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-- , To us, the Japanese all look alike. When you've seen one Japanese dirt bike, you've seen them all. Water-cooled engines, maintenance intensive power valves, rear wheel-mounted disc brakes and complicated shock linkages. Scramble the logos, change the colors and even their own mothers couldn't tell these bikes apart. At ATK, we knew there must be a better way. So we built a better bike. And kept it simple. No technology for the sake oftechnology. Instead ofa bulky water-cooled engine, ATK gives you the dependable, air-cooled Rotax power plant. No power valves to mess with. No radiator, no hoses. Nothing to get hot about. Our unique rear brake features a lightweight counter-shaft disc that saves five pounds of unsprung rear wheel weight. Five pounds. 28 1127 tHl I Plus, our side-mounted, maintenancefree rear shock combined with our patented Anti Chain Torque Eliminator led Cycle World to say, "the suspension is almost magical." And instead of putting the air filter under the seat, in the way ofshocks and chains,we've elevated our one-of-a-kind Snorkel system up behind the front number plate. So you'll keep . running smoothly while the competition's busy playing submarine. At ATK we make itsimple. We make itwork. We make it win. Remember when American-made meant innovative, original, bigger and better? We're back. A~. © 1989ATK Motorcycles. 5430 Union Paot ic City of Commerce. Ca. 90022 (213) 722-8880 I A K ~1 0 TOR eye L E S

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