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c Th at the H ol idays were upon us again , and th e effect was both in ou r favo r an d not. A tru e dream ? A real fant asy? A n authentic nigh tm are! Paint a far dis tan t desert in you r im agi native mind, th e wind hurling sand and vagran t sage. It 's cold; col d enough to sna p stee l and f reeze reason . N othing lives, least 'of all H ope. It is dark , starless, en tirely w ith out com passion of an y sort. And you are here. Get th e p icture? No w, to make it worse, you 're alone. With out a friend. W ithout a CM or Cellu lar, or even a VISA or H OG card. And desp ite th e daw n ho ur, th e sun won 't rise - because it's gone fo rever, never to return. The night will last a bill ion years. Th en a bill ion more, and lon ger. So, w hat do yo u do? Yo u smile. Wh y? Because yo u are on a Mo torcycle, th at's w hy! Or. H ow about an other dream? L ike th is one, so mewhere at th e lost ends of th e earth. Brush stroke a tropica isle across your perception's broad can vas. Col or is incredi bly lush , exotic, rip e wit h t he ve ry best in life. Wat erfalls, nub ile bodies, boundless riches, th e wo rks. But yo u are sad and m iserable, thorough ly wretched in fact. Why? Yo u gues sed it. Th ere's NO motorcycle! Or. H ow abou t thi s next dream? Transport yourself into the portrait of some boring ex istence where all is avai lable and su ff icien tly adequate. A pla ce w here vanilla is both Sh ade and Flavor of T he Year. Wh ere no t h ing eve r start les o r excites. Ex cept , of course - here we go again - your Motorcycle! Th ere in your grip , ready to tak e you away. Thr ee Dreams in Three Nig h ts! In du ced by that extended ent erprise of Thanksgiv ing Eatin g! Of gorg in g (how lu ck y we are to, really) on tu rkey and stuffi ng, candie d yams and Grandma 's jams, cakes and p ies and whipped cream hills. Our bell ies f ull as those flights and freewa ys home. But now the holiday roads are empty again , inviting us to retu rn, For N ew R ides! For N ew Dream s! J ust th is mo rn ing on m y motorcycle - after sq ueezing m yself in to leath ers again - I was away to another world w here food, ins tead of being an insis ten t fo cus, was but a necessit y once more. Wh ere pro tein eq uates to corner co n tro l, and cle an fluids ordain us smart. T he true R ider's Diet! L et's keep the weight off and m iles h igh ! A nd watch ou t for th em crazed Christmas Sho ppers. ROAD RACING: New Zealand Superbike .win to Rymer, title to Merkel 6 SUPER CROSS: Bradshaw, Bayle star in Osaka and Tokyo showdown . . . . .8 MOTOCROSS: Risnes rise to the top at AHRMA Vintage finals 10 Biddle is the Czar at CZ World Championships 14 NEW BIKES: BMW reveals 1990 street and dual-purpose bikes . . . . . 16 DRAG RACING: Quesenberry smokes 'em at Gainesville finale 18 NEW PRODUCTS: Christmas gift shopping made easy 20 LOCAL RACING: Coast-to-coast racing action ~ 22 CALENDAR : What's next and when 32 WANT ADS: Good deals 35 RESU LTS: After the checkered flag 47 ON THE FRONT PAGE: Californian Fred Merkel captured his second straight World Superbike Championship with two third-place finishes at the final round of the series in Manfeild. New Zealand . Check out page six for race coverage. Photos by Kel Edge and Paul Carruthers. William Edgar r----------------------------------------------------~- - - - - - - - - - - - , , , SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM . Nam e_-:c-:-:-::-:-c:=:-:::-:::-;--,:-::-:-:::- _ ( PL EA S E PR I N T C LE. A R l Y ) Address .,----'- _ State City Order Date : -'-Z;p _ _ o This is a renewal o Please bill me o Enclosed is check or money order .=c Charge my 0 Visa 0 Mastercard OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper o every week /for one year (50 issu es) for $35.00 o every week for two years (10 0 issues) for $65.00 o six months second class (2 5 is sues) for $18.00 One year (SO issues). 2nd class Canada or Mexico and all other fore ign countries $7 5 ,00 (U.S . fund s ). First class and a irmail rates available upon request. Send to : CYCLE NEWS, lnc., ,/ . Signature _ MC /V isa# _ Expiration Date P.O. Box 498. Long Beach. CA 90801 ยท0498 I _ (213) 427-7433 . /' ~-----------------------------------------------------------------~ 3

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