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den by youngsters Tom Kipp and Donald Jacks, currently lies eighth in the points table with 44 points, just 19 points out of second place which is currently he ld by Team Motor Sport. accidents in 1988 tha n in 1980. "The decrease in mot orcycle fa talities is due to many factors," says Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Vice President Peter Fassnacht, " bu t we feel confident that increased availability of MSF Rid er Courses, and an awa reness of the need to wear proper gear, be pro perly licen sed and not dr ink and ride have con trib uted to th is declin e." A spokesperson for New Hampshire Int ern ational Speedway in Loudon, New Hampsh ire, anno unced that the track ha s cance led its Sep tember 24, Se p te m ber 30- 0cwbe r I and October 21-22 AMA/ CCS road race dat es and wi ll not host an y more mot orcycle races for the remainder of the year wh ile the track undergoes reconstruction . Man agement hopes to have the new, banked mile oval completed by October I, an d hopes to hold stock car races soon afterwards, bu t motorcycles will have to wait u nt il nex t year after the comp letio n of the new roa d course. Jay Irw in and Ken Landerman, operators of Englishtown, New Jersey's RaCeway Park, are . expecting a star-studded field to turn out for the 13th Annual Kawasaki MX Race of Champions, October 21 -22 at their facility. Landerman cites the cancelation of the Hollister Hills (California) round of the AMA National Championship 125/ 500cc National Championship Series, which was scheduled to run on October 29, and the fact that the factory teams will conclude the AMA series at Unad illa Valley Sports Center in New Berlin, New York, the week pr ior to the Raceway Park event, as the reason they're expecting a larger than usua l turno ut of the top professional motocrossers. BORN : Christopher Robert Cathcart , son of long-time Cycl e N ews cont ributor, a uthor and road racer Alan Cathcart and h is wife Stella, in Cau olica , Ita ly, July 28. The Old Bike Journal is the title of a new bi-monthly magazine that Norwalk, Connecticut-based TAM Communications Inc . says w ill hit newsstands on September 26 . Buzz Ka nter, president of TAM Comm u nicatio ns, says he decided to publish the magazine because he found it difficult to find parts and info rm a t io n for o lder mach ines he was restoring or riding . Kanter said the magazine w ill consist p rimarily of classified and d isplay ads. 58 According to pr eliminary data from the Na tiona l H ighway T raffic Safety Admin is tra tio n and figures published by the Motorcycle Indust ry Council, approx imately II % fewer mo torcycle fat al ities were reported in 1988 than had been reported in 1987. This figure contin ues an eight-year downward trend; approximately 30% fewer people died in motorcycle Pa p a h ears that Professor G ary Bailey, who when he's not in structing at one of his moto cross schools is usually seen with a video camera stuc k to hi s right eye, has a new video tape he's abo ut to release. In a noteworth y switc h , the new ta pe isn't an ins tructio na l one, bu t, accordi ng to those who have seen it in pre productio n form , an entertaini ng one. It features the supersta rs of motocross performing the aerobatics they've becom e known for, all set to music. T h e American Fe d era t io n of Mot o rcyc list s (AFM) No rt h Chapte r has announce d that the re w ill be limited pract ic e o n Frida y, September 1 , preceedinq two full da ys of road racing on S unday and Mo nday (Labo r Day), S e ptember 3 -4, at Sears Po int Internati o na l Raceway in Sono ma , California. The meeti ng w ill inc lude th e West Coast Superbike C ha llenge Series for 600 and 750cc S uperbikes, w ith one ra ce in each class o n both days (fo r a total of fo ur). There will be a minimum payout of $750 per series race, a n d Ka wasak i, Yamaha and Suzuki cont ingincies have been posted for both days. Camping will be a llowed o n Sunday night only. For mo re information contact Joe Montoya at 415 / 482-3526. Road racing p rivateer Dou g T osten of Fayeuesville, Penn yslvania, is one of the mos t accomplished publicitygetters in motorcycle racing. Witness hi s most recen t newsletter, whi ch says that in the mon th of July alone, Doug displayed h is bikes at a Coors/ Ford Motor craft show at a Ford deal ership; was interviewed by radi o stations and a television station; held a draw in g with the winner acting as his pit crew memb er for a day ; spo ke at a local library's Kid's Day wh ere _ he sh owed videos a nd exp lai ned motorcycle safety; and acted as a " VJ" (video jockey) for a local cable te levisi on st ation 's music video program. But the best part of Doug's newsletter is his quote from his Kid's Day p resen ta tion: " A motorcycle and helmet are like a ball and gl ove you can 't hav e fun unless both are used toget her." . BMW's Annual Report on the 1988 business year shows that the West German-manufacturer produced 23,817 motorcycles. A rundown of production and sales figures for the past 1 0 years (1 9 7 9-1 9 8 8 ) shows that the peak year of that period was 1985 when 37,104 bikes were produced and 36,320 sold. BMW's car production for 1988 totaled 484, 121 units. Du tchman Racing's Dale Quarterley and Mike H arth (Suz) won the threehour AMA/CCS EBC Brakes Enduran ce Challenge at Sea rs P oint Intern ati on al Raceway in Son oma, Cal ifornia, August 12.. Dutchman's win , their sixth of the year in seven starts, all owed them to clinch the series cha m p ions hi p with three ro u n ds remaining. T eam Motor Spor t's Richard -Arnaiz and Phi l Kress (Yam) fini shed second with Rough Stock Racin g'S' J ohn Ashmead and Dou g Brauneck (Hon) th ird. Roswell Honda Racin g 's Cam Roos and Steve Matthews (Yam) topped the GTU di visio n. With the AMA/CCS EBC Brakes Endurance Challeng e C hampionship firm ly in his g rasp, Te a m Captain Dave Schlosser pla ns to put Dale Quarte rley and Mi ke Ha rth on h is seco nd bik e , the n u m ber " seven" 1 9 88 Suzuki GSXR1100, in a n effort to earn that machine second place in the overall s eries point standings . Dutchman Racing II, usually rid- I A me eting concerning the Holliste r Hills State Vehicular Recreati o n Area (SVRA) will be held at 6 :30 p .m ., Tuesday, August 22, at the Hollister High School, 1200 Mo nterey Road in Hollister, California . Local land owners want 1600 acres of the park to be converted into " g ree n space" to serve as a buffer between their property and the SVRA. According to Dirt Alert News, "Without yo ur he lp and attendance at the A ugust 22 meet ing, we can expect the local land developers to g rad ua lly decrease the size of Holliste r Hills SVRA. With your help a nd support, we may be able to incre a se Hollister Hills to a pu bli c service area for offHighway vehicles that includes 2000 acres for four-wheel drive use, 2000 acres fo r group OHV activ it ies including motocross courses and a 100-mile enduro course, and 4000 acres for motorcyc le / ATV use ." For further info rm at io n, contact Jeff Wykoff at 408 /636-8354. The first race of the newl y crea ted AMAlCCS U.S. Twin Spo rts class, which provides a class for 883cc H arl ey-Davidson Sport sters wi th m inimal modifications and res tricted to specifi c approved equipment , will take place at Blackhawk Farms in Rockton; Ill inois, August 19-20. The class will be run for both Novi ce and Expert rid ers at all AMA/ CCS events in the Southeast, MidWest, Mid-At lantic and Sout hwest Regions. At the Regional races, the awa rds for Novi ce riders will con sist of plaques, while Experts will compete for a cash purse of $883, to be pa id as follows : $300 for first, $220 for second, $170 for thi rd, $110 for fourth and $83 for fifth . The U.S. T win Spo rts class will run in conj un cti on with th e Lightweight Su per twins class unl ess entry level di ctat es separate races. . Road racer Larry Scholl is looking for a ride in the August 18 Summit Point Six-Hour round of the WERA/EBC Brakes National Endu rance Road Race Series. Scholl says he 's been racing at S umm it Point for better than 10 ye a rs , on everyth ing from a Yamaha TZ250 to a Suzuki GSXR1100 . "A la ck oHunds has forced me to leave my bike at home for this race," said Scholl. If interested in his services, you ca n reach him at 301 / 9 7 2 -0 8 9 5 . The Uta h Salt Fla ts Racing Association is seeking a motorcycle safety (tech) inspector for its Sept emb er 29October 2 World of Speed meet a t the Bonnevill e Salt Flats. Interested parties sho uld call Dorde Woodruff at 801/277-5526. NAM ED: Ma rk Brown of Broo k- line, New Hampshire, as national motocross coordinator for the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA); Brown will be responsible for the details of AHRMA's National Championship Vintage MX Serie s, as well as for the association's Regional events; he may be contacted at 15 Park, Brookline, NH 03033, 603 /673-0993. The October 14-15 AMA National Champion ship I25/ 500cc MX Series ro und at Unadilla Sports Center in New Berlin, New York, will also in clude a ro und of the AHRMA National Championship Vintage MX Series. Vintage racing will be conducted on Saturday and, according to AHRMA's Mark Brown. it will mark the first tim e th at an yone but professional motocr ossers has co m p eted o n th e world-famous circuit. Since 1971, Unadilla has hosted AMA Nationals and international and World Championship races such as the Inter-AMA, TransAMA, Tran s-USA, 250cc Grand Prix and Motocross des Nations. Riders of vintage machines interested in enteri ng the Unadilla vintage races sho uld contact Brown at 603/6730993 or the AH RMA national office at 217/568-7764. Say wha t ? The Texas, repeat, Texas Motorcycle Dealers Association (TMDA) will hold its 1990 TMDA Conference in New Orleans, Lou is iana l Remember the Alamo . . . or was that Bo urbon Street? Stage II fire restrictions have closed all trai ls in the Los Padres Nat ional Forest in southern California, with the excep tion of Ballinger Canyon in New Cuyuma , California. Hungry Valley SVRA in Gorman, . California will also remain open with the Forest Service pa ying even greater attention to spark arrestor enforcement. You know it would be criminal if you did it, but you still dream of roosting the grass and dirt on those pristine golf courses you pass now and then. Well, here's your chance to do that without breaking the law. On Sunday, August 27, the Redneck Roosters M.C. of northern California will host a G rand Pr ix on the Pleasant Hill Co unt ry Club's golf course which is located in Pleasant Hill, California . The property has been sold to developers, and before the bu lldozers do their thing, here's your chance to do yours. There will be a 400 rider lim it, so act now. Call Mark .Jehnscn .et 415/ 945-1453 fo r more information. MAR RIED: J ody Ni ch o las , 45, winner of two AMA National Championship road races in 1963, and Beverly Kaiser, on August 12at Santa Ana, California. According to Lou Peralta, president of Baja Promotions, rumors that the Ensenada Gran Prix which is scheduled to be held on August 26 in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, has been canceled are not true. Peralta said he met with the mayor of Ensenada th is past weekend and was assured that the event was still on schedule . Reg istration for the event takes place on Friday, August 25, from 3:00 p.m. 't o 9 :00 p.m .. at the Hotel Corona which is located across the street from Ensenada's Tourist and Convent ion Center. For more info rm ati on, ca ll Baja Pro m ot io ns at 818/ 340-5750 o r 992-6355 .

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