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c That dreaming was w hat I go t to do, and the riding I wanted just wen t to m y head. A bad tooth and pen icill in was wha t reall y wrecked m y wee ken d fun . The pain and th en fever kept me off m y motorcycle and threw m e . in bed. A nd that ach e beh ind m y eyes still hurts. But th e dreams! H ey! The dreams I had were awesome, some of the best ever! One was that I'd flown to Unadilla w ith Bob " H urricane" Hannah and was soaring like an eagle alongside our retiring champ. A nother had me reaching back into our.own video mythology and riding the river roads with Jim Bronson again. We were good buddies, side by side. Hangin' in there! Still another was about flickering chases in old Keystone Cop reels, and then those black-ir-uihite war movies where mach ine gunners in trenchcoats would fl y off their bikes. And' it took me right in to the latest of Indiana Jones, that side hack scene with Ford and Connery, riding to beat hell and stay ah ead of the worms. I was worn out, w ringi ng wet with the hyp ers of fever! A nd wh en I woke, a new day was jus t coming through. The room was all soft in an odd sort of light; it seemed to fl oat up before me and take over m y m ind . I lay there wondering about all those rides, from whence th ey'd come and w here th ey'd g one to . And m y question to m yself - was I go ing out today? Did I have a plan? Some fresh unexplored road ready and waiting, with partners all set? I didn't know! Then the hour struck in another room and mockingbirds sang through the yard like it was all brand new, the world made" over again. And sudden ly I remembered. My weekend was history; it had to be Monday on ce more. Back to work time. The telephone would ring; I had calls to make. T here was unfinished business that had to get done. But something else, too. And just as im po rtant -.:. maybe even more so. Those dreams of mine had to be dealt with and answered, somehow they had to be lived out in real life. Dreams can' t jus t be shoved under. Dreams have to become. They have to happen w hile we're awake. And thank God for motorcycles. Without them, dreams might on ly be dream s. And nothing more. MX: Johnson aces Unadilla U.S. GP 6 18 Leisk, Parker reign in Europe ROAD RACING: Team Suzuki rolls to Grattan Nat'l Endurance win .. . 10 Controversey dominates Belgian Grand Prix 14 HARE SCRAMBLES: Plessinger 12 shines at Sun Valley GP RALLY: Italians 1-2 at . 20 Incas Rally '89 LOCAL RACING: Roper rules 22 Road America Vintage CALENDAR : Coming attractions 30 RESULTS: After the checkered flag 35 WANT ADS : Your motorcycle savings place 36 ON THE FRONT PAGE: Rick Johnson (1 6) passes Jean-Michel Bayle (1 1 1) , while M ike laRocco gets forced off the track; Johnson won both motos f or his second-straight 250cc GP v ictory at Unadilla. (Inset) Bob Hannah takes a sentimental last-hi p j ourney aro u nd the Unadilla track f ollowi ng t he second 250cc moto. See page six for race coverage. Pho tos by Kin ney Jones. . • William Edgar . . ------------------------------------------------ -----~- ---- - - -- --, . SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name--::::-';7;= = ;-;:;7:": :- - - -= _ I P.LE A S f P R I NT CLE A R LY ) Addre ss _ City -,, Order Date : · State -<-Zip _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper o ever y w eek for o ne yea r (50 issu es) f or $35.00 o eve ry week f or two years (10 0 iss ues ) f or $65.00 o six m onth s seco nd class (25 issues) f or $18 .00 _ o This is a renewal o Please bill m e o Enclosed i s chec k or money order Charge m y 0 Vi sa 0 Maste rcard .~ Sig nature M C /Vi sa# One year 15 0 illue s ). 2nd class Canada or Mexico and all o ther fo reign countries $75.00 (U.S . funds ). Exp iration First clan an d airmail rates availa ble upon reque st . . ~ ~ _______________________ Send to : CYCLE NEWS, Inc., --.,- _ _ Date P.O . B ox 4 9 8 . Long Beac h , CA 9080 1 -0498 / _ (213) 4 27-7433 ~3

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