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INTH'EWIND Scott Summers (Hon) was the overall winner at the opening round ' of the AMA/Wiseco/Yamaha/Yokoha ma Grand National Cross Country Series in Shel by, North Caroli na, Ma rc h 10. Terry Cunningham . (Kaw) finished second overa ll and Jeff Russell (KT M) was th ird. 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Attn. Circulation P.o. Box 498 Long Beach, CA90801-0498 Phone (213) 427-7433 24 hr. FAX order line (213) 427-6685 (charge orders only, please ) 2 Dennis Hawthorne (Kaw) was the overa ll winner in the 125 and 250cc Expert classes at the G NC Internation al MX Finals at' La ke Wh itney, Texas, March 8-10. Other class winners included Damon Huffman (Kaw), Jeff Dement (S uz), a n d Craig Decker (Kaw). Tim Mertens, who fini shed in a tie for 10th p lace with Will Davis in the fina l 1990 Came l Pro Series point sta ndings , su ffered a brok en rig h t fem ur in a get-off at the Motorcycle Aspha lt Racin g Series-sanctio ned half mi le race at Vol usia County Speedway in Barbervill e, Florida , March 3. T he Brazilian round of the World Championship Superbike Series whi ch was to have taken pl ace on May 26 has been cancelled. According to the series press office, modifications to make the Interlagos circu it suitable for motorcycle racing wou ld not have been comp leted in tim e for wha t was to have been the th ird rou nd of the series wh ich opens at Donington Park in England on April I. The cancellation of th e Brazilian round means that the series will now comp rise 13 ro unds instead of 14. Another change in the schedu le shows the October 6 Itali an round bein g moved fro m Mon za to Mugello. Quiz time answer : The best-ever fini sh by a Britis h rider in the Dayton a 200? The third place performa nce by Ron Haslam in 1984. H aslam also finished fourth in 1985, as did Phil Read in 1972. . Quiz time: Yvon Du H amel, the father' of 1991 Dayton a 200 winn er Miguel DuHamel, compe ted in the Dayton a 200 14 times. What was his best finis h ,in wha t year did it occu r, and on what bra nd of motorcycle? AMA susnends Snringsteen, Haldane W riders , one of them three-time AMA Camel Pro Series Ch ampion J ay o Springsteen of Lapeer, Michigan, have been suspended by the AMA as a resu lt of ru les violations during the just-completed Camel Motorcycle Week here at Daytona Internati onal Speedway. Springsteen , the AMA's all -time win leader in dirt track competition and an occasional starter in pro road racing, was di squalified after the running of the Mar ch 10 Daytona 200. A po st-race inspection revealed that he had ridden a fourcyli nder , II00cc Suzuki in the event, in which multi-cylinder machines were limited to a maximum of 75Occ. AMA Referee Jerry McH ale disqualified Springsteen from the race, which he fail ed to finish du e to an accident. Springsteen was also fined $500 for the infraction. After reviewing the situation, the AMA also levied a 9O-day suspension, which will prohibit Springsteen from participation in any AMA competi tion through June 7. " Altho ugh I understand that under AMA rules the rider is held responsible for the acti ons of his team , in reality I had no con trol over or knowledge of how the equipment was prepared ," Springsteen said. " I have never cheated in any of my racing during my career. That 's not my style and never will be." Springsteen said th at hi s bu siness manager arranged for his ride at Daytona. " I had no dealing with the bike other than to show up for practice, qualifying and the race and ride what th e team provided for me. I was assured the motorcycle was legal. Had I known the motorcycle had an oversize engine or was not built to AMA rul es, I would not have ridden," Springsteen said. Also suspended by the AMA, for a similar rules violation discovered on March 8 after qualifying for the Dayton a 200, was Chris Haldan e of New Zealand. Haldane, wh o was competing in h is first event with an AMA professional road racing license, was fined $250 and disq ua lified fro m th e event by McH ale. The AMA also imposed a 90-day suspension that will take effect April 9 and ren der Ha ldane ineligible for any AMA events th rough July 7. AMA rul es allow both Springsteen and H aldane th e rig h t to appeal their suspensions. Sp ri ng steen has announced that he will file an appeal. T T hree-time Grand National Ch ampion B u b b a Shobert will be th e guest of honor at an open house hosted by HondalKawasaki of Bloo mington , Ind ian a, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.rn., March 23. For more information , call 8001 926·RIDE. So wh at else is new? Desp ite recen t U.S. Postal Service postage ra te in creases, delivery of this publication con tin ues to be horrendo usly slow to man y areas of the country. For your infor mation , Cycle News goes to press every Mond ay even ing and is hand ed over to the post office in Lon g Beach , California, on T uesday . Covera ge of major event s, such as thi s issue' s report on the Dayton a 200, appear in the . foll owin g day's newspaper. For exa m- Yamaha extends product warranties forDesertStorm troon-,=---s _ Y , amaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. has in itiat ed a product-warranty exten sion program for the company 's complete line of motorized products owned by America 's men and wom en who served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Stor m in the Persian Gulf. A letter from Yamaha 's Service Division was mailed on February 25 to Yamaha deal ers nationwide advising that Yamaha will provide a warranty extension equal to the number of warranty days lost wh ile their units were out of use du e to their mili tary duties. T he warra nty extension app lies to all Yam ah a motorized products in cluding motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, sno wmobiles, ou tboa rd motors, water vehicles , and . go lf carts. T hose eligible include active-du ty military called away from their normal base of ope ra tions and reservists recall ed for service. . "T h is warranty-extension program is design ed to provide our brave men and wome n of the Armed Forces who served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm with a warranty extension eq ual to the number of warranty days lost wh ile serving overseas, " said Dick Roy, Yam ah a 's Vice President of Service Operation s. "W e wan t to make certai n that our troops are not penalized in th eir warranty coverage on our products for the time during whi ch they were serving in the war with Iraq. " Eligi bility requirements for the program are as foll ows: I. ) the product mu st be curren tly regi stered to a member of America' s Arme d Forces wh o was assigned overseas duty in the Desert Shie ld andlor Desert Storm operations, 2.) tha t the un it was not used by anyo ne else wh ile the owner was serving overseas, and 3.) that the ow ner comp letes a specia l " Desert ShieldlDesert Storm Duty Warranty Extension" form (including proof of duty in the Gulf). T he special forms are available a t all Yamaha deal ersh ips nat ion wide. Any q uestio ns on the program may be addressed to Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., Customer Rela tion s Department, a t 6555 Katella Avenue, Cypr ess, CA 90630, or by telephoning the Service Division at 714/761·7439. Or con tact your local Yama ha dealer for more informa tion. pie : the Daytona 200 took place on Sunday, March 10, this issue was pu t toge ther on Monday, March II , an d mailed on Tuesday, March 12. Road Atlanta owner Charles Shelton has filed for Chapter 11 ba nkrup tcy protection for the Geo rgia roa d race faci lity and the May 17-19 AMA National Championship R oad Race Series round at the facil ity has been canceled. Cancelatio n of the Na tiona l does not affect the AMAlCCS roa d race meet that will run as sched u led at Road Atla n ta, Ma y 4-5. Shelton cited the debt he inherited from the trac k's previous owners and th e troubled econo my whi ch caused a 'ban k to call in a major loan. Under Ch apter II it is expected the facility will continue to operate while the track's creditors and Shelton work out a repaym en t plan. Sh elton told Nati on al Speed Sport News that he has pumped over $3 million into the facility sin ce purchasing it from the Leon brothers. You 've no doubt heard of the infamous Blackwater 100, the ' grueling crosscountry race that Dave Coombs hosts each year in West Virginia. Well , here's your chance to ride the Blackwater without getting dirtyl Or wetl It 's the Blackwater 200 Dual S port Ride and it' ll take place June 8-9, one week prior to th e Blackwater 100. The event is part of the AMA National Dual Sport Series. Coombs promises en tran ts two different 100-mile rides on his favorite trail riding course, which consists of hills, valleys, trails and back road s of th e Mountain State, and swears that the course is challenging but con tai ns no bogs or swamps. The entry fee is $50 and the deadline for entries is May 24. Participation is limited to 200 entrants. Knobbies are req uired and only quiet street-legal bik es are permitted. For entry blanks or more information, con tac t: Racer Productions , Rt, 7, Box 459, Morgantown , WV 26505, 304/594-1157. The California Enduro Riders Association's Fools Gold Enduro has been rescheduled to comp ly with a U.S. Forest Serv ice request. Originally scheduled for April 14, the event will

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