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T hat a R ide of R ides could ask that question - H ow far is far en ough? it was hot . Cloudless. Dry as a paper fire in a cardboard box. And it was Fath er's Day. I was in NoCal to see my son at Berkeley, crossing and recrossing the Bay's big bridges orl m y motorcycle. Being the T ourist, going to bookstores w ith h im , eating too much . Then ridin g with m y pal R ich and his dad H enry. Good buddies that I hadn 't seen for m onths. We rode in to th e best lands out towards th e S ierra - on roads with no names, on ly that wonderful elixer of anticipation arid mem ory. We were a solo and two-up, the new summer sun at our backs. W e wen t hard for hours, over rivers, under the CTOWS flight and hawks, thr ough. fields of swallows, past histori cal sites, " peo p le magn ets" - on into th e heart of America's past, to pla ces Mark T wain breath ed on and w rote ab out an d help ed ma k e fam ous w hether he wan ted to or not. The day wen t orl an d on , m iles consuming m iles, th en more miles. Tha t vision ahead was always 10 0 good to tum back . And when we finally did head home, th e inten t already had begun to take its toll. On m e. Not so much th em . I' d ridden into toum th e day befo re, almost 500 miles; and now T hat Distance was compoundin g Th is Distance. Th e way back was going to be lon ger than the way to. M uch lon ger. A nd so many th ings about the ride now were different. T he shine of it had some how tarn ish ed. M y bike felt odd to me. Suspe nsion seem ed stiffer, engine no longer smooth, tires glassy as when th ey were new. T hose spreadin g aches and pa ins were wearing me out. R iding into the ajternoon sun, m y arms got to be logs, m y backs ide stone. Was it worth it? I though t about that, wondering aloud above th e wi nd, asking myself. Was this R ide, th is thing about Mot orcycles, reall y as good as I wan ted it to be? Y eah. it was, and is, and wi ll be. Again and again. Bu t. We wan t to knQw w hat our own limits are w here th e R ide sto ps being th e Dream. A nd how the way hom e can be just as good as the start. William Edgar Copyright Page 3 Production• . From en ideII by Carol Sima MOTOCROSS: Leichen shows the Europeans who 's boss at U.S. GP Parker. Van der Ven conquer 125. 500cc European GPs ROAD RACING : James wins first Superbike National at Loudon Kocinski tops 250s . . ; Roos. James take .Supersport class wins Schwantz takes third Grand Prix win in Yugoslavia Hyper-Cycle endures Brainerd 6 26 10 12 14 18 24 INT ERV IEW: Wayne Rainey. World Champion -elect? ISDE QUALIFIER: Cunningham clinches Idaho f o ur- day DIRT TRACK: Ca rr sails at Peoria 600 National IT LOCAL RACING : How t he local Billy passed Bobby.. 26 CALENDAR : Future race dates RESULTS : Officially speaking WANT ADS : All kinds of st uff f or your bike. garage an d body . .. 16 22 28 40 46 .47 ON THE FRONT PAGE: Team Lucky S trike Robe rts ' Wayne Ra iney is in a good posit ion to c linch his first 500cc World Championship . Rea d a bo ut him in a c o mplete interview beginning on pa g e 1 6. Phot o by Patrick Gosling . r--- -------------------------------------------------~ - - - - - - - - - - - - , SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name_-:;;;~;-;-;=;;-;:c,_;_;~:;:_-------------------I P LE A S E P RI NT C L EA RLY ) Address _ City Order Date : S ta t e -<-Zip _ _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper . o every week for one year (50 is su es ) for $35.00 . 0 eve ry week for two years (10 0 iss ues ) for $65 .00 o s ix months s e c ond c lass (25 issues) for $18.00 On e yeer (50 iss ues). 2nd cia .. canada or Mexico and all ot her f orei gn countries 575 .00 (U .S . funds). o This is a renewal o Please bill me o Enclosed is che c k or money order .lIIiiiiiII Charge my 0 Vis a 0 Ma s te rc a rd Si gnatu re MC I Vis a # _ -'-- _ Exp ira t ion Da te _ First class arid airmail rates availa ble u pon req uest. ~ ~3 -S e n d to : CYCLE NEWS, lnc., P . O . Bo x 498 , Long Beach. GA 90801 -0498 / (2 13) 427~7433 •

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