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The 7th Annual Western States Memorial MX at Thunder Valley Sports Park. new 1.8-mile-long track in _Mayer. Ar izona. will feature a $5000 125/250cc Pro class purse. paid by moto. For more information. call 602 /9934954. a T ommy Lynch (Suzj carn e o ut o n top of a five-rider drag race to the finish . line to clai m the win in rou nd nine of the AMA/CCS Yo ko hama 750cc Nati ona l Su pe rs port Road Race Series a t T all ad ega , Ala ba ma, O c tober IS. Scott R u ssell (Su z) fini shed second with Do ug Chandler (Kaw) th ird. In 600cc ac tio n, Kevin Ren tzell (Yam) was the winner, with J eff Farm er (Ya m) second a n d Michael Ba rn es (Yam) th ird . Sco tt Zampach 's (Yam) fourth-p lace fini sh earned him the 1989 600cc Superspo rt Series Champio ns hip. Oops!) ssu e #40 contai ned an ad for the upcoming Florida Mini Ol ympi cs, but th e ad fai led to sho w th e logo s o f th e even t's two m aj or sponsors - H onda a nd Ya ma ha. Brit Dave Roberts is the first foreign rider to enter the Budweiser Indoor Speedway Ice Racing World Championship race that will take place January 11 -13 at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson. Arizona. According to the event's promoter. Gary Densford. Roberts won the Australian Masters Indoor Ice Speedway Championship last year. During the summer months. Roberts competes in British League speedway events. racing for the Exeter Club. Dutchman Racing II's Dale Quarterley and Tom Kipp (Suz) won round nine of the AMA/ CCS EBC Brakes National Endurance Road Race Series. held in conjunction . with the Supersport rounds at Talladega. Alabama. Team Gibsonia /Englert Racing (Yam) finished second overall with Houston Kawasaki (Kaw) third. K&N Rae i ng ' s Sam and Phil McDonald (Yam) won the GTU division . Dutchman II's win moves the team into second place in the series point standings behind Dutchman Racing. who 'p r e viously clinched the 1989 series title. The Domino's Pizza Fall Nationals MX Championship will be held at Ponca City. Oklahoma. October 28-29. Jack Blevins. Ponca City MX track manager. said. "We will use the entire Grand National MX course and offer free parking and free camping. This is the only time Ponca will be open until the 1990 NMA Grand National races next August." For more information. call 405/762-3635 . The Octob er 10 issu e of th e J ournal of Commerce newspaper carr ied a lr o nt p a ge sto ry o n H a rl eyDa vidson 's success in ex po rt in g b i kes. Accordi ng to th e report, exports acco unt ed for 23%of H arley's motorcycle sales last year and 27%for th e first half of this year. Other figures in the rep ort show Harley with a n esti ma ted total productio n of 58,O O units this year, with 15,700 O. of those un its bein g expor ted. In 1988, 51,100 units were produced , 11 ,600 exported. Ex po rts to J apan la st year total ed 2300 un i ts. In compariso n, figur es for 1982 show a decade low production of 31,000 un its, 5,600 of whi ch were exported. Manag ement co nduc ted a leveraged bu y-ou t of the com pa ny from AMF in 1981 a nd in 1986 went public. Road racer Cam Roo s remains hospitalized as a resu lt of neck and back injuries susta ined in a racing accident a t Steamboat Springs, Col orado, September 10. In a n October 16 phone interv iew, Roos sa id th at he was scheduled to be tran sferred from . the St. Mar y's spi na l tra uma ca re unit to the Craig Hospital spi nal reh abilitati on center o n Tuesda y, Octob er 17, where he will begin thera py. " I' ve been lyin g on my back for five weeks no w, a nd I was o n th e roa d fou r weeks before th at , so I rea lly j ust wa nt to go home," Roos said. " My go al is to be ho me by Ch ristma s." Abou t th e acc ide n t, Roos said , " My bra ke pad s fell o u t. I'm just glad Guy Cla use n (the rid er Roo s h it, who broke hi s co lla rbo ne) wasn 't too bad ly hurt." At present, BOR N: Travis Ca mpbell, son of Cycle Trends ' Ji m a nd Staci Campbell of North H oll ywood , Cal ifornia, on October 10. The 1990 Yamaha XT600 four-stroke dual sport bike has many new features. notably an electric starter and twin-piston caliper disc brakes (last year's XT600 had a rear drum brake). Other features include a boxsection aluminum swingarm. Yamaha's Dual Intake System (YDIS). different tires. new styling and a new blue/grey color scheme. It has a claimed dry weight of 342 pounds. The 1990 XT600 will carry a suggested retail price tag of $3799. but it won't hit showroom floors until next May. 2 Roo s has no feelin g in h is ri ght hand or foot, so me m uscle mo vement in hi s right leg , a nd a bo ut 25% of normal streng th o n his left side. Of hi s prognosis, Roos said, " It 's rea ll y hard to get a straig ht a ns wer from the doc tor s, they j ust say, 'O n ly time will tell.' " Cards and letters ca n be sent to Roos a t Craig H ospi tal , 3425 S. Clarkston St. , Englewood, CO 80 II 0, 3031789-8000. Donations are being accepted to help Cam Roos pay for what will certainly be astronomical hospital bills . Checks should be made payable to Cam Roos and sent to Roswell Honda. 11270 Elkins Road. Roswell. GA 30076. T he Ca liforn ia Su pe rbike Schoo l wi ll conduc t a session of C- Racing o n the Streets of Willow Spri ngs race tr ack in R osa m o nd , Ca lifo r ni a , N ov ember 12. C- Raci n g a llows participants to rid e th eir street bikes (no safety wirin g required ) in two timed five-lap sessio ns for $35. All la ps are timed a nd riders are given print-ou ts o f their performa nc e. Pro tectiv e clo thing is req uired. For more informa tio n , ca ll 21 3/ 484 9323. . MOVED: U.S . Kushitani from San Jose. California. ┬Ět o Redondo Beach. California. adjacent to John Winslett's Del Amo Suzuki! Kawasaki; the new distributorship headquarters for the street and road race apparel company will also feature a retail store; 1997 Artesia Blvd .. Redondo Beach. CA 90278. 213/318-0983. FAX 213/318/0784. SCO RE reports that 59 of th e 183 vehicles entered in the Novem ber 912 Baja 100are mot orcycles. H eading th e list of rid ers a re former World Champio n mo tocrossers Roger DeCes ter a nd Dan n y La Porte. They're joined by th e li kes of hight-time Nati onal Enduro Ch a mpi o n Dick Burl eson, L a rr y R oesel er , Dan Smith, Bru ce Ogi lvie, Chuck Miller, Kevin H ines, Ra ndy Moral es, Scot Har den a nd Barr y Hi ggin s. Foreign rid ers from Aus tra lia, J apan, France, South Africa a nd Ca nada are a mo ng th e ent ries. Former Grand National Champion Mike Kidd. who has relocated from Texas to North Carolina. has formed the United States Arenacross Association (USA) and that group will sanction the USA National Arenacross Series which will kick off on November 2-5 in the Heart O' Texas Coliseum in Waco. Texas. Subsequent rounds are scheduled for Oklahoma City. Oklahoma. and Odessa and Austin. Texas. Other rounds will be added and Kidd says two of them might take place in Denver and San Francisco, A $60.000 purse and point fund will be offered to Expert class riders. and a full range of classes will be offered to Amateur and Youth class competitors. At each round. professional competition will take place Friday and Saturday nights with amateur competition being held on Sunday. "I feel this series is an ideal training ground for many current supercross riders and even the supercross riders of the future." said Kidd. For more information. call 704/784-8127. Ame rica n Motorcycle Institu te, a di vision of AMI, In c. of Da yto na Beach , Flor ida , has anno unced th a t Am er ican H ond a " h a s do n a te d numerous shoc ks, fin al dri ve asse mbl ies a nd hundreds of mo torcycle engines to be used in Am eri ca n Mo to rcycle Inst itu te's motorcycl e tech nicia n tra in in g co urs e. The engines ra nge in size from 70cc to 350cc." Southern California 's Fudpucker Racing Team has released the 1990 Superstition Off-Road Cham'pionship Series schedule. The series will get underway with the running of the 10th King on February 17 at Dry Lakebed and continue with the 8th Buzz Bomb 150 at Plaster City East on April 7. the Superstition 250 VII at Dry Lakebed on August 4. and the Plaster City Blast IV at Plaster City East on September 29. and conclude with the Dunaway Dash IV on December 31 at Plaster City West. For more information. call Fudpucker at 619/427-5759. Eng land's Rob Herr in g wi ll not ride the 1990 500cc World Cha mpionship MX Series for H o n da o f G reat Britain as reported here last week . H erring backed o u t of the deal to stay wi th Suzuki , accord ing to Engl a nd's Tria ls a nd Motocross News. CORRECTION: ISDE bronze medalist Grant Palenske is a Yamaha factory support rider. not a Team Green rider as was stated in a Tsubaki chain ad that appeared in last week's issue. CO RRECTION: In o ur coverage of th e World o f Speed meet a t th e Bo nnevill e Sa lt Fla ts we said th at th e Nafzeger & Savage Ka wasak ipowered strea m li ne r " ha d never run on the salt before . .. and th ey never used Kawasakis eithe r." T su ba ki's J o hn L inden infor ms us that th e record-settin g Nafzger & Savage strea m liner has run a t Bonnevill e for tw o yea rs , p o wered by a 1000cc Kawasaki engine a nd using T suba ki cha in. Entry packages have been mailed out for the November 21-25 18th Annual Florida Winter National Olympics which will take place at Gatorback in Gainesville. Florida. If you didn't receive one and wish to compete. call SuperSports at 813/822-2929. Pre-entry deadline is November 6. Post-entry is $1 0 more per class. T he October 29 C RC MX which was sched uled for Edwards Air Force Base in Rosam ond, Californ ia , wi ll now be ru n a t L.A. Co unt y Raceway in Pa lmdal e, du e to the scheduled la n d in g of th e sp ace sh u tt le a t Edwards. Construction has begun on the Santa Veronica Off-Road Park & Raceway which is located at the Hacienda Santa Veronica. 26 miles east of the border town of Tecate. Baja California. Mexico. The facility will include half-mile. quarter-mile and eighth-mile ovals. a supercross and motocross track. an off-road short course. (Con tinued to page 50) 1990 AMA National Road Race schedule announced WESTE RVILLE, O H , O CT. 16 T h e America n Motorcyclist Asso ciation (AMA) toda y a n no u n ced its major p rofessional road racing schedu le for 1990. In cluded in the schedu le a re eigh t AMA Nati onal Ch ampionship Road (Continued to page 4)

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