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It's been observed that every BMWmotorcycle seems to hold vast reserves of adrenalin. The octane of character. Which almost understates the unrestricted bad00GS ness of BMW'sdual-purposemachines:TheR1 and the RlOOGS Paris-Dakar. After all , both are positively adept on (A) roads and (B) no roads. In fact, BMW's whole-earth bikes offer the rare privilege of ornery, almost total independence as befits the direct descendants of BMW's multiple winners of Paris-Dakar Rallies. As you might expect, the BMW R100GS and RlOOGS Paris-Dakar are in a class oftheir own. Smooth, uninterrupted power flows from a 980cc, flat-twin engine which hasthe remarkable ability to rumble in the jungle all day at low rpm 's or to purr coast to coast at super-highway speeds. Moreover, our celebrated Paralever suspension, patented worldwide, worshipsthe ground for the highest degrees of traction and stability Abrawny shock absorber offers ten-position adjustable damping and five-position adjustable spring preload. Observes Cycle World, * "The G low center of S's gravity, ideal gear ratios, powerful brakes and prodigious torque production make it a blast to ride..." arisNote, too, the particular seriousness of the P Dakar with its strategically placed steel guards,cargo deck and, according to Motorcyclist, its "never-saydry 9.25-gallon fuel capacity has a serious dislike for gas stations." Unrestrained confidence also travels via our threeyear, unlimited-mileage, limited warranty ** and the BMWMotorcycle Roadside Assistance Plan.*** So first journey to your phone and simply call 1-800-345-4BMW to find your nearest authorized BMW motorcycle dealer. He'll have everything you need to take off on our adventure machines. Except obstacles. WORTH THE OBSESSION. CI991 BM..... 01 NorthA~ ICd _lnc The BMW lr,J(l~ r ~ e-o o a-e -egrsrerec - Se -roe 19QO •• ~ 't" 'f'OU/ tJU ote lt'llll.,.!"J BMW dedif"f lor dP lJlts at>oul the Ilmrled WdffJ nfy •• "For coroete deldl~ '.t't' vourMot r CIIJt) BerenrsGuidP Sor-e t't'fW'lts nul dv,)lidb!e o l In dil 5ldle<" Sevces provl(ko(l by CrO!>!> Country Motor Clun Inc Boston. MA 021~S. e.ct't!l ,n C.liolorf'1d wt'f'fP <,P1\I1( ~ .i f f' prOVIded by Cross Country Mol or Club01wlllorrJ I ld Bostoo MA07115 AVd ,latJit> 0l"I all lCJ89 01kilt"! BMW nctcecvoes

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