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We regret a ny co nfusion th is may have ca used for the dea lers. RUSTY OTT President, Tri-Pro Racing Yorkville, IL America's m ot o rcycl e newspaper Volume XXVI " h.lI"n <:1.1\lUll . I'll h! i., h,., M, ll' K li ll~t·l. Cf m l p ttt,l ln Sli ll johu.... lII, A .H Ut" 'at,. / ·llhl i., Jt,." ,\ 'III ;, I1In l Sill,..\ AI ,HUlI,:t"T .I01( l :\ "I Il~II'" A UfJClair I J/l h l ,:-. },,., ! Ed i l m RhdM Sm ilk C Htr~ lll t ;'m ,\ I,m ug'" ( ~JI lJljllc ' Ct 'lllhy . f~xn ul il~ Snr ,,'(~ ry tu t l" ' /'Ilb!H hn Editorial 1 k ,1( :\1.II1l-:W fA i/or ., Kie 1 )~ 1 1 11 11'1 . A .\.\tlt" illll' /-;Iii/o r 1',1ll1 ( ~ IlIIlI Ill"I" . /h\O( ·i(l '" fAi t", Na il' R;llIh a . " .\ ,w I ';fll r f~d il or Brian ( ~IlU ·I "OIl . A .uori nlr Editor Kt'll FoIIII:III. A .\,\;.\/(lIIt Editor . Ed wina Mall li'lI... Cllfnulat /-;tillfIT Ad vert ising Skip .l"h m oll , ,\ '/In s/lII'. Al m Ul.l:t'T \ rl 'lI ~ )'I a ll , S,."ior S" f,., "'m /(/. f'T \ .~ ;'\10111.. "l hotue-, 11 ,.", Sal,. . M fu w .:n ',..\/ \ l RIIIl 1),,, itl "' lIl . 1 ,.,1..-'1/ StI(,.,\ ,'U a m l /{r , 1' 11, '"11 ••'0 R . (;'II 1Ic'I , 1I '" ,tt' T11 . 1 \ Al flllfl.l!, 'f \ 1/1'. t :\lal1.. , Iile 111"11, Fus trrn ,\'alr ,\ ,UU'UI,I{,., \ Mit, lu'll, 1':r/.\ I,.rIl .\ tl l ,.;) .u'''''' ,~ n 1 R lI ...... inn . 11'"/1" " Ad Coou/malm ".111 1 ( ;;11 1.1 nOllkll . f :II,I""1 Ad C uu,di "a lm 11.. 11\ ( ~ ' ", ;III . F ,,,(,,,,, . Jd C ftl " ,Ji"al" r ( ;I r~ Gra phics and Prod uct io n , I{ f "l ' J lIh n'\C lll. 1', ,,,/,,, 1;01/ . ·llp"n·j.\fT ' 1 :\1;11111\ 1.. .. .. 1·' /1'/ ", 11011 '\ "iI/(j ~'" I kllll i'... (.' I"I ·IIl'. 1./lb. T" ,Il. " 1.11 C" ( . 111... 1. ( ;'f11,1u A ,/;. I , I li lllllli c' I f lldl. ( ;UI/IJm · Ar' l . " :\Iie h.1I'1 ( oJ ll ...A ;I . (; ral' I,;" .·h l ;\t Ih ,III!t;II11 . T\,p",,,tt,., ( ~lI " h II Accounting /Data Processing n, ', Ill . .-1, ,1\U", t";''1.hI,. C"U ,dUlIIhlT ll..nn., ( ~C 'Il C ' \ :1 Rl'jl," "', ,-1\.."" F,.lIt II.IIII W C · ~ . I ~I \J,II . , ,-, ,,, ." ;"" Alm,1 '\1I ~1l i.IIlH.. , \\ ;I" m l I Ic-r l.uu- R i. lunull ti. •-' " u /,III I ( ~I", I \1.11.:!-: i'l . A.u;. ("", , D ealer S ales RIlII 1l.l\iil'\CllI , .u''' Irl,l!,,.r Want A ds Ik h h it· \\' dle- I. 11 ',,,, ( .-' ,/. ,,1 , \ ,.. Service and Support i... ,\ i ll lu-... nu. 1J,'",ItI IUIf,,.r,\ U n ,.t,I;lm i ,1 1,"" ' 1 11 I k l l iiII-: . ., ,.n '/, t"(/1/(1 S" IJl mrf ;11 (JIl National Headquaners :!:!Ol OWIl \ ,h I'" l .olI .L: lk ;u h. c, \ ~IOXO' i. (;0 ' l~ 'X , I .:," J.: Ik a, h . C ,\ ~H IX(l I ·OI ~I X ( :! I:II I :! 7 · 7 1 ~ :I: :! Jj li:lIi·MXI I. F.\ :\ (:! I ~ J DAN SPENCE R Lake Havasu City, AZ ,,,,,, c,,.,,,, Circulation " , II ,l h Runaway racing I'v e been a fan o f flat tra ck rac ing for 40 years, espec ia lly m i le rac ing. f saw' mv first mile race in 1954 a t Bay Meadows and was hook ed. I'v e n ot mi ssed man y mil e races in California since. Wh en I say I, it a lso in cludes m y family a nd friends; we're good for at least 10 ticket s per ra ce. Bu t thi s year we've seen nothing but Scott Parker on th e bi g tracks and C hris Carr on th e sma ll tracks in run awa y ra ces . I ce rta in ly h av e nothing aga inst th ese yo u ng men a s th ey are outstanding riders. However , when yo u attend a mil e ra ce you expec t to see th e lead cha nge 25 tim es in th e main a n d th e ra ce decid ed o u t of th e last corner with a t least five rid ers going for th e flag. With dirt track attendance a lready o n th e decline, something has to be don e to m ak e th e ra c i ng m or e co m pe titi ve. I don't ha ve the answer but I'm hopin g someone o u t there does. If not , we are go ing to lose o ne o f th e most exciting forms of motorcycle rac ing, because th e fan s wi ll q u it go ing. I kn ow I wi ll. I) , () . ' l:!i -liliX!"1 Tomorrow's stars I j us t returned fro m the BroomeTioga MX Na tio na l a nd though t th e rac ing was fantasti c, Cycle News arrived toda y a nd I reli ved the da y wit h your race coverage. O ne thi ng th a t wa s m issin g and should be included in th e results is th e fin ish in g order a ll th e way back to 40th . pl ace. It wo u ld a lso be n ice to read abo u t th e qualifiers and co nso la tio n races. A good majo rit y o f tomorrow 's sta rs start th eir ca reers ou t in the back of th e pa ck and it wou ld be ni ce to see how th ey did. Eastern Off ic e I I~I() l· j .... ,h i '" '1' 111 1..1'1. ( : ,\ , 1 ~()OX I: In.. il i ll ~ add ll·...... 1'.0. U", xW). Jill 1..1'" (; ,\ :S()()X:I-()X():). t IUl} ~fl l ·7t,rl o . F.\X ( lU lI !I ~ I · ~H I ~ ( :\1 I,· :'\c·\\·... (1' ~ I ' S I II -j Ill, i~ puhl i... lu'1l \H"I · I..I ~ (·' lt V I Iht· li ' '''1 ;md \;"1 WI'I '" 01 IIU' tOl it'IltI,u \1';11 101 .; H.()() 1)(°1 ~ I '; II h \ C\1'I1 ' ;\j t ·"· ~ . 111 :. 1 :!:..'H l Cl II'II \ .h '·II II1'. 1.1I1l ~ Ik :ll II , C,\ ~ )( IXOh. ......,,, Id , I:" ... ''' .... ;I/o: · IMid .11 l .llll l-: Ut ·;U II . CA . I t ;1llt! ;ultl il i, >II .lI m .lilin.L: flll il l·.... POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to Cycle News. P.O . Box 498. long Beach. CA 90801 ·0 4 9 8 . To determine th e expiration date of your subscript ion, check the four numbers on the first line of your address label . The first two dig its indi ca te the last issue number you 'lI receive and the last two characters indicate th e year of th e last is s ue . "tll".... ll p l i" n t , 11.·... R;II..... lUI II Il' 1'lI llnl ."I.III·... : .1Ilt! u-, 1)("'\C ifllh tOI " 111' yl";lI . 1 i...... ut ... l, :14' 5:1 ().IMI; 1 \'1 ' \ 1';11 ( 11111 i..... IU ·...j. 59:-,(11 ' ; ... i, Ill' 'Ill It .... . I:!': i...... Ill ....I. S:!li.IIl): Il ia l ..uh 1 I ': i lII ·.. '. SI ~I.tIl '. I . ( :'III.ul. . ,11111 hl1 l·i/o:lI . f lll t · \ 1';11 I.:,n i m ...I. ~ M'U Il ): IWII \1';11 ... 111 M i ...... IIt·...) . Sl l-•.UII; \ j, mou th ... I:!;' ' · i...... IU.:.I. S FdMI; II i;t1 \\lh t 1:1 i tu -, ' . S~X.Oll , <:" k ~ " w ", W dc ' ''' h '~ lJlI l idtto t'l l il e"i ;11 d 1lI'.Ut·l i;11 im IIUlill J.: ...Ifll il.... 1;l' II)(llh. I'h o u ..... t"h . . "tilh.... i\( · II i l puh li ... lu-d. h l'I 'H Ill!'", d u' " I ( : ~l II' Nnn. . h _It I ~ 'PIl't 1 i . . ' WI~""-'; II~ in tl ll O '\C ,II' d i" u 'l ioll .. I C\lII' :\ 1 ·W~ . t 'l h ol il ·il l'li lIIall'l i;t1 whit II i... " o t 1;'1,1 will hc' U'IIIIIII 'I 1 il ,Il l . ' Ill I I. l ll i l· !I h~ ;t '1 ,~r ;ultl l l·......t·t1 ... 1;1.IIIIH-ti l·u, dllp" .• \ 11 UIl ... o l it lIc·d llI;lIt', i..1 " 'III he' h. nulll'ti w ilh 1(';1"lIIahll' C IIl', 1"lwt·n1 . l.w ll · ~" W '" .I ...... IIW ... IH I n·~I'll ll\ihil i l~ 1'0 1 th t· ~1 (t' IY , H 1II .ll c·Ii ;I!. C I " 1' 101'1'1l~ 1Il,1I1'l i:11 i ~ ... l1hj l'l l l . IICO\i ...i.1Il a... "tIl 10...... 0 1 d ; ll ll ;l/o:C' 10 ... ll I lIMII·l ia l. R l'Pl ill\ill ~ ill t ' II 11Ol11 clll ly h~' 1 )l'l l1I i ~ ~i llll . 11 l ilt" pnh li..hl·l, ,\ II\'t' lI i... illl-: ra lt·~ ;lIl d d ll ll ); ll i~ l n 11I1' " l11a l i' "1 will hi' '1 '11 upe"l rt't ll ll'... . St ·t· 1 wh , .It· . .R.n .S " 'WBPA AUDITED CIRCULATI ON Copyrigh t 8 C ycl e News. Inc. 19 8 9 . Trad e mark Cyc le News re gistered U.S. Pat e nt Office . All rights reserved . ALBERT]. MARKOWSKI Wyomin g , PA Godspeed, Harry Since th e sta rt o f America n Federa tio n o f Mot orcycli sts (AFM) in 1954. th e L.A . Chapter h as had its ups a nd downs. In th e mid-seventies, I ha d th e p leasure o f tea mi ng up with . a bi g m a n , Harry Bresach , later ni ckn am ed " Czar. " Wit h his va luab le spare ti me , th e spare time we a ll have so littl e of. he had a uni que way of motivati ng people and ma ki,lg positive th in gs happen. Ask a ny past memb er o f the club about whom th e nucleu s of th e AFM was, th ey' ll say Harry. With hi s bi g heart, love for the sport, a n d dedication, he pulled us th rough some hard t i~es. Keepin g th e L.A. C hapter gomg th rougl; th e seventies ga ve four- ti me World C ha m p io n Eddi e. Lawso n more race tra cks o n w hic h to master h is ski lis. _ Today , I lost a very spe cia l friend. Ha rry , I' ll mis s yo u but never forge t you : Maybe someda y we 'll lea m up aga lll. FLEM J ULI USSEN Covina, CA Cranston challenge An a lte rn a tive bill to th e infamous Cran ston/Levine leg isl ati on h a s been introduced in th e U.S. Co n - gress. The bill was authored by th e co ngress m a n wh o represent th e Ca li forn ia desert a nd is not supported by th e Cranston and Levine cam ps. The ch ief spo nsor of the new bill is Rep . Jerry Lewi s (R-Redla nds) a nd th e bill is co -sponsored by Rep. Duncan L. Hunter (R-Coro n ado), William M. Thomas (R-Bakersfield) a n d AI McCandles s (R - Berm u da Dunes). The bill is reponed -to favor multipl e us e of th e desert and deserves to be fully inv esti gated by th e o ff-ro ad community. This bill would also lim it future desi gnations o f new a reas as wilderness areas. Cranston has labeled th e Lewis bill as " to ta lly u naccep ta ble." This co u ld be just wh at we are looki ng for : A bill to cha lle nge th e Cranston a ttac k that still provides for real protectio n of th e desert tha t we all love a nd enjoy without making it ina ccessib le. DOUG BROADDUS An ah eim , CA Get y our head , . . I just fin ished read in g issu e #39 - fantastic mo tocross co verage as e x p ec ted fr om yo ur exce pt io na l paper, a lt hough more G P and local MX (co vera ge) would be exce lle nt. As a 12-year Na vy man an d avid motocrosser, I was shoc ked a t th e openi ng line of th e movi e review by Brian Ca tte rso n. This guy wrote, " Race for Gl ory probabl y wo n' t do for moto rcycle road racing wh at Top Gu n did for Air Force recruitment." I must stress th at as a recruiter for the Naval Reserv e, m y o p in ions a re n ot th o se o f th e Nav y. Mr. Ca tte rso n, pl ease wa tch T op Gun and if yo u see any Air For ce in th ere let me know. The film Top Gun was depicting th e pi lots from th e Navy's Top Gun Fighter Weapons School and th e pi lots yo u saw in action were flyin g Na vy p lanes from Nav y aircra ft carriers a nd Nava l Air Stati ons. 1\1 r. Ca tte rson , get your head o u t o f your spokes before yo u offen d a n y o ther branch es o f th e Armed Forces. Than ks for listening to me a n d co ngra ts to T rampas Parker, the man fro m nowhe re w ho co nq uered th e wo rld! R.]., it 's h igh time yo u went over there too ! R UPERT F. PELLETT Newark, O H As we reported in issue #40, Pap a lVeale y caug h t th e mistake (the day after it was prin ted!) and m ade Catterson stand at attention and si ng Anchors Aweigh from th e m in ut e we had reveille at th e Cycle News offices to the sou ndi ng of tap s . . . Edito r. Tri-Pro correction In last week 's Cycle N ews, you m enti on ed that Tri -Pro Ra cing wou ld be participating in the Honda CR Su p port Dealers' 1990 C R Demo Day at Motosp(irts Park in Byron, Illinois. While we appreciat ed th e mention in th e In The Wind section, th e item listed us as a Honda dea lersh ip. We are not a Honda deal ership, a nd o n ly intended to a tte nd th e event so th at riders co u ld co m pa re sto ck bik es with a Tri-Pro modified bike. Pub l ished letters do not necessarily reflect the position of Cycle News. Inc, Letters are subject t o condensation due to space lim i t at io n s. Anonymous letters will not be published, Send letter to Voices. P.O, Box 498. Long Beach. CA 90801 -0498 . RR Schedule (Continued from page 2) Ra ce Seri es events, th e United States Grand Prix and a round of th e World Championship Superbike Series. Additional Nationa l events are being negotiated and may be added to the sch edu le. The AMA 's 1990 National Championship Series wi ll have its customary kicko ff with Daytona Internationa l Speedway's Cycle Week in Daytona Beach, Florida, cu lminating in the March I I Dayto na 200. New National events are schedu led for Jul y 7-8 o n a temporary circuit in downtown Miami; a nd August 2426 a t Portland International Raceway. Returning venues within th e AMA 's N ati onal Champi onship Seri es are Road Atlanta, New Hampsh ire International Speedway, Road Am eri ca , Mid-Ohi o SPOTtS Car Course an d Heartland Park T opeka. La guna Seca Racewa y in Monterey, Ca liforn ia, will h ost th e 3rd Annual U.S. G rand Prix, featuring 250cc a nd 500cc so lo machines along with 500cc sid ecars. The U.S. Grand Prix is tentati vel y sche d u led for April 20-22, a dat e to be ratified at th e upcoming Con gr ess o f th e Fed era tio n International s Mot ocycli ste (F IM). Meanwhil e , th e FI1\1's World Cha m p io ns h ip Superbike Seri es will aga in visit Ca na da a nd th e United Stat es with back-to-hack events at Ontario 's Mosport Park and Brai n erd ( M in nes o ta) Internat ional Raceway. T he tentative dates for those events ar e J une 3 and June 10, respectively. The AMA Nationa l Championship Road Ra cing Series features a wid e vari ety of ra cing and production-based ma chines. Classes o f competition include th e featured Superbike class, th e 250cc Grand Prix cla ss and two divi sions of AMA Pro Twins. Also sched u led a t a ll or most 1990 AM A Nat ional s will be 600cc a nd 750cc Supersport events, ro u nds of th e U.S. Endurance Ser ies a nd vintage mo torcycle races, Wh ile .releasin g its preliminary 1990 sched u le, th e AMA indicated tha t a d ditiona l a n no u nce me n ts rega rd ing th e 1990 ro ad rac in g season wi ll be fort hco m ing. Here is the National sched u le rel eased toda y by th e AMA: Da ytona Int ern a tio na l 3/ 2-11 Speedw ay Daytona Beach , FL Road Atlanta 5/4 -6 Braselton, GA New Hampshire 6/1 5-17 International Speedway Loudon , NH Road America 6/29- 711 Elkhart Lake, WI Downtown Circuit 717-8 Miami, FL 8/ 3-5 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course Lexington, OH Ponland Intern a tion al 8/24-26 Ra ceway Portland,OH Heartland Park Topeka 917-9 Topeka, KS

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