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c T hat something was happen ing somewhere else, and we becam e part of it. It was Daytona's Big Day, three hours earlier here in California, an orange blossom /w ildflower Sunday m om teasing: " Ride m e, ride m e around the clock. " And 1, we , rode. In to the long green valley going n orth , pa st t he Condors ' range layered in rainbows, riding on under t hat blue crow n above. A nd 1 dream ed a bit on what it must have been like way down there in Florida. On Daytona's R oad. Dream ing w hat it m ight be to be one of Th ose Johns, Kocinski, today, either Ashmead for ju st a m in ut e. H ey, only a second! A fraction of a breath even! T hat's all! N o more. Jus t a sliver borrow ed out of tim e. L ik e that fleet instan t years ago w hen 1 m arched on to th e last green with T revino winning, at L ee's side, inches awar' and seeing all thos e thousands, al app lauding" cheering, all those eyes leveled on th at one pla yer. And m e! 1 kn ew th en th e feeling, at least partially. That gift! But, back to the f uture - to m y Motorcycle Road here-lr-n oui; we swept through a quartet of turns, th en a trio, and fell in to lin e li ke an arrow from Zeus 's bow . W e were on our own 200-Miler, at th e sam e time, so many m iles away, though so m any miles-per-hour less and tal ents sho rt. , T he th ou g h t w as fan tastic - th at what WE were doing an d what T H EY were do ing was happen ing at once, on two wheels, togeth er! 1 stop ped and called Daytona's Infield Press. Th e pace car! T he restart! Doug Pol en was now blazing the race, a w ho le half m inute ahead of the wo rld. We rode on, to a rem ote airfie ld where biplanes fly. And ma de anoth er call. Polen was out; Jam ie Jam es was u p front now. W e rode on, th oug h op en ranch country and deep canyons, imagining each m in ute still left in th e race. T im ing th e next call, fin ding the next pa y p hone. Jam ie was stopped, then runn ing again . And Ashmead ran away with T he Sh ow. W e here were so much slower, an d at such a distance remo ved - bu t we 'd still felt the race, felt Daytona. In our own way, we'd ridd en with Them . A n d shared th e dream. DAYTONA W EEK: Ashmead stars in 200 victory ' 6 Stanton scores big in Supercross win 12 Aseltine slides to GNC D irt Track win 14 Kocinski collects 250 Road Race victory 16 Quarterley O K in 600cc Pro-Twins,win . • . .. 1 8 20 Ko cinski scores in 600cc Supersport James cl ai m s 7 5 0 cc Supersport victory 22 A seltine tops 600cc National Dirt Trac k 26 Hopkins logs Alligat or Enduro victory 28 Vint age Roa d Race to Gill 30 Newkirk, Parshall head Pro-Am i Jr. ST .• . . . 31 Brown, Moree top Gatorback Amateur MX 32 Morehead wins Busch Half M ile 34 Aseltine aces Municipal Stadium ST 40 Brown bombs Amateur SX 42 ROAD RACING : Team Suzuki wi ns 38 W ERA Se ries ' Bama opener LOCA L RACING: Who w on 44 52 .CA LEN D A R: Lookin g ahead WANT ADS : Bar gain shopping 58 O N THE FRO NT PAGE : Honda-mounted John Ashmead captured the biggest win of his caree r by t opping the Daytona 200 by Arai road race during Daytona Cycle Week ' 8 9 in Flo rida . See page six for Da ytona 200 coverage. Photo by Larry Lawrence. William Edgar r-----------------------------------------------------------------, SUBSCRIPTION .ORDE R FORM Name-"'7.'';'7;:;-;::=:-:::-;-:-;~:__-----------------I PLE A S E PRINT C LEAR LV ] Add ress --,,,.- City Sta t e Order Date: _ ~Z ip------ _ o Th is is a renewal , o Please bill me o Enclosed is check or mo ney ord er Charge m y 0 Visa 0 Maste rca rd 1IlC!C OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper Sig nature M C / Visa# o eve ry w eek for o ne year (50 issu es) fo r $3 5 .00 o every w eek f or t w o years (100 iss ues) f or $65 .00 o si x months second cla ss (25 issues) fo r$18.00 _ _ l One yea r 150 iss ues). 2n d cl... Canada or Mexico and all other forei gn cou nt ries $75,00 (U.S . fundsl · First c lass and ai rmail rates available upon request. ~ Send t o : Expi rat ion Date _ ' CYCLE NEWS, Inc., P . O . Box 498 , Long Beach ; CA 9080 1 ·0498 1 (2 13 ) 427-7433 ~ 3

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