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\lYNn ~y P4IP4I Wf4llfY .(Con tinued from page 2) America 's motorcycle newspaper Volume XXVI . Sharo n Clayto n. Pu bl ish ~ Mike Kh n ger , Compl101ln Ski p J ohnso n. ASS OCUdt: Pub lish"' Na tronal Soles Manag" J ack M an ~s. Au oci4te Publish" / Ed itor Rbeb a Sm ith . Circularion Manag" Car o line Ge ndry , Executive Suuto.ry to , h,. Pu blisn er . Ed itoria l J ack Man gu s. Ed it or Kit Pa lm er . Assocuue Edit or Pa u l Ca rru thers . A ssociate Editor Na te Ra uba. Associtue Edito r Brian Ca uerso n. As sociate Ed ito r Ken Fa ug h t, A. istanl Edit or u Ed w ina Man gus, Cal rndar Ed itor Advertising Sk ip joh n so n. Na ,'l Sales Man agn Te rry Pratt . S en ior Sa lt',s M anagn M ar k T hom e. Wt'st t'rn _Sales Afanaga Ron Davidson , Wt:slnn Salt's Man agt"f Thom as R. Go me r. Wt'stt'T11 Sal t's M an ager Mark Mitchel l. Eest ern Sales M anagt'T Gr~ Milcht'il. Eas tern Sales Manag" J oa n' Ru ssian , W ,.slnn Ad Coo rdi nat or C rla Bord en . Eastern Ad Coordina tor a R~ j oh nson . Prod uction S upervisor Man d y Leo . Productio n Managn Dennis G reene. La b. T ech : 5rucry C UOl. G rap hic A r'ist J immie: O'Dell. Gra p h ic A rlis' ~lil'hOjel Gruvka. Gra p h ic Ar tisl Carolyn Branham, Ty~s~tln Accounting /Data P rocessing I [l un n a Bry an , Aceo R~uillG bl~ Coordinator C..c"nC"' " RC" l );d ~!Io , ,hsisla n' " • Fr.1O H..mwev, Cr,.diI C irculat io n • Sar..h T aylor, Assisla nl Aim.. AnJ!': ASjijt an' H erlane Ri ch mo nd . Assistant Carol Ma R~ i() , Assi d anl Deale r S a les Mana.~t"T Wa nt Ads De-hbie- Wd lCT , lVan l Ad Sal~j S ervice a nd Support Chri s A ill 'h ~IU, H,.adq uartn s R ('(t'pt io n i.,' Leona rd Herri ng , Seroice an d Su p port Nat ional Headquarters 220 1 Cht'ny Ave., Lo n g Beach . CA 90806. P.O . Bo x '19f\' LOII ~ Bear-h. CA 9080 1·0498 (2 13) ·127·7H3 ; 2 13/ 636·8811. FAX (2 13 1 ·1 2 7· 66H ~ Ea s te rn Office 1 100 First Ave.• Tucker. et 3001 rn;li linJl; A H; add ress P.O . Bu x 805, TUl kt'r. G A 30085-0805. ( '\(H) 931·7H50. FAX (1IH ) 93·1·3 112 Cyd t' N t' w ~ (USPS 111·310 ) is p u blished wt't' kly exce p t the finl and la'll week f ) f the ra le nda r yea r (or S50 .00 pe r yt"' by Cydt' News, InL". . dr 220 1 C he'rry A\,(" (" Lo ng Beach. CA 9OMfi. nu ;' Serond class pos tag e pa id at Long Beach . CA, and ad d uiona l mailin R' ufficn. POS TMASTER: Send fo rm 3579 to Cycle News. P.O . Box 498. Long Beach. CA 90801·0498 . . To determine the expiratio n d8te of yow subscription. c hec k t he four numbers on the first line of your address la bel . The first two d igits inda te the le at issue num ber you 'll receive and th e las t two cha racters indica te the year of the last iss ue . S u b~Ti p l iun ra tes: Ra In (or th e" Un ited Sta les a n d u s pos.~_ ions for o ne yt".f . (50 is..ues ). I . $50.00; IWO yt" ( 100 iMu n ). S95.00: six months. dn (25 i !o.!loll~ ) , S26.00; u ial sub (15 i s~u('S ). S I9.00. . (".dllada and Forei gn , one'yea r (50 issut'S). S90.00: !wn yt'a rs. (100 issues }, SI 75.00; ix mo nths (25 IS!!olln ). S·t S.OO n- ia l ; 10 rev isi o n a s is n ('("C"SS;Jry in th e sn it' di scretio n uf Cyelt" New s, Unsolirued materi a! wh ich ' is no t used will be retu rned if a ccom p a n ied b y a st"1f add ressed sta mped env elope. All un sol ici ted ma teri a l will be han dl ed wi th reaso na ble ca rt", ho wever. C yrlt' Nt'w s assllm{'S n n r~ lx m 5 ibil i ' y for I h (' sa ft"ly, lun or d'-l magt' 10 sue 1 mal,t'Tial. Reprinting in wh u h' o r pan o n ly b y p(" m issio n or th t" r publi. lf"r, Advt"rti sillK r'-llt" :.m d circulation d s II1formal ion will bt" M 'm upon rt>qut"si . St't' S.R .O .S. ~BPA .V A UD ITED CIRCULATION Copyright«' Cycle News. Inc. 1989 , Trade mark Cycle New s registered U.S . Pat en t Office. All rights rese rved. 4 RUSS WHI"ITINGHILL Louisvill e, KY Con gratulati ons to Lou Seals for wor king with th e supercross p romoters and pulling together a fantastic ESP N pro gramm in g package for supercros s in 1990. I thi nk everyo ne in mo torcycling needs to take a closer loo k a t j ust what Seals has acco m p lished. H e telecasts MotoW orld weekly (with alternate repea ts) o n T he Nas hvill e Network. Seals has also landed a 30event TV package with ESP N , which already includes 15 supercross sho ws a nd 14 o ther spec ia ls - I've already viewed a J ohn Kocinski roa d racing show that was grea t. Now, in 1990, th e sho ws will be expa nded to o ne hou r, doubling the motorcycle exposu re o n Ameri ca's premi er sports cha n nel. I am curren tly working in th e marine mo torsports industry , a nd have responsibilit y for my firm 's TV production and programm in g. TNN a nd ESPN are tough nuts to crack; not even co nsidering th e pr ime-time slo ts Seals has landed. I've been told tim e and time again that th e tim es a nd repea ts that Seals has produced on ESPN a re unobtainable. I guess you have to know Mr. Seal s to understand th at he doesn 't take no for an answer, and that he will be on e of the major factors in acco m p lish ing th e resurgen ce o f mo torcycles on nation al T V-, If you lov e m o torcycl es, yo u shou ld be mi ghty glad that Lou Seals picked motor cycles when he decid ed to make a mark on television. T O M MU ELLER Mercur y Marin e Osh kosh , WI sub ( 15 iss ces}, S] 8.00 . Cvcle News wel comes unsol icit ed editoria l ma rer ia l includi n g stori es. ca rtoons . phot o s, rotc. Suc h mat er ial . if p u b fis hed . becomes rhe exclusive p roperty o f Cvcle N('Ws. Suc h accep ted ma ter ial is subject As Cycle News faithful unofficial hi storian , I see th e AMA has sanctioned a National Ch ampionship road race at Willow Springs International Ra ceway on September 2123 (G reat!). But the AMA says th is is the track's first National Ch ampionshi p event. Not true! A (one a nd on ly) AMA Nationa l Championship road race was held a t Willow Sp ri ngs on April 4, 1954. The race was won by Kenn y Eggers of San Jose, Ca lifornia, o n a 500cc BSA Sh ooting Star twin.. The rest is hazy memory, but I believe so u thern California's J oh nny Gibson and h is triumph was second. Ed Kretz, Sr., and his T riu m p h fin ished th ird ; the Nation al was a 125-mi le event. Congrats, Lou Seals Graphic s and Production Run J);lvid !o(m. Not the first? Viva. Bultaco! Th is is in respo nse to th e sour grapes expressed in the November 22 issue by th e BSA rider who competed in th e Flat River Natio nal H are Scra mbles. T he to ta l numbcr of Bultacos cn tered in this racc was two. T he tota l number of Bul tacos tha t finished was two. T hat 's 100% of a ll Bult aco ent ries: On top of that , the to tal Bultacos ente red fini shed first a nd seco nd in th eir classes. If tha t ~ i n ' t a swecp , I'd lik e to know wha t I S. Arle ne (He jlek) does an excellent job of covering races, and her husband, AI, is activ e in th e Midwest T rai l Riders Association which is doing an excelle n t job of re-opening trails in th e Mark T wain National Forest. If 10% of all dirt riders were half as active as Arlene and AI, then the preservationists wouldn 't have a leg to stand on. • In clos ing, to all you stuffed shirt Engl ish whiners, I thought yo u cou ld keep a stiff upper lip. JIM EALER St. Clair, MO Not a r.epeat Giv en th e amount of respect that WERA Vintage racers are give n , I hardl y expect you to p rint this letter. On the o ther hand, I hav e th e utmost respect for your dem on strated journalistic accuracy and full y expec t you to set th e record strai ght. Concerning th e reporting of th e WERA Vintage Fina ls at Ro ad Atlanta, one important fact ann ually escapes th e trackside anno uncers and . was erroneo us ly implied this year (las t year we go t no m ention ) is tha t th e WERA Vin tage Final s are no t winner-ta ke-all fin al s, bu t a year long series. The WE RA ru le book clea rly sta tes und er th e Vintage rules section that someone can win at th e Grand National Final and not be th e Grand Natio na l Ch ampion . That was the case last year wh en J am es Stewa rt wo n th e Vintage IV race o n his Norton a nd I won th e titl e on my G uzzi after com ing in second. T his year, Stewart came into th e fin al with more points than last year and a better sho t at th e title. I needed to fin ish thi rd or hi gher to retain my titl e. I rebroke my recently knitted colla rbone in a practice tan kslapper and rode to a co nservative fo urth place fini sh in the rain. I lost the titl e to Stewart by one point. My po int is th at Stewa rt won the titl e he defi n itely deserves for the first time and was not a repeat cha mp io n as reported in your article. MICHAEL ANTHONY T IBERIO Arlington, VA VI P treatment H avin g just returned from th e J apan G oodwill Tour for win ner s of the AMA Nationa l Amat eur Ch ampionships wh o used Yokoh am a tires, I wo ul d like to th an k th e follo wing: Mr. Wada of Kayo Cor p., Mr. Sekine of Yo koh am a Rubber Co., a nd Mr. Akano of Yam aha Motor Corp . for providi ng a full week of all expe nses pa id entertainme nt. The activities in cluded sigh tseeing, facto ry tours of Yokoha ma and Yam aha , shopping, pa rt ies, and th e T okyo Supercross, We were treat ed like VIPs everywhere. Next year promises to be even better with the possibility of competi ng in th e To kyo Supercross. STEVE LEWIS And erson, SC P u blis hed letters do not ne cessari ly reflect th e positio n of Cycle News. Inc . Letters . re s ubject t o c o nde n&llt ion due t o space lim ita t ion s . Anonymo us letters w ill not be publ ished. S end le tte rs t o Voices. P.O . Box 498. Long 8eac h. CA 90801 ·0 4 98 . bikes. a patch in the knee vicinity of their riding pants. and be wearing a CTi or MVP knee brace. An Innovation Sports Rider Service Truck will also be at selected events. Stickers. patches and additional details are available from Innovation Sports. 7 · Chrysler. Irvine. CA 92718. 714/ 859-4407. " No t aga in !" That 's all FMF owner Do n Em ler co u ld sa y w he n h e recently broke a bone in h is lower leg onl y a few weeks after gett ing out . of plaster from a bro ken hand. Both inj uries occurred while he was dirt biking. Accordi ng'to Trail Rider magazine editor Paul Clipper. a consortium of East Coast Enduro Association clubs is joining together to begin lobbying the AMA to allow them to host the 1994 ISDE in the East. Although the effort is only two weeks old. a strong committee of enthusiasts has been formed . currently being headed by Drew Smith. a 12-time ISDE veteran and long-standing member of the Ridge Riders M.C . The pr incipal members of the committee are Smith. Lindsay Pirie (president of · the Pine Barons Enduro Riders). Jamie Theurkauf (president of the Valley Forge Trail Riders). Bob Agonis (president of Central Jersey Competition Riders). Len Rehatchek of the High ·Mountain Dirt Riders. Da le Freitas of Meteor .Motorcycle Club. and Clipper. " We' re tenta ti vel y p la n n ing o n proposing th e ISDE to th e State of Pen nsylvania , and recommending the eastern Poco no mo untains as a sta rt in g area ," Sm ith said. " We alread y have an in credib le amoun t of support from th e cl ubs, and having a large group o f people av ai labl e for ac tua l wo r k is no problem. Wh at we're working on now is lobbying the AMA for th e sa nct io n, surveyi ng th e act ua l area for logistical items like lodging and tran sportati on , an d looking for cor porate and privat e spo nso rs." Dirt Sport Promotions will host a Northern vs. Southern California Short Track race at Cartsbad Raceway in Carlsbad. California. December 9. Dirt track. DTX and vintage bikes are eligible. but must run f lat track rear tires (knobby fronts are okay). Call 714 /645 -0393 or 408 /335· 3348 for more information. COR RECTIO N: In our report of th e SCO RE Baj a 1000 off-ro ad race, November 29, we listed in a cap tio n that th e second pl ace 250cc team was J ocy Lan e: Char lie Morris a nd Dan ny H ammel. The team consis ted · of Lane: Robert P raytha and· Mark Vanscourt. Pl us, in th e 125cc class, the second-p lace team was filled by Dal e .Wentwor th and Alfredo Mon tia no , n ot Wentwort h / Ti m Orcha rd /E. Bro ok fiel d , as we reported. . Multi-time Nat ional and Supercross Champion Da v id Bailey has (Con tin ued to page 46)

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