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and Mik e Sm ith (Suz) wo n the J une 17 WE RA EBC Brakes Nationa l Endurance Road Race at Ro ad Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia. The Human Race Team (Yam ) finished second with Caz II Racing (Yam ) third. T eam Suzuki Endurance turned in 213 laps in the six-hour race, two more than th e Humans. Royale Racing (Yam) won Middlewe ig ht Su pe rb ike, E&H /Solmax ' Racing (Suz) topped Heavyweight Production, We're Human Too (Suz) won Middleweight Production, and RKN Racing (Yam) fini shed o n top in th e Lightweight class. BY 'P~'P~ Wf~LfY . American Trampas Parker (KTM) won his fourth World Championship 125cc MX GP with a two -mote sweep in ro und seven of the series hel d in Dal ecin, Czechos lova kia, Ju n e 18. American Bob Moo re (KTM ) went 2-3 for second overall and Belgian Stefan Everts (Suz) took third with 4-4 finishes. Parker now leads Ita lian Alessandro Pu zar 247203 in th e point standings, with Ameri can Mike Healey, who finished second in the first moto but didn 't score any points in round two , th ird with 147 points. Roland D iepold (Kaw ) of Germany took the overall victory in round five of the World Championship 250cc MX Series in Metz, France, June 18. England's Rob Herring (Suz) finished second, followed by Ital ian M ichele Fanton (Suz) . Americans took fourth through sixth with Rodney Smith (Suz) finishing ahead of Broc Glover (KTM ) and Bader Manneh (Suz), who finished second in the second moto. Frenchman Jean-Michel Bayle (Hon) failed to finish the first moto due to an injured wrist, but scored four points in round two to stay on top of the point standings. Holland's John van den Berk (Yam) and Finn Pekka Vehkonen (Yam) are one point behind and failed to capitalize on Bayle's misfortune as they both crashed in the second moto after going 3 - . 4, respectively, in the first moto. Dut chman Racing's Dale Quarterley and Mike Harth (Suz) won th e threehour Al\IAlCCS EBC Brak es End urance Challenge at New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon , New Hampshire, J une 17. Tea m Mot or Sport (Yam) fini shed second with T eam T yler (Suz) third. T eam . Toomer (Ya m) won th e GTU division . Ed Lojak (Yam) was the w inner of the 15th Annual Blackwater 100, round seven of the AMA I Wiseco/Yamaha Grand National Cross Country Series, in Davis, West Virginia, June 18. Steve McSwain (Hon) f inished second followed by Randy Hawkins (Suz) . Team Suzuki Endurance's Pau l Bray - No, Team Suzuki's Erik Kehoe and Team Kawasaki's Jeff Matiasevich ' and Denny Stephenson aren't evading arrest. They're checking out the Oxnard, California, motocross track that will host the Police Olympics, June 21 -23. To hopefully avoid receiving letters about the pictured stunt, Papa says, "Don't try this on your bike at your local track. Kehoe, Matiasevich and Stephenson are professional riders and you probably aren't. Always wear protective gear when riding. Don't jump cars, particularly cop cars .. . " Road racer Bubba Shobert, injured in a post-race accident at the April 16 Laguna Seca , California, U.S . GP, is hoping to leave Lubbock, Texas, soon to do some traveling . According to Shobert, "I'm hoping to go to my home in Carmel Valley (California) for a visit soon, and then return to Lubbock to continue my therapy. I'm also planning to attend the GP at Donlnqten Park, England (on August 6), to watch the race and see everybody over there," Since the accident, Shobert has been undergoing extensive physical, occupational (skill -related) and memory rehabilitation therapy. Ch an ce Darling, 19, of Northridge, Ohio, is the curre nt lead er in a tight race for 1989 AMA Camel Pro Serie s Rookie of the Year honors. After five rou nds of the 17-race seri es, 18 AMA di rt trackers have ea rned points toward the title. Darling now leads th e s ta nd i n ~s with 30 points, followed by WIlli e McCoy of Garland, T exas, with 26 po ints and Brian Bon steel of Saugerties, New York, with 25. Among the titl e-winner 's rewards will be a $5000 bonus from R.j. Reynolds Tobacco USA. Team Viceroy Yamaha's John Kocinski will fly to Europe immediately following the June 25 AMA/Castrol 250cc Grand Prix at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, to compete in his first-ever 500cc Grand Prix. The two-time AMA 250cc National Champion , and two-time 250cc GP winner will ride a Yamaha YZR500 in the Belgian and French rounds of the World Championship. Drew Pa te, who for many years operated a Yamaha and HarleyDa vid son dea le rsh ip i n C ha tta nooga, Tennessee, died in an automobile accident last week. Pate, who had sold the dealership, sponsored many racers over the years, the most notable bei ng Hank Scott. R iding Pate's road race and dirt track bikes , Scott was the top Junior in the country in 1973 and went o n to garner Roo kie of the Year honors in the Grand National Championship Series the following year, a lso on Pate's equipment. Godspeed, Drew. Local favorite Jeff Heino beat Randy Renfrow and Donnie Greene in the Keith Code California Superbike School Challenge, an exhibition race held on Saturday, June 17, at Loudon . All 10 riders rode the school's identical Kawasaki ZX600 Ninjas in the race. T he 1989 American Tria ls des Natio ns - tea m has been selected, based on riders' performances in U.S. Natio nal events conducted by th e AMA and North American Tria ls Council (NATC). Leading the team will be defending U.S. Champion Ryan You ng, 22, of Will iamspo rt , Pen nsylvania. J oin ing Young will be Kip Webb, 31, of Watsonville, Ca liforn ia; Ron Co mmo , J r., 24, of North Ferrisburg, Vermont; a nd Mark Mi n niko, 19, of Littleton, Colorado. Todd Ro per of Phoen ix, Arizona, is the team 's alternate. T he Trials des Nations will be held in Belgium on September 17. Brit Alan Carter will compete in his first 500cc Grand Prix on August 6 at England's Donington Park. Carter will ride a threecylinder Honda RS500 in both the British and Swedish rounds of the 500cc World Championship. Dirt tracker Kevin Ath erton was in attendance at th e Loudon roa d race National, but unlike the Daytona and Road Atlanta AMA Road Race Na tionals, he didn 't compete as part of T eam Viceroy Yamaha. Team Harley-Davidson's Atherton has been working extensively with Keith Code at Watkins G len in an effort to improve his road racing skills. John Kocinski and his Team Viceroy Yamaha teammate Thomas Stevens have been having a little fun teasing Atherton. Accord ing to Kocinski, it wasn't until recently that Atherton was able to touch down his knees, so Kocinski and Stevens used to take a file to Atherton's knee pucks to make it look like he did. Five-time National winner and former factory Kawasaki road racer of the 1970s, Yvon DuHamel, competed in a vintage road race held in conjuction with the Canadian round of the World Superbike Series at Mosport Park, June 3-4. DuHamel, riding a Team Obsolete Matchless G50, turned in an impressive performance in Saturday afternoon's heat races, coming from the second wave at the start to post a third-place overall finish and first in the Premier 500 class. In Sunday's final, DuHamel started in the first wave and again won his class, this time finishing second behind 750cc-class and overall w inner Paul MacMillan. The October 20-21 West Palm Beach, Florida, round of the AMA National Championship Road Race Series has been canceled. P ro m o ters of the Moroso Motorsports Park race reportedl y decided not to proceed with the first-time event beca use sponsorship had not been secured. The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) Historic Cup Road Race Series round at Heartland Park Raceway in Topeka, Kansas, has been rescheduled to September 2-3 to coincide with the AMA National Championship Road Race. Additionally, the AHRMA round scheduled for October 20-21 at Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach, Florida, has been cancelled. AH RMA will award New England Regional points a t the 3rd Annual New England Vintage Day Weekend (Continued to page 4)

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