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T hat th is Earth 's g reates t f orce opened a window on to an innermost instinct. I was th ere in th e Quake Zon e w hen the Bay Shaker hit. In a place called Mountain View , recording a talk with a m illio n-miter named Joh n. A rider who's been to th e four corners, who 's virtually don e it all on land-sea-ir-air. Wh en sudden ly and frigteningly h is house shook. And our equilibrium and experience vanished in a swift clo ud. We were bu t scramb ling m ortals gain, runn in g to his yard, an ts riding Jello . Th at tremor's lethal 40 seconds seeme d to go on forever. A nd fina lly ; w hen it was over, teleph ones and car traffic went straight into gridloc k. On ly Motorcycles were able to get th rough! And in th e face of it all, noble courtesy. and concern ruled! T he even ing becam e a lon g an x iou s ni ght of camaraderie and aftershocks and fear, and of news reports so grave our m inds fi xed on th em and wou ld not let go. When th e dawn at last came l was back to wo rk, m et Dick Mann in R ich m ond for a grand interview , th en headed so u th to Mike's p lace way high in a dark box canyon. To talk motorcycles and m ot ives once aga in . Th ere w ere redwoods th ere, rising up lik e huge black elevato rs in to th e starry sky . A nd th e big m ale timber wo lf called "Sitka" howled at m idn igh t; h is voice sounded am pl ified, me tap hys ical, made of th e sam e primal power that had brought th e earth to q uake. I k n ew th en t h at regardl ess of w hatever dreams I m ight have, th e real and logical fiber of life was Ex isten ce, Presence. It was damn scary; I wan ted those dreams of m in e to retu rn, to feed th is adven ture again . T o regain th e imagi nation that puts an edge on living, that hon es and sharpens even the most bit in g of momen ts. A nd th en it h app en ed! Y eah! Th is m ind unlocked and allowed its own best trick . I was sudden ly ridin g my w heels with th e potency of that fierce timb er wo lf. It was the same comm and and v ision th at gives us ou r strength. T hat makes our lives so vital, so fresh and unmatched. ls it an indulgence to suggest that only us motorcyclists can feel it? I must believe we have th is gift. I must believe we have th at feral and primal power. T hat we are answ ering our own call of the wild. .... Cl,) ..0 a Cl,) ;> o Z ENDURO: Hawkins clinches championship at Rhody National . . .6 ROAD RACING : Two in a row for Dutchman" in Alabama 8 Lynch lands Alabama 750cc Supersport victory "- barely 10 Superprestigio victory to Garriga, but Kocinski reigns 14 INTERVIEW: MXer Mike Kiedrowski A new king is crowned 12 RIDING IMPRESSION: Suzuki 's thirdgeneration 1990 GSXR750L 16 LOCALS : Who's topping the charts 18 RESULTS : Finish line 26 CALENDAR: Future planning 28 WANT ADS: Bargin shopping 32 ON THE FRONT PA GE: It was a five- ri der drag race t o the 750cc Supersport fin ish li ne at Talladega Superspeedway involv ing Tommy Ly nch (84), Scott Russell (3) , Doug Cha ndler (60), Mike Harth (7 ) and Mike Smith. At the checkers , it was Lynch by an inch. (Below , left t o rig ht) Chandler, Russell , Russell's t uner Vic Fasola, and Lyn ch in t he winner 's circle. Pho tos by Cindy Bowen . William Edgar r-----------------------------------------------------------------, . SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Na me _-:-;::-;-:;-~::::;;_::;;-:::;-;-:;-;;;-;;;--------------------I P LE A S E PR INT C LE A R L YI Add res s City _ ---''-- Order Date : Sta t e o Th is is a ren ewa l o Please bill me o Enc lo sed i s check o r m oney o rd er 0 M.".~",d ii=c ~7 i ~ ------ _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper o every week f or one year '(50 is sues ) f or $35 .00 o eve ry week for t w o years (10 0 issues) for $65.00 o six months second c lass (25 iss ues ) for $18 .00 One yea r (5 0 issue s). 2nd ci a.. Cen ada or M ex ico and all othe r f oreign cou nt ries $75 .00 (U.S . funds) . Signatu re _ MC /Vi sa# _ Ex pi rat ion Da t e _ First cla ss and a irmail rat es ava ilable u pon re q uest. ~ Send to ; CYCLE NEWS, Inc., P.O. Box 498. Lo n g Beach. CA 90801 -0498 1 (2 13 ) 427-7433 ~_~3

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