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r [ - . RAINEY DAYS ARE HERE AGAI When it ra ins, it p o urs. O n July 7, Wayne Rainey poured it on a g a in for his fifth w in in eight races a t the Belgian G rand Prix. A victory leaving no doub t as to who holds the number-one 500cc world ranking. Als o making a b ig Team Yamaha splash was John Kocinski . A s p e e d demon who stormed past everyone in the 250cc G P ra c e. And in h o n o r of Yamaha 's AND NOW YOU CAN SAVE UP TO 8500 O HISRAINYDAY. NT E excellent wins you can now get up to $500 off on selected FZRs and other new models during our Summer Savings Spectacular." A great deal that makes it pos sib le f o r y o u to enjoy the sun , w hile they're getting a ll wet in Belgium. This s u m mer stay high a nd dry o n an FZR. The m ost advanced line of spo rt bikes in the world. Because what we learn on the track is what you eventually see on the streets. Performance that can't be beat. Ride one home today. Because when Rainey wins, you Winto~ .. ~l).,. 'Product avaIlability may vary. ~scounr oNor Ilml led·tlme-only at participating .Y amaha dealers . Dealer financial contn~tlon ffJqUlred and may affoct mimI pnce. SavIngs based on manufacturer's suggested retal' tmce and dealer partiCIpatIOn, Actu~1 pnces set by dealer. ProIeSSlOflaJndar depicted dUf/ng closed-eourse e....ent. 00 not ane mp t these maneuvers. Dress properly lor '/OUr n d e WIth II helmet, eye protection, long -sleeved shIrt , long trousers, gloves and boots . 'farnaha and the MotorcyCle Safety FoundatIOn encourage ~ to nde safely and respect me env/tonment. For further Informat1Oll regarding the M$ F rider course. please calf J-800-447-47oo. Do nat dnnk and nas . n is illegal and dangerous . Speoficatlons :subJect to Change wlthout ~. Co 7990 Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A. (CypteSs. CA 90630) . • . wt Y AMAHA OO~~~ ··

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