Rich O liver by 1.72 seconds to win the opening ro un d of the WERA Pro Series F-VSA Seri es a t Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia , Marc h 24. Third place w.ent to Kurt Hall (Suz) with Do nal d Jacks (SUI) and Britt Turkington (Suz) rounding ou t the top five finishers. Both Petersen and Oliver rod e Yamaha YZR500 V-fours, wh ile Hall , Jacks and Turkington were aboard Suzuki GSX RllOOs. In WERA For mul a II actio n, Chris D 'Alusio (Yam) topped Nick Ienatsch (Yam ) an d Alan Scott (Yam) to take the wiri. . Bra d Sawyer _(Yam) and Ken n y Roberts, J r. (Yam) ro unded out the to p five. Support class action a t Road Atlanta saw Britt Turkington (Suz) winning the A and B Superstock classes while Franklin Knight (Hon ) took the C Superstock win . Colin Edwards II (H on) won the WERA Future Stars class. ' Team Suzuki (Suz) won the ope n ing round of the WERA National Enduran ce Ch ampionship at Road Atlanta, March 23. Team Suzuki completed 183 laps in th e six-hour race to beat Vision Quest Racing (Suz) by one lap. Cla ss Racin g (Suz) finished third overall with 178 laps. Ontario, Can ad a 's Steve Caya wa s killed du ring the WERA end ura nce race at Road Atlanta o n Sa turday, March 23. Caya was pronounced dead at No rtheast Georgia Medical Center after his single bike accident . Road racer Rich Arnaiz underwent successful skin graft surgery on March 19 in Laramie, Wyoming, to repair hi s injured left ha nd. Arnaiz, who fini shed fourth in the Mar ch 10 Daytona 200 a week af ter suffering the injury in a pre-ra ce practice cras h , will return to Schwantz wins Jananese GP thriller eam Lu cky Strike Suzuki's Kevin Schwantz (right) won his third J a pa nese Grand Prix in four years after a thrilling battle with Rothmans Honda's Michael Doo han , Marl boro Yamaha 's defending Wor ld Cha mpion Wayne Rainey and 500cc rookie John Kocinsk i at the SUIUka Circuit in Suzuka, J apan , March 24. The top four finishers were only separated by .556of-a-second . Texan Schwantz averaged -98.671 mph to top Australian Doohan by .204-of-a-second after 22 laps in the season-o pening G P. Fourth-p laced Kocin ski of Modesto, California, set a new track record wi th h is two-minute, 11.149-second la p on the 20th go-around. Four-time World Champion Eddie Lawson rode the factory Cagiva to a sixth place finish behind Australian Wayne Gardner with fellow Ca lifornian Doug Cha ndler (Yam) fin ish in g 11th in his first -ever G P. In the 250cc champ io nsh ip opener, Roth mans H onda's L uca Cadalora of Ita ly nipped Repsol Honda's Carlos Cardus of Spain by .255-of-a-second after their 20-lap battle. Dutchman Wilco ZeeIenb erg (H o n) finished third, some 17 secon ds beh ind. Californian Jimmy Filice (Yam ) fin ish ed 31st in his first race since suffering serious inj uries in a auto mob ile accident at the end of 1989. The 125cc GP was wo n by Japan's No boro Veda. T he Ho nda-mounted rider topped Ita lian Fausto Gresini (Hon) by three seconds with defending World Champion Loris Capirossi (Hon ) finishi ng th ird. T Laramie in 10 days to have the pin removed fro m his little finger. Californian Richard Moore will ride for Team Kawasaki France in the April 14 ru nning of the 24 H ours of Le Mans end urance road race in France. Moore will team with Brian Morrison and Thierry Crine. Road racer Randy Mamola ha d th e opportunity to ra ce an in jured Japan ese rider's Yam aha YZR500 in the o pe n in g round of th e World Ch ampionship Road Race Series a t Suzuka, J apan , March 24, but th e Californian o pted not to. " I just felt it was a little too close to the G P wh en I got the call from Yamaha," Mamola ....... , ,doSpom s..F.ideBeod> 8OJ-238-27A5 ....., MaIDrCo.,Inc &lin 803-625-4300 ~ ' ,do. In<. e;,-,.ooJ 803-223-3"8 Sou1II Doleola HuJ- Cydn P" HJdmon~ 60.>787·4868 T enne.s se Crd- ViIcJv- West Clarisvi/le 615 -55 2'3593 1Cingspon~ Ki 9'f'Orl 6J$·247 ·3847 " lCTIr4 01AJ1-u AIf-n 615-745-7895 TeJ

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