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August 27 in Wohlen, Switzerland . Jacky Martens (KTM) finished second overall with a 5 -2 score. Leif Persson (Hon) completed the top three w ith a 2-5 score. Thorpe's points total forthe series was 358. while Jeff Leisk (Ho n ) overtook former class champ Eric Geboers (Hon) for second in the series with 293 points. Geboers' total was 279. T exan Kevin Schwan tz (Suz) won his fifth 500cc G rand Prix of the season In th e 14th ro und of the World Ch ampionsh ip Road Race Series at Brno, Czechoslovak ia, Augu st 27. Sch wa ntz top ped defendi ng World Champion Eddi e Law son (Hon) by five seco nds with Wayne Rainey (Yam) fin ishing third. Frenchman Ch ristian Sarro n (Yam) and Itali an Pi er-Fran cesco Chili (Hon) rounded ou t th e top five fini shers. Law son now holds a 15.5 point lead over Rainey, 211-195.5, with o ne ro und remain in g in Brazil o n September 17. West German Reinhold Roth (Hon) won his second 250cc road race GP of the season in Czechoslovakia on August 27. Roth beat Japan's Masahiro Shimizu (Hon) by .0 1 of a second. Switzerland's Jacques Cornu (Hon) rounded out the top three finishers . Newlycrowned 250cc Worl.i:l ┬ĚCham pion Sito Pons (Hon) fin ished fourth w ith Helmut Bradl (Hon) fifth . Pons has already clinched .t he champ ionsh ip, but . Roth and Cornu are now tied for second place with 180 points each . Spaniard Alex Cr i vi ll e (Co b) clinched the 125cc World Champi on ship with a win in th e Czechoslovakia n 125cc GP o n August 27. Criville topped Hans Spaan (Hon) a nd Step ha n Prein (Hon) in th e fin al 125cc G P of th e seaso n to win hi s first-ever Wor ld Ch ampionship. Tram pas Parker (KTM) became the f irst American to win the 125cc MX World Championship when he finished second in the first moto of the final GP on Sunday. August 27. in Ahun, France. Parker. who hai ls from Shreveport, Louisiana, but now calls Italy home. failed to score ltny points in the second moto. Italy's Alessandro Puzar (Suz) took the overall win with a 1-1 score. Ame rican Bobby Moore (KTM) was second w ith a 3-2 tally and American Mike Healey (KTM) took third with 3-3 finishes. In the f inal points standings. Americans took three of the top four posit ions w ith Parker scoring 393 po ints to top Puzar by 15. Healey was third with 254 points. 14 ahead of Moore. A,1-3 score ga ve World Champion J ean -Michel Bayle (Hon) th e overa ll victory in the fin al round -of th e World Ch ampionship 250cc MX Series August 27 in Angreau , Belgium. Peter Johansson (Yam) was second o vera ll with 3-2 fin ishes, and Pekk a Vehkonen (Yam) took third with 2-4 rides. Ameri can Broc Gl over (KT M) won the seco nd moto but failed to score points in th e first. Bayle took the cha mpionsh ip with 327 points, Vehkonen was second with 267, a nd John van den Berk third with 199 poi nts. Glover fin is h ed eig h th in th e final point sta ndings, beh ind fellow American Rod ney Smith. 2 World Champion David Thorpe (Ho n ) won his fourth stra ight 500cc MX GP with a double-moto win at the final round of the World Championship 500cc MX Series. Texan Do ug Polen (Suz) and Australian Michael Dowson (Yam) eac h won a leg in the seventh ro und of the World Superbike Ch am p ion sh ip in Sugo, J apan on August 27. Pol en won th e first leg o ver Do wson , Rob Phill is (Kaw) and G iancarloFalappa (Bim). Dows on topped Kenich iro Iwashashi (Ho n) , Falappa and Polen in th e second leg. America n Fred Merkel (Ho n), 16-12 in J apan , mainta in s his point lead over Stephane Mert ens (Ho n), 8-8 in J apan , 171163. An a p proach i ng ty p hoo n ca used very wet cond itio ns for th e race. Greg Searle (Hon) was the overall and 250cc class winner of the AMA National Championship Hare & Hound Series round that took competitors from Wells to Wendover. Nevada. August 27. Second place went to the 500cc class winner Garth Sweetland (Hon). while third went to Dan Harte (Kaw). J immy Lewis (Yam) f inished fourth overall and first in the 125cc class. Series po ints leader Dan Smith (KTM) crashed and did not fi ni sh the race. In our coverage of last week's 125/ 500cc Nati on al in Mill vill e, Minnesota, sixth and sevent h pl aces were in ad vert ently left o ut of th e l25cc class results. Donny Schmit (Hon) sho u ld have been listed as the sixthplace finisher with a 9-4 score , and Mik e LaRocco (Yam) was sevent h with a 4-14 tally. landing gear str uc k th e l in es. Andrew Bowie, 18, a passenger in th e pl ane, was treated and released from Flagstaff Medi cal Center. Cards and letters ca n be se n t to Bak er at Flags ta ff Medi cal Center , ICU , Room 8, 2100 N. Beaver SL, Flagsta ff, AZ 86001. The 1989 Bonneville National Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover. Utah. were cut short by wind and rain. Bike and car competitors were ab le to turn in speed runs from Sunday. August 20. th rough Wednesday. August 23. before the event was called . Top speed logged by a motorcyclist was the 202.594 qualifying run turned in on Monday by Bickford Ranger (Hon) in the APS-ABG 1000 class. Matt Capri (BMW) turned in the second fastest run. a 199.349 in the APSABF 1000 class. Bonneville veteran Scott Guthrie (Yam) had the third fastest run. a 197.845 mph run on Tuesday in the APS-AF 750 class. Two-time Grand National Champion Ricky Graham (W-R) won th e August 27 DuQuoin (Illi nois) Mile rou nd of the AMA 600cc Nati on al Ch am p ion ship Dirt Track Seri es. Davey Durelle (W-R) fini shed second with La rry Pe!?ram (W-R) taking thi rd . Def'end ing 600 Nati onal Champion Chris Ca rr successfu lly defended hi s cro wn, although he finished o ut of the points (15th) at DuQuo in . With just o ne ro u n d remaini ng in th e series , th e September 22 Cas tle Rock 'IT, and only a max imu m of 20 poin ts ava ilable to the win ner of that race, Carr 's 96 poin ts are 22 more th an Steve Aseltin e's 74 and the titl e is his for th e second straig ht year. Aseltine fin ished sixth at DuQuoin. Tom Mueller. former Cycle News associate editor and current contributor. completed his first 100-. mile Ultra event. the Vermont 100. recently. Mueller completed the cross-country run in 25 hours and 31 m inutes to place 80th out of 119 starters. Papa gets tired just thinking aboutit. Team Honda's Rick Johnson has announced he will not compete as a m ember of the American team at 't he September 10 Motocross des Nations i n Gaildorf. West Germany. Johnson has been replaced by Team Kawasaki's Ron Lech ien, who was scheduled to serve as an alternate. Johnson was injured in the August 20 AMA National Championship 500cc MX Series round at M illville. Minnesota. He competed again on Sunday. August 27. in the AMA National at Washougal. Washington. finishing fourth . but he was in severe pa in from damaged chest cartilage and was not at full strength. Rather than risk im peding the hopes of the American team. which will be gunning for a ninth straight World Championship in the West German event, Johnson elected to w ithdraw. Lechien w ill ride a 125cc Kawasak i. Jeff Stanton a 250cc Honda. and Jeff Ward a 500cc Kawasaki in the Motocross des Nations. Speaking of running, Kent Vann and Cindy Cole were th e overall winners of the 3rd Annual Loretta Lynn 's 5~ kilometer Classic held o n August 7 in co nj u n c tio n with the AMA National Championship Amateur/ Youth MX at Loretta Lynn 's Dude Ranch in T ennessee. Vann won in a tim e of 18 minutes, 54 seco nds, one second shy of th e co urse record of 18:53 held by Triangle Training's Dale Bohm. Cole won the Women 's di vision in a time of 23:51. MOlDcrossers Rob ert Motsinger, David Wall and Kevin Foley follo wed Vann across th e finish line in times of 20:38, 20:50 and 21:14, respectivel y. The event was sponsored by Triangle T raining, Answer Products, Supermo tocross magazine. Sunrider Internat ional and Skullband H eadbands. AI Baker, 38, owner of XR s Only whic h recently relocated from Hesperia, Ca lifornia, to Flagstaff, Arizona, is in critical but stable co ndition at Fla~staff Medi cal Center. Baker was injured when the single-engine airpla ne he was pi loting clipped utility li nes just west of Will iams, Arizona. o n Friday evening, August 25. According to a Coconino County Sh eriff's Department spokeswoman, Baker was p iloting hi s 1966 Piper Ch erok ee when he decided to " buzz" two trucks th at were carrying hi s mo torcycles and equipment. Baker's vision was apparently hampered by the setti n g su n a nd his plane's M ulti-time speedway World Champion Ivan Mauger will host the Australian Speedway Grand Prix at Bathurst. November 1819. In addition to speedway races, the event will also feature American-style , flat track racing with the competitors using 125. 250 and 500cc converted motocross bikes. The races will be run on an oval track that is approximately a half-mile in length and Mauger says they'lI run up to 24 riders at once in both types of racing. Mauger has contacted photographer Bert Shepard to purchase photos showing"Amer- ican dirt track rac ing." No word yet on whether or not he'lI invite American flat trackers to do their thing Down Under. Earli er thi s su mmer, Camel Pro Seri es co mpe titors Steve Morehead a n d two -t ime G rand N ational Ch ampio n Ricky Graham jetted to Paris to co m pe te in a ser ies of Su perbiker -style races. No doubt they wouldn't mind spendi ng a week enjoying Aussie hospi tality, co urtesy of Mau ger. RESIGNED : Gary LaPlante. former American Honda employee, has resigned his position as advertising sales representative for SCORE Monthly and CORVA News magazines; laPlante is now with the marketing department of Jackson Racing. the Hondal Acura car aftermarket performance specialists. The Bugs In Your T eeth Festi val will tak e pl ace a t th e Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, Ca lifornia, Saturday, September 16, from I I a.m . to 9 p.m. Eight bands, ranging from cou nt ry and western to jazz units, will perform all day and a seri es of activities such as bik e exh ibits, poker runs, safety demon stration s and a fash ion sho w will take pl ace. NAMED: Jay M . McGrath . as Northern New England sales representative for Spectro Oils of America ; McGrath will service the Vermont /New Hampsh ire / Maine reg ion. Oops'! Papa was -given the wrong phone n umber fo r th e Howard J o hn son 's in Binghamton , New York , (where the Sep tember 24 AMA Nat ion al Championship 125/5OOcc MX will take place at Broome-Tioga Sports Center ). If you called th e number we ga ve you , yo u got the H oward Johnson 's in Vestal, New York. Sorry. The co rrect phone number is 607/724-1341. Mention th e AMA Nati onal MX when you ca ll and yo u' ll receiv e a special discounted rat e on yo ur room. Ten amateur motocross champions, crowned at the AMA/ Honda National Championship Amateur/Youth MX at Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch in Tennessee. have been selected as winners of all-expense-pa id trips across the Pacific Ocean. Eight of the 10 winners will attend the November (Con tin ued to page 50) The Am eri can Mo torcyclist Association Board of Trustees met In Madison, Wisconsin, on July 30 and 31, 1989. The site of th e meetin g was selected so that th e AMA trustees cou ld attend opening ceremo nies of Wing Ding XI to illustr at e the positive and supportive relationship that exists betw een th e Gold Wing Road R iders Association and th e AMA, two o f th e nati on 's largest volu ntary membershi p organ izatio ns for motorcycle enth usias ts. (Contin ued to page 4)

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