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IN THE WIND'ByPapa Wealey Hannah cooks on water L ast week we reported th at th ree-t im e Su percross a nd th ree-ti me o u tdoor Nation al MX Champion Bob " H urr ica ne" Hannah com peted in his first-ever Form u la One boat race o n Sunday, June 10. a t the cham p boat race in Augusta. Geor gi a. Th is week we have a ph ot o of the Hurr ican e p i lo ting h is G illman Ra cin g l Bo yesen R eed s-sponsored , Mercu ry-powered tunnel hull boat that carried him to a second-place fin ish a t th e race. American rid ers once again swep t the top three places at round five of the World Ch ampionship 125cc MX Series o n June 17 in Laubus -Eschbach, Germany. Bob Moore (KTM) was the ov era ll wi nner with a 2· 1 score, topping Tyson Voh land (Suz) and Bader Manneh (KT M). Series leader Donny Schmit (Suz) won the first moto but a bent brake pedal forced him out of the second moto. Moore moved into second in the point sta nd ings and trails Schmit, 147-123. American Mike Healey is third with 109 points and Vohland fourth at 100. When would you pay ·$99.00 for a piece of paper? Well, if that is imported, museum quality O'Arches 22"x19" paper that carries an origina l Jeff Gundlach Supercross printed in nine permanent colors and was breathed on signed and numbered by the artist, I'd do it now. Supercross is the last limited edition fine art print in the series commissioned by Cycle News foryou, the reader. I am sure Supercross will delight the dirt riding contingent as much as Isle of Man, 801 0' Or and Oaytona impressed the road racers, soCycle News is offering the same guarantee: Your money will be refunded cheerfully (grr!) if you are not completely satisfied with your brand new Supercross fine art print. Charles Clayton Pres. Cycle News Inc . - - - - - - - - - COUPON _ (No P.O. Boa p...... I I I I Address I ·City - I I I I I I I 2 Okay, rus h me print(s) of the new S upercross limited edition at $99.00 each. I under stand I ca n se nd the product back for a full refund within 30 days if I a m not sati sfied . Name - - - - - - - Zip -State Phone - - - o Payment enclosed (chec k or mo ney order. payable to Cycle ICA r es. add 6',1%. LA County add o Charge my Visa - - - - _ News) 6~%) 0 Charge my Mastercard C h a rge Customers : W e must have com plete account number and card expiration date . Card No . Exp iration Date S ignature _ _ Thomas Norton (KT M), of Norfolk, Massachusetts, was the o vera ll winner at the 16th Annual Blackwater 100, a round of the AMA National Champ ionship Cross Country Series, at Davis, West Virginia, June 17. Norton became the first rid er in th e even t's hi story to win the race o n a 125cc motorcycle. Norton finished approximately two minutes ahead of fourtim e Blackwater winner Mark Hyde (KT M). whi le Tim Shephard (Yam ), Sco tt Summer s ( H o n ) and Frank Keegan (Ya m ) rounded out the top five. On Tuesday, June 12, the Santa Cruz County (California) Board of Supervisors reversed their posi tion to seek a ban on th e use of offhighway v ehicle s on pr ivate propert y after hearing nearly four hours of testimony by residents who wer e agai n st the ban. Th e District 36 Legislative Action Offi ce arranged for the AMA to notify a ll Santa Cruz County members of the hearing, and effo rts by severa l lo cal residents, incl ud ing Pete Ryan , Gordon Rudy a n d J ohn Moor e , to o rga n ize an op pos itio n cam pa ign were very successfu l. The board did in struct the Co u nty Admin istr at ive o fficer to co me up with a pl an to spend sta te OHV fees to mi tigate en viro nmen tal damage , a nd for co unty counsel to prepare ame nd me nts to curre nt noi se laws, possi bly low ering ma ximum noise levels that a re currentl y allo wed by state law. The 7th Annual Los Ang e le s -t o Bars to w- to -Las Ve g a s Dual Sport Ride , a ro und of the AMA Nati onal T rail Ride Seri es and a n event hosted by Distr ict 37 Dual Sport Division , will take pl ace o n November 23· 24. The two -da y, point-to-point . rid e sta rts in Tujunga, a suburb of Lo s Angeles, and ends in Las Vegas aft er a n overn ig h t sta y in Bar stow. A rider info rma tio n pack and ent ry form can be o bta ined by sending a SASE (legal size # I 0 with 45¢ postage affixed) to : District 37, 3550 Foothill Blvd., G len . dal e, CA 91214, Ann: LA-B-V. There will be a limited number of entr ies a nd they will be fill ed on a first co me, first serve basis. Mail-in ent r ies clo se o n Nove mber 15. California' s Prairie City Vehicular Recrea tio n Area will host Police Summer Games events with an MX taking place at the Hangtown track area on June 29 and a European scrambles ru n ni ng o n a n approximately seven-mile loo p on Ju ne 30. AMA District 36, the Dir t Diggers North M.e., a nd the State of California are hosting the events. The Pra irie Cit y SVRA will be closed to casual day use during the events. The AMA recorded record membership growth during the month of April with 5608 new members joining the associa tio n. May saw 5267 new members join to put total mem bership at 181,169, an increase of 16,322 in a year's time. Ca lifornia boasts the most members, 26,292, followed by Pen nsylva n ia with 13,615, Ohio with 12,344, New York with 12,012, and Illinois with 11,434. P rior to the Austrian road race Grand Pr ix, Alex Criville, the reigning 125cc World Champion and current 250cc Marlboro Yamaha Agostini team . rider, led th e league in crashing. In a table prepared by the Spanish weekly magazine, Solo Moto, that includes pre-season lest session crashes, Criville is on top of the standings with nine cras hes . West German Reinhol d Ro th is next with seven; Wayne Gardner, Michael Doohan, Did ier de Rad igu es, Fa usto Cresini, J ul ian Mira lles and Thierry Feuz all have six crashes apiece. Stay tuned. Honda has apparently backed down on their threat to pull out of the 500cc G P road race class if the FIM doesn't accept their 375cc 500s proposal. At the Austrian GP, HRC man Steve Whitelock was market-researching the privateers to assess interest in a revival of the three-cylinder RS500. The response was lukewarm , but he would doubtless find more e n t h u sia sm among the serious GP would-bes who are at present racing in the Worl4 Championship Superbike Series. If Honda does decide to produce a up-to-date RS, it would be a major boost for the 500cc class, but Whiteloc said such a machine would probably not be ready until the 1992 season. Kenny Roberts had more to say on the subject of h is proposed V-Iou r' engines for sale, co nfirming that his plan is going ahead, and revealing tha he now expects the engine to be built in England - obviously any plans with Cagiva have not materialized. Along with Kevin Magee and Wayne Gardner, Eddie Lawson was among the absentees in Austria. He had been expected back, and there are rumors of growing discontent at Marlboro. Why had Kenny Roberts not put someone else on his bike in the interim? ';If it was anybody else's but

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