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c (}:e That I came u po n a Crossroads, and th e liv ing I had don e was not th e living I would do . H ow ma ny h igh ways had I ridd en? On ho w many motorcycles?For how many year~? Quest ions anyone' who rides m ight ask. In th is case Plent y. My miles have follo wed th e paths of n in e U.S. Presiden ts. I've seen Elvis come and go, watched Britain 's Beatl es electrify A merica, and Man confron t th e p u zzle of Space. I w itnessed the birth of th e Jet and sp read of th e Int erstat e. I kn ew Korea first hand, and saw Viet Na m's horror hidd en on the evening news. Sk irts go short then lon g again . Ou r cities fi ll and ignite and struggle to integrate. /T here was Woodstock . T he Bab y Boom. T hen Cam e Bronson . And th en Pollution. Drugs. Disco. Moon Walk. Shuttle. I learned th e ways of this wo rld on hundreds of document ary fil ms, m et thousands of people, had m ill ion s of dreams. A nd rode everyt hing from Hardtails to Paralevers, coughing and wheezin g o ne-cy lin de rs t o purrin g sixes . Vince n ts to FZR s. Mechan ical drums to A BS. Yeah! Th e land had shrun k and changed under m y two spinning w heels. Evyerth in g ne w becam e old, th e w ildly innovative fam iliar and dull. And th e process repeated. T ime and again, over and ove r. It was that everlasting battle of Th e Dream and Th e R eality - our endless cycles of life. And th en one day not lon g ago, W isdom stepped forward and pla yed its hand. I was sudden ly leery and anxious. W hat had seemed wrong was no t strangely.fee ling right. What ha d been importan t w as oddly ten uous and m arginal. It w as a tu rn abo u t th at was cos mic and su blime. L ife rode u p before me, huge and ill u minating lik e th ose other -worldl y s hips of C lose En coun ters and The A byss. Th ere w ere co lo red l ights and shivery celestial m us ic. W ow! Wh oa! A nd when I m ot orcycled, I saw new things - N ew Roads, N ew T errains, N ew Ho rizon s. A nd th ere were N ew Dreams , too. N o lon ger w ould th e everyday be en ough . N o longer would I follow th e ways and m inds of o the rs to do on ly what w as expected, and little m ore. No lon ger would my repeating "what already had been be fresh and exciting. I shall com pose and ride from no w on, and only th is! I shall be free and alive fo rever! Yes! Isn 't it gran d to th ink so. William Edgar MOTOCROSS: Ward, Bradshaw score Millville National w ins 6 Button sweeps Loretta Lynn 's 10 Thorpe lands 500cc .M X World Championship title in Belgium .. .. 14 DIRT TRACK:-Carr wins Sturgis 600cc National : 8 ROAD RACING: Lawson takes over with Swedish GP win 16 ยท Dutchman Racing t ops Sea rs Point Endurance ENDURO: Hawkins bags fou rth w in at Speedsville National LOCAL RACING : Dirt t o pavement and everything in between CALENDAR: Plan ahead RESULTS : Who finished where WANT ADS : Bargain prices 20 22 21 36 42 43 ON THE FRONT PAGE : (Top) W ith on ly two robnds left. winner Eddie Lawson (1) moved int o t he World Championship 500cc Road Race Series points lead at the Swedish GP. Wayne Rainey (3 ) crashed while runni ng second . See page 16. Photo by Henny Ray Abrams. (Bottom) Jeff Ward (5) leads t he pack en rou t e to double-moto wins at theopen lnq round of the N at io nal Champio ns h ip 500cc MX Series in M illville. M innesota. See page 6. Photo by Nate Rauba. r------~-----------------------------------~---------- - - - - - - - - - , --I SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM I I _ o Th is is a renewa l o Please bill me o Enclosed is check or money order Name--=~:::-:=::-::::-:-::::7:C:- t P l EA S E P RI NT C U : A R l YI Add ress _ C ity Order Date : State -LZip Charge my 0 V isa 0 Mastercard _ _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper o every week fo r one yea r (50 iss ues) for $35.00 o every week for two years (100 issue s) for $65.00 o six months second class (25 issu es) for $18.00 One yea, 150 issues). 2nd cia .. Canada or Mexico and an other fo reign countrie s $75.00 {U.S . fund s). First class and airm a il rates availa ble upon reque st . DJ=C Sig nature _ MC /V isa # Ex piratio n Da te _ -'- Se nd to : CYCLE NEWS, Inc., P .O . Box 498 . lo ng Beach . CA 9080 1 -0498 1 (2 13 ) 427-7433 _

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