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H ·F ACTOR Y SUP P 0 R , Hus varnawants to see thewhole worlri in • Noweveryone can qualifyfor factory support. r--~~-----~---------------l TEAM HlLc;;(]\13 Husqvarna Shirt size ----.,.__ Pant size _ Glove size _ PARTS AND ACCESSORIES ORDER FORM Name A ddress City HUSKY PRODUCTS BEFORE AND AmR TIlE RACE State HUSKY PRODUCTS RACE CLOTIlING AND GEAR _ _ _ ZIP HUSQVARNA FACTORY SPARES KITS VALUE VALUE VALUE o HIP R iding Pants . . $130.00 CONTROLS KIT HIP Spring Grey Jacket $112.00 o HIPSummer Jacket 69.00 o HIP Sweatshirt 40.00 o Husqvama3 Logo T-Shirt 16.00 o HIP Rainbow T-Shirt 16.00 o King-ot-Dirt T-Shirt 17.00 o HIP Blue Corduroy Hat 17.00 o HIP Blue Cotton Hat 16.00 o HIP Stroker Cap 14.00 o HIP Black Corduroy Cap 17.00 o HIP Belt with Buckle 24.00 o Husky Flyer 4.50 o Husqvama Team Patch 1.25 o Dan Smith Video 26.00 O ' Day Glow Husqvama Decal . . . . 2.00 3" Husqvama Crown Decal 6.00 o o o o o HIP Vented Pants . . 130.00 o o o o TOTAL _ HIP Maxi G love 52.00 HIP Team Glove 44.00 HIP Race Jersey 35.00 Axo Kidney Belts 57.00 Smiths Roll-Offs 50.00 O Bion II Jacket o o HIP Helmet Decal BRAKE KIT WMX-tront pads rear pads ' o WXE-tront pads rear shoes wlsprings AII-$64.oo 3.50 35.00 . 0 HIP Gear Bag : DRIVE KIT 37.00 ·0 Front sprocket Rear sprocket Wear pad Chain roller HUSQVARNA MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIFS VALUE o HIP Lever Covers . . $20.00 o HIP Lever Cover Extension 84.00 HIP Fender Brace 22.00 ' HIP O-ring Chain 84.00 o o 125-$71.00 250- 81.00 510- 71 .00 CONTROL CABLES o Clutch cable Throttle cable AII-$19.oo o Engine gasket set complete 125-$35.00 Engine seal kit 250- 45.00 complete 510- 54.00 TOTAL Ia Check box for first choice @ Circle box for second choice L You know what you need-so just tell us, and we'll make sure you getthem straight from the factory when you buy a 1990 Husqvarna. Take a look at our generous support checklist and mark offthe items you needto help getyou to the winner's circle. Orjust to enjoy your ride. . Husqvarna wants to get you off to a good start, so getstarted today. Check offthe items you need-up to S1,000in total value- and take your support checklist to your participatingHusky dealer byJuly 15, 1990. The best bike. The best factory support program. Thedeal ofa lifetime. Make it today. 125WXE 250WXE 510WXE 52750 53850 54350 MOTOCROSS GASKET AND SEAL KIT TOTAL ---",-_ _ * ENDURO 12.00 HIP Brake ReservoirGuard $1000 00 .Do It Now o 192.00 HIP Fanny Pack o Clutch lever assy. wlperch Front brake lever Shift lever AII-$69.oo Most factories want you to prove yourself before they'll thinkabout tossing any support your way. Not Husqvarna. .OnlyHusqvarna supports you on your way to the finish line. Up front. No rebates, no contingencies.Just the parts, gear and accessories you want right from the start-when you need them most. 'Up to S1,000 retail value in merchandise when you buy a 1 990Ilusqvarna. See yourpartidpating dealer fo r full details. Somerestrictions mayapply. _ l25WMX 250WMX 510WMX S3300 53850 54350 . mJ · Husqvarria THE FINAL STEP UP 5W ashington Avenue Fairfield. NJ 07006

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