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e esi ne our newsus Wi e es ram The winningest frames in allof motocross. On the winningestbikes in all of motocross. Capturing 22 out of a possible 32 National Championships.over the past 8 years. But even after another pictureperfect series,with JeffStanton and Jean-Michel Bayle finishing 1-2 in '90 Supercross,we decided it was time to examine our suspension system. Again. A-Jl Three years ago, our .. engineers turned the motocross world completely upside down. By doing the \C ..<;;;,l;;:-' .l same to our Showa' fork. This year they decided to ease up a bit. So they gave \ our fork a smoother action \ .'~ throughout the stroke. . ~ They accomplished I this feat in a number of , ways. Adding a larger " diameter cartridge and damper rods. Revising the spring rates. Anodizing the inner surface of the upper fork legs. And implementing a "spring-abovecartridge" design. All of this leadingto a fork that works better over a broader range of terrain. A fork that's more precise. And less fatiguing. Proof that winning doesn't really have to be so hard. Still need more proof? W ell this year you'll be in for another shock. A Kayaba' rear shock to be exact. Less harsh. M durable. ore The fully adjustable KYB will help keep your rear wheel where you want it. And furthermore, because of the dramatically reduced linkage friction in our rear -suspension system, you not only get reduced wear, but smoother action as well. After all,we really hate to see our riders take a beating. •Spedfl(,-3uOn and an ilabilily 1.0chan«t' without neuce. For a fret" broch li ure, !We your Ho Dealer nr write: Amenean Honda. Dept , 91, r,o. Box7056, North Hollywood. CA91609-701l5. nda

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