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IN THE WIND B The July 22 DuQuoin Mile, a round of the Camel Pro Series, was rained out and rescheduled for Sunday, July 29. 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Use the order form on the table of contents page or send your order, in clu ding payment (check, money order. charge to Visa or MasterCard) payable in U.S. funds. to: Cycle News, Inc. Attn. Circulation P.O. Box 498 Long Beach, CA 90801·0498 Phone (213) 427-7433 24 hr. FAX order line (213) 427-6685 2 (charge orders only, please ) Finland's P ekka Veh k o n e n (Yam) won both motos in th e second-to-Iast ro u nd of the World Championship 250cc MX Series in Maracay, Venezuela , South America, July 22. Vehko nen took the first moto win over John Van den Berk (Suz), Marniq c Bervoets (Kaw), Peter Dirkx (Hon) and Michele Fa nton (Suz). In the second moto it was Vehkonen over Alessa ndro Pu zar (Suz), Bervoets, Van den Berk and Fanton. Italian Puzar clinched the 250cc World Championshi p MX title a week earl ier a t the U.S. G P in New York . Defending National Enduro Cha mpion Randy Hawkins (Suz) was the overall winner in ro und five of the AMA Natio na l Champio nshi p Enduro Series in Gunnison, Colorado , July 22. Roundi ng out the top five were Larr y Roeseler (Kaw), Kelby Pepper (Kaw), Fritz Kadlec (Yam) and John Bru ckbauer (Yam ). H a wkin s passed Kevin Hin es (KT M), who finished sevent h in Colorado, for the series points lead. Hawkins has a fivepoin t edge over Hines with three rounds remaining. Jeremy McGrath (Kaw) was the 250cc Ultracross winner in round seven of the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Championship Gr an Prix held July 21 in th e Los Angeles Coliseum. Michael Craig (Kaw) fi nished second and Lowell Thomson (Yam) was third. The August 19 Marion, Ohio, ha lf mi le round of the Best of Ohio Summer Series (BOSS) has been ' rescheduled and will now take p lace on August 26. The rescheduling of th e rained- out Hagerstown H aH Mile ro und of the Camel Pro Seriesprompted the cha nge. With the Hagerstown "even t now schedu led for August 19, the Marion race will take p lace the day 3 01l0wing the August 25 Indianapolis Mile round of the Camel Pro Series. For more information, call the new promoters of the BOSS, Bob Stump at 614/389-1623 or Triangle M.C. at 6141 383-3887. Michael Dowson will contest the Japan ese round of the World Championship Superbike Road Race Series at the Sugo Circuit, August 26. Dowson made three ap pearances in last year 's series on a Marlboro Yamaha, win ning roun ds in Au stral ia and Japan. Dowso n will partner fellow Austra lian Rob Phillis on Kawasaki ZXR750s backed by J apanese industrial concern Shin Etsu . Due to recently appropriated time con straint s at Michigan 's Grattan Raceway , the J ul y 28 round of the WERA KerkerlSBS National Endurance Series will be cu t from eight hours to six. Conversely, the six-hour event schedu led for September 15 at Blackhawk Farms in Sout h Beloit, Illinois, will be increased to eight hours in length. Road racer Doug Polen has reached an agreement with Bob Lawson, that will have Lawson, who also manages three -time Grand National Champion Jay Springsteen, representing Polen in contract negotiations. "T he direction Doug will be headed next year is not yet to be released, but the emphas is will more than likely be that of a Superbike class," the release states . " Doug is by far the fastest worl d-class superbike rider today in our opi nion. We could easily ca p tu re a World Su perbike Champi on sh ip, an AMA Superbi ke, or WERA Form ula USA title next year." As for Polen's relationship with current sponsor Yoshim ura R&D, Lawso n is quoted as saying , "T hey will obviously be a stro ng conte nder for a continued relationship, bu t we are not shutting the door on any possibi lities at this stage . . . We won 't be lookin g for oneyear relationships, bu t rather two- to three-year marriages." Former Grand National Champion Steve Eklund, who suffered serious head injuries at the J une 17 Albuquerque Mile, was moved from a hospital in New Mexico to Redwood City Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City, California, on J u ly 20. Eklund is still coma tose and is listed in serious but sta ble condition. Although 125cc MX National Ch ampion Mike Kiedrowski was sche duled to ride the 125cc Support class at the J u ly 15 U.S. 250cc MX GP at Unadilla, the factor y Honda rider wasn't at the New Berlin, New York, facility. Instead he rode his pr actice bike to a win at a race in sou thern Californ ia. " Honda said th at they weren 't goi ng to su pply a bike or mechanic for Una dilla because I was riding too aggressive against J eanMichel Bayle," said Kiedrowski, who is Bayle's Honda teammate. H onda Team Manager Dave Arnold said at Un adilla tha t Kiedrowski stayed home in order to do testing. Kiedrows ki has been involved in two on-track incidents with Bayle - the first at the Charlotte Supercross and the most recent a t the Re d Bu d 125/ 250cc National. O 'Br ien Racing Products wi ll provide trackside services at th e dirt Sidecar team e~es 200mllh mark arry Colem an and Mike T aylor intend to mak e their mark in the record book with an unusual racing sidecar. Coleman (at righ t)and Taylor currently hold a sidecar record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, but th is Augu st, during Bon neville Speed Week, th ey will roll out th eir Proj ect 200 sidecar. This unique stream line r was bu ilt and prepared by Bob Bakker of P.C. Ra cing in Va n Nu ys, Californ ia. A gro up of top-no tch sponsors have joined together to make this the first sidecar to hopefull y top the magic 200 mph mark; th e stream lined bod y was built by Mike Corbin, and a very po ten t Suzuki GSXRIIOO engine is curren tly being pr epa red by Orien t Exp ress Racin g. The Kal-Gard Lubricantsl Barn ett Tool & Eng ineering-sponsored team is also receiving assistance from Shoei, Storz, Special Interest Auto Body and Cali fornia Sidecar. L track races during the 50th An nual Black Hills Motor Classic in Sturgis, Sou th Dakota, Aug ust 7-12. O 'Brie will sell ERC race 'gas, Goodyear tir and a f~1I line of dirt track"parts an accessones. Last week we listed the 10 riders wh q ua lified to represent the U.S. on th World Trophy and Junior Worl teams a t the International Six Days Enduro in Sweden this fall. This week the AMA has named th allotted 27 club riders who ha ve al 'q ua lified: Taz Harvey, J ohn May, Phi Douglas, Lyle Du ron so, J. D. Bentley Gary Doerr , Gary H azel, Brian Wal ker Pa u l Os tbo , Bri an Lo h man, T i Su rdyke, Willia m Perkins, Barret Brown , Wayne Keezer, Dan a Van Stee Brian Mu ll , G reg Su rdy ke, Joh Nie lsen, Scott Drafs, Alan Randt Jason Dahners, Paul Krause, Dr Smith, T om Webb, Shawn H ybarger Robb Mesecher and Darren San ford. Woody Bramlett will manage th U.S. ISDE Wor ld Trop hy team an 'Ala n Drafs will man age the Junio Wor ld team. Apparently, Indiana 's Kurt Hou has not cli nched the Nationa l Cham pionship Reliab ility Enduro Sene titie, as we reported , even thoug Hough has won three of the fiv ro unds run th us far (the series consis of six events, with th e best fou counting towards the series champ ion ship) and the other two rounds ha v been won by two differe nt rider s According to AMA's m an a ger. 0 amateur competition, Roger Ansel "T he overall championship will decided by the class championshi points accumulated by each rider. Th po ints sched ule is the same as Nationa end ures. " In o ther wo rd s, point towards the championship title given in every class, not just on overa l finis hi ng order as is used in the A National Championshi p Enduro Ser ies. With this points -by-class system H ough is currently tied with Dav Bertram for the series points lead. Th las t roun d will be held in Minden Nevada, on October 27. Motocrosser Ron Lechien will no join the Kawasaki team for the 5 National Championship MX Series originally planned due to th e fact tha the brok en leg he suffered la te las season is still weak. Lechien has bee asked to test 1991 race mac hinery wi th e team and may come back next year Ke ith Day wi ll replace Dou Chandler on the White Bros.lSuper Trapp-sponsored KTM at the Pea . TT on August 5. Chan dler, who is Day' neighbor in Salinas, California, sch ed uled to ride the bike, but scheduling conflict with the AMA R Race National at Mid-Ohio will preven tha t. The Bent -W h e e ls Competitio Club has experienced problems i ob taining adequate land use permi and is cance ling its AMA District I Great Lakes En duro Series event which was to be held on August 5. Th club is attempting to reschedule th enduro for October 7. For more infor mation call BWCC vice president Ji McVicar at 313/474-7214. Kawasaki Team Green will . attending th e AMA and NMA Amate Moto cross Nat ion al Championship at Lorett a Lynn 's Dude Ranch . Hurrican e Mills , T ennessee, August 3 4, and Pon ca City , Oklahoma, Augus 8-I2. They will be offering techni assistance and emergency race parts,

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