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That I lost both Strength and R idin g Sk ills to th e shears of a fiendish wh im . Agains t better judg ment, wild and vain instincts, I went ahead and did it anyw ay. I got m y hair cut . Something I'd contem p lated for months. Merely shortened was th e pla n, w ith an idea to have a fair share left. But th e barber worked with a ven geance. H is scissors fla sh ed lik e v icious crossed swords. Snip, w hack! A nd he took it all, hal f a year's growth, m owing m y crop nearly down to th e skull. M y Go d! My daughter gi gg led, then laughed out loud. M y dog froze fast in his tracks. M y wife - we ll, she smiled; beamed, in fact, saying how " Good" it looked. W hat?! Is she s ki ddi ng?! In t he mirro r I w as someone I barely remembered. All ears and face. I felt lik e Samson w hen he lost his locks. Weak and puny.' H elp less, incensed. Look at me! Surely, I' d N EVER be able to ride a motorcycle again! I wanted m y hair back! Now!! That n igh t I scrubbed and yan ked on and com bed what was left. Bu t it still was the same. My pride had been sha m th oroughly as a sheep's win ter coat. I pulled on a kn it cap and drew th e covers up h igh . A nd in m y dream s - No Surprise! - I discovered I'd lost "m y riding savvy, too. Believe me! I sat dumb on m y motor, hands numb on the grips. With not the faintest idea on w hat I should do. Talk abou t nigh tmares! T h is was worse than The Worst! I cou ld barely even keep th e bike balan ced and upright - stand ing sti ll! And w hen at last I did get it mov ing, inching forwa rd in a waff ling way , it wobbled an d weaved like some snot kid's first scoot. I was doo m ed. Fin ished forever. And faIling down! Wa lk ing with a bang; grabbing for my head; feeling someone else's. No , mine! Close -cropped, but st ill , MINE. Then , first lig ht painting a window pa le blue, I tiptoed to my leath ers and suited up, downed black coffee, and put on m y helmet. It was loose inside, and fel t strange - till I tightened th e grip. And w hen I go t on and lit right off, I was totally ama zed. I could still ride! Even without all th e hair! What the hell! Who needs it anywa y!?' Besides, it'll grow back . I hope. ~ ~ • 0') 00 ,. 0') 1""'"'1 "' 00 >.... ro ~ .... ..0 cu ~ ... SUPERCROSS : Johnson pulls off another Anaheim victory 6 TEST: Randy Mamola's Cagiva V588 road racer : 10 TECH TALK: Will GP road race bikes see fuel injection in the future? . . . . 13 MOTOCROSS: Golden State titles wrapped at Carlsbad 16 Florida Winter AMA Series finale at Dade City 20 Golden State Amateurs invade Sunrise Cycle Park . .. .. .... 32 HARE & HOUND: Miller captures Nat'l C'ship Series opener ICE RACING : Brow wins battle; Ingram wins war ULTRACROSS: Emig flies high in Anaheim Stadium LOCAL RACING : Th is week 's top guns CALENDAR : Racing into the future RESULTS : After the checkered flag WANT ADS : The best in new and used motorcycle goodies 24 28 30 3~ 40 44 46 . ON THE FRONT PAGE: Team Honda's Rick Johnson scored his second straight A naheim Supercross victory, but it didn't come easily for the defending supercross champ. See page 6 for comp,le te race coverage. Photo by Kinney Jones. William Edgar ------------------------------------------------------ - - - - ~ - - - - - - , . SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name_'"7.-;:-::-;-;:=::-:::-;-;-;= :-- _ (P LEAS E PR I NT C lE A R l~ 1 Address C ity _ -'- State Order Oete : , -<.Z i p _ . . o Th i s is a rene wa l o Pl ea se b i ll m e o En cl o sed is c heck o r m oney o r de r Charge my 0 V isa 0 Maste rca rd [IIC!C _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper o every week for one year (50 issue s) f or'$ 3 5 .0 0 " o every week for two y ears (10 0 issu es) for $65.00 o six months second c lass (25 issue s) for$18.00 " " One year (5 0 i..uea). 2nd cia.. Canada or Mex ico and an other fo re ign countr iea $75.00 (U.S . fu ndal . First cl. ... and a irmail rate. IVlilable upon request. Send to : S ig na t u r e ---,.---,. MC /Visa # Expiratio n D ate _ _ _ CYCLE NEWS, Inc., P.O . Box 498 . Lo ng Beach . CA 90801 -0498 / (213) 427-7433 ________________________ ~----------------------------- ~ 3

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