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Winning Isn't Everything... Unless,Of Course, VouWlN Eerything! When it comes to a cho ice between consoling words or a championship title, racers know there 's only one way to go ... and it starts with Dunlop tires ! After a spectacular 1990 season , Dunlop riders are basking in the glory that only comes with decisive victory. Not only did Dunlop dom inate every series in wh ich we competed; but we also paid over 75 % of our posted contingency dollars in real money to our on- and off-road riders ... more than any other tire company! R 0 A RACING D On road racing courses, Dunlop-equipped racers proved unbeatable throughout 1990. As the season approached its end , Dunlop riders had wrapped up a total of five national championships, including the AMA National Superbike, 750cc and BOOcc Supersport, WERA Endurance and WERA Formula USA. In addition, Dunlop riders finished tst, 2nd, and 3rd in the 11OOcc Suzuki National Cup final. But that's only half the story.. . MOT 0 C R 0 S S Dunlop 's racing dominat ion continued at motocross events across America. Dunlop 's streak of off-road victories started in Anaheim, CA , in January, and continued right through the season ending AMA 500/125 Nationals at Unadilla. During their unstoppable blitz, Dunlop riders took the championships in every class of the AMAICamel Supercross series , both the 125cc and 250cc classes of the AMA National series , the MTEG UltraCross Series , first place overall at the Baja 500 Desert event and first overall in the 250cc class AMA National Reliability Enduro Series. Winning may not be everyth ing. But , as any Dunlop rider can tell you , it sure feels good. Whether you ride on-road or off , put your bike on a proven winner... Dunlop moto rcycle tires. See the complete line-up at your nearest Dunlop Performance Center. 8nUN.£DP :j)' Stick With Us

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