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1- ,.-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - ---, a:: o X (J] >W ...J a:: ::::l X >- III l? o ยท c, x ~y p~p~ Wf~LfY ended the series with 63 points a nd Vill ell a 62, compa red to Ingr am 's title wi n ning 64. In gram a lso won th e non-po ints pay ing main event. M ik e Healey (KTM) topped t he 125 an d 250cc Pro classes at round seven of the C MC Go lden State Nationals in Adelanto, Cal ifornia, February 1 8. Cr aig Davis (Hon) won t he 500cc Pro class and Pete Murray (Suz) w as the Vet Pro class w inner. Road race r Doug Pol en su ffered the loss of four toes (a ll but the li ttle toe) on his left foot in a test session cras h at so u thern California 's Will o w Sp ri ngs Raceway on Tuesday, Febru ary 13. In the mid-afternoon cras h, Pol en unloaded in turn five a nd it 's reported th at h is Yoshimura Suzu ki su pe rbike throttle stuc k wid e open with Polen 's left foot caught in the rear wh eel sp rocket. After he wa s tak en to Antel ope Vall ey Hospital in nearb y Rosamond, his manager, Rodney She ldo n, a rranged for him to be tak en by hel icopter to th e U C L A Medi cal Cen ter in L o s An ge les, but the hel icop ter was forced to abort its flight after encou nteri ng high winds. Pol en was th en tra nsported by ambulance to Los Angeles. Surgery was perfor med a t 2 a. rn., Februa ry 14, but su rgeons were unable to reattach the severed toes. He was listed in fair condi tio n after th e su rgery, a nd will now have to undergo skin grafts. According t o Yosh imura 's Suehiro Watanabe, Polen will miss t he Daytona 200 and possibly the f irst two ro unds of the A ll-Japan Form ula 1 and Formula 3 Se ries in w hich he w ill be defending the t itles he won in 1 9 8 9. Watanabe said that M iguel DuHamel may possibly rep lace Polen at Da ytona, j oi ni n g fellow Canadian Steve Crevier and Cal ifornian Tommy lynch on the Yosh imura Suzuki team. 2 Defending AMA Invitational Indoor Pro Ice Ra ce Series Ch ampion Dan Ingra m (H on ) turned in a perfect night, winning all five o f his match races , to success fu lly defend his titl e in th e fin al ro u nd o f th e series a t Eri e, Pennsyl vania , Febru a ry 16. T im Mertens (Hon) and Bryan Vill ell a (Hon) entered the final round tied for the po ints lead , but had to settle for second and third, respectively, in the final point standings. Mertens Eric Geboers (Hon) wo n his third ' straight Le Touq uet Beach Race in Fran ce, February 18. Gert-Ja n van Doorn (KTM) fini sh ed second ah ead of Patrick Bomiface (Hon), Yannig Kervella (Kaw) a nd 125cc World cha mp T rampas Pa rk er (KT M). Fren chman Franco is Vincent (Cag) won the H ol esh ot Award, given to the firs t rider that completes the fivemile start stra ig ht. T he three-ho u r race, held o n a 12-m ile long co urse, d rew 1200 co m peti tors a nd was wat ch ed by a n esti ma ted 150,000 spectators. The opening round of the AMA National Championship Enduro Series in Coalinga, Ca lifornia, February 18, was cancelled due to snow. According to the hosting Salinas Ramblers M .C .'s Derrick Morris, " There was so much snow (in the area ) it was impossible to get out and mark the course. The enduro w ill be rescheduled, but we don 't yet know if it will be a National or a Regional eve nt." The first o f two GFI Winter MX Se ries N o rth -Sou t h S how do w n even ts wh ich was sc he d u led for Februa ry 17-18 in Huron , Ca lifornia, was cance led due to hea vy rain. The race has been resch eduled a nd will ta ke p lace March 4-5 a t Sandhi ll Ranch in Brentwood, Cal ifornia. Th e North-South Showdo wn i n Perris will be run as schedu led on Februa ry 24-25. The t w o- ho ur, two -man team Marathon race that was scheduled for Sandhill Ranch. February 25, has been switched to lodi Cycle Bowl. The mayor o f Daytona Beach , Florida , La wrence Kell y, has procl aimed . March 5-11 as Motorcycle Safet y Week. MotoWorld, . the half-hour TV show hosted by larry Maiers. will return to the ai r on Sunday, March 4 on cab le televis ion 's ESPN network at 2 :30 a.m. (Eastern t ime). The show was formerly on TNN . Cagiva North Ameri ca will award Talk about a trophy! No blue pieces of plastic glued together with a f ake chrome motorcycle on top for these guys. We're talking big trophies. Big as in 40-pound catfish . Actually. this is a sample of the catfish that promoter Henry Moree (left) stocks in a pond at Camp Coker Motorsports Park in Society Hill, So uth Carolina . Moree plans on hosting a f ishing tournament in conjunction with a March race at the track. $ 15,000 in co nti nge nc ies to any Du cati rider who wins th e AMA Superbike or Pro Twins GP2 (formerly Modified ProductionjCharnpi onship. Second place in eithe r class is worth $10,000 , and third pl ace $5000. For mor e information co ntact Ca gi va N.A. a t 201/882-9141. The five-round Grans Prix de Baja Series gets underway on March 10 with the running of the Baja Malibu GP . Promoter lou Peralta of Baja Promotions says the GP will take place on a "5 .6-mile, European-style course w ith green rolling hills, t ight trails, offcamber hillsides, creek crossings and very fast access roads. The course overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is located about 15 miles south of Tijuana and f ive m iles north of Rosarito Beach on p rivately-owned property." Ca nadian National MX cha m p Ross Ped erson, wh o su ffered a fractured pe lvis a t the February 10 San Diego , Ca liforn ia , Su percross, returned to h is home in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Ca na da , February 16. The Mickey T hom pso n Enterta in me nt Group, p romot ers of th e San Diego even t, a nd the Adolph Coors Brewery Co. , a major sponsor of the Camel Supercross Seri es with Coors Extra Go ld, teamed up to fly Pederson from Long Beach to Canada in one of Co ors' corpora te jets. World Championship trials competitor Steve Saunders has left the Fantic team to join Beta. Saunders, a seven-time British National champ, will concentrate on the British Nationals and is putting together a package for the world rounds as well. According to Bill Ami ck , AMA com m u nica tio ns manager, over 100 professionall y-licensed AMA road racers have taken advan tage of a new marketing kit available from the AMA to assist their sponsor sea rches . The kit, which sells fo r $ 14.95, includes a vid eotape sponsor presentation as well as demographic information on AMA race fan s. The kit's a vailable fro m: AMA Pro Racing, P.O. Box 6114, Westerville, OH 4308 1-6114. () West Coast British Rac ing tells us that British journalist Don Upshaw broke his arm in a Vintage MX racing accident in England last week, and w ill not be competing in the March 5 AHRMA Historic Cup Road Races at Daytona as was reported here earlier. Taking Upshaw's place on the WCBR Ducati 250 will be John Ul rich, ed itor of American Roadracing and a former WERA Endurance Champion. K & P Racing has .announced that J eff Farmer will r id e a Greg Kvitkauskas -prepared Moto Liberty Yamaha TZ250A in th e AMA 250cc Grand Prix Road Racing Seri es a nd a Yam aha FZR600 in the AMA/CCS 600cc Supersport Seri es. Last year, th e Floridian finished fourth in the 600cc Supersport point sta nd ings and 16th in th e Superbike standings, but he has elec ted to retire his

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