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CYCLE ACTION THEATER presents The Greatest Motorcycle' Video Cassettes Watch them over and over! I"''' (#&71) s.-a- ttl. mid to glory throughout Follow Jaff Stantonon (#2051191O_n (#201) I ... ~ h i ... Scotty Park, r wins. takes OVIr poirrtslaad II tlrr Iufla" an oil leakand black nlg ah.r leading much .of 1ha rac:~ . Ronnie Jon.. " J.,. Springstlln makl lllOttl. WIMIII'1 eire . From Dllplin Video. l• (1I3GO) 1910 Soi,om.o p....... (UOI )19IO_.~ -- (-1 .1tIs (_)19IO .... V _ ~ WlIftd in tN, ••a.I 80 minutl Ihow horn G liklDl'f. Wilt &.rm.ny. 6uaa whowinsl Dauic MXIttion 0fI video. Catch it 1tlrough Cycle Action ThlItI'1on _0ןסo. (#71) WOI1IIIII (U II) 19IO_~ (UI2) 1 9 I O _ ~ (UI3)1910 f..-p So,otao-. (UI4) 1910_. ~ (#152) 1910 s.o--. (U I5) 1910 S. _ lIam Kawasala~s Jl ff Ward and Suzukt s Guy Coopltl" pili on. thrilling Ihow lor ttle 14.102fans an.nding th. 22nd Annual H.ngtown MotoCl'Oll CJaui .t northern Californi 's Pr. iri CityOHV c a e Park II th•., battt. ttl. ir way to ttl. ovtIrall victoril in lhe 250 and 125 Nl1tonlls. ' (UII) 1910.......0 1 . ~ (#153) a.--. True lift stOlY of onl oi Am,riCl" grll raterJ. Rarl photu. boyhood1'IC1 films. By Despain Aaociatll. 80 minutes. g l l l ) - - _ _ ... I ! 'I,. . The grealul moontIin bike rttI ill ttl. world t. a plitt elth at Mlllunoth Ski Ar . in . the Californil High Sierra. See footlQe from fbi lut 5 Ylarl from than IWlJOIne ..,.nta:Ka- ilwa Downhill Ob ..lVtd Trills, Crau Cauntry. Dua l lslalam j ChaJlenoe. Hilltlim~ and mOIlI indudi"G lots of crashes. II.,OU 1Ike bu:ycles. thiSvideo is for you 60 minutes from Mot video. . o (#53) T........... [_W. ~. Shob, Mwin. for Honda. th,n tills youhow . Thrilling B·rider dU to .. photofinish. 60 minut s ll l by D.~i n. ( - ) 1910 _ ($frloa)-- thiS VIdeo II the nunc. of dirt trackraCIng; two of the best In the busi ess duel fur 20 I.,. - and n decld" II.11 in" one·hlp dash to ttl, lI,g , By Delpaln Asaodl1ls. (#201) 1910 S. _ (Sfrillll- Pamr lun the cli. win OYer I n unbelievable l1ICIl in the pack for secon Imwe,n 8 ridill . By d De in Associ,tn. spt . 1#202) 1910 ~ (s,rioa) . . . SconyPBlbr brtlb lWay from I 7-rid r battle to . 1C0l'I In impressive win. Slow-motion repl.,. of rookie AndieHuff. amazing,n d-.ovef'·end trash . Moreh. d laps Keith Day at 130 mph. andtanglea a withIngrl m in the Int.l,p battie lor the ruoo,r-up spot. Br Dlspein Auociatn. ~) noW..v, ' -s.-a- • Hig hts 01thl mostexerting wpertrou dUlls hlig eVllr. Include. 1986 Anaheim Sup erttuss IRJ VI David 81ile,.). 1981 LA Co liseum lRJ plUllS entil1l field to bell Guy Cooper). I nd t988 Pontiae SUPlrtrOU (RJ VI J.ff W. rd. as Wl rd gl1' stuffe d n intothe MOIO'tideo cameramen). 60 mi ute. lrom Mot video. o A rWlW 01 the 1988 FIM World Road Racing 50Oc:c Cha .pionships - An 15 ractlS from Jllpan 10 Brazil in 60 minutl . E s ddi, Lawson wins N umbe r SODtc GPwinof tha.. uon; Koc:inIti cgaMs (#203) 19IO ~......... Chris Carr ,hl n, ,. the reco far 20 onthe rd IUgU limestone ll¥81. Slow-motion footage of ed crash. s by Atherton and Ingram. and inside the pi1s u n. cam.1 Pro ridll'l pllIpl re for comb.t By Despain Associates. (#204) 1. ........ SplC!aeular foote at DuQuoin qgaliJinll heats. . f semis. and LCOupthrough ttl, llIirad-ou1 2·ll p final includes gre.. racing lCti n including DOUII o Devi ' bon, jlllri ng crab. Spetiel bon a1dr e". s us of the Hag.mown H lt-M From De",.in Video. i il•. 90 at (11II)_01_ 0''11 " Dl1Ifn Tape." Grill lIlom.ntson ·s t FRlMOIlltlinV-. . -' tha DoniRflon Parkcircuit. htnding the 25Otc: points llad to Cartos Ctrdus. From Motowiclto. On. , but Wayne Gardner. Knin Sl::hwantz and M age., Warn R,ineyInd R e andyMlmola mad iI , hard to do. f rom Motovidlo. ~ 1#71) _ _ . . . , 1_ (#1..) - . . . . . The 49th annUlI B1tc:k H . CI...ic including din ill tract hillclimbs, Mg racin lNld. of course, bibs g " bikers. including Willi. G Davidson 'M a c1anie . Mllcolm Forties. 57 minutl l from prog l1lllive Dllign. ~ ardn.r hom in. ftaddi. Sptnc.r fIIums, and I II .. !Il, fastest gll'(l on1fle fut.1I bib s in Ihl spon. 80 minutes. From Motovid eo. Real GrllRd Prixt'OId r~cing lor the World pionship revtvtl In Amlric. II StlMy Eddi. on tnd fat JimmyFilic:e beal1t'la but It lI gutlaSeel_See , IIthe actionl "Bettar than being !Il rt ' Th is not the NBC varsion - S e is c:am.ras, morereci g action! BO minut s. By n e Mot video. o a. (#51) _ _ Ill' H (#71) no_~ (#77)1_ _....... From Mol vi eo. 60 minutes. o d (nl7) _ . _.. V _ OM A video Iim.nlt of motorcycle racing and lou,ing from ICRIU ttl. United Stlt . s. lnchld.. footage 01 various tomp.titi.,. .nd non -competit:iVl .ve ntl from Daytona,. Sturgis. Widowmaker, and more . FromMotovid.o. (III) U.s..... Pri, I _ YIm. h. '. DimonBrwbhIW senlt d th. san with Jeff Wl rd whenh. wonthe second moto to daim thI 250ct Nlltional victory 11High Point Rac-way. Ba takls 125cc win withtome-trom-behind .,la rides in both motOl. A ,.. 1Dr.., BMW.-rt inIIrucIion ~ . . F,. Easy to _ _ - . . 10.000 Doapo;o . Vidoo. 1_)I_ _ . . . . . . PrIa 2 and 3• •Is from the WIeldy ESPN show Ktvin ScbwenIz dtI8" Rainey tortneT.un's 5th ""Motorwtek lIlustrated. 40 minutes. (11I1) _ _ PrIa 1_ Fro lagun. Glory 10(Wl'fne, nllr tragedy m . plus the fantastiC sideClI'1 in . d lon.. From MotO'tid80. I.. . _11I_ r=T............-o.r lUll) r -1I7f,'UII 9O Gf ... _TBikn.E..,Io w . " ssocietes. 1-) ~ " "" Pri' I- _11I_ "'Il" (#411_1117 Sillty minute.. blowalll pric Hillrious! frnm ed. ominutes. All tile action. Cheaper than tickets and no ships. From Motovidllo. J.fl Ward IIms the victory OVIr Br dshawand a -,p Stl nton . t ttle high eld Lake SIIgI'Tr.. MX PIf'k;Bayl. bltflll with Coop.r torttle 125 dau .

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