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Th at the New M ot orcycl e S how finall y came to town, and brought w ith it a Klaxon Past. W e were off to see the latest stuff , jo ining th e traffic on MegaSla b, rid ing that fl ow of. legal-plus in hell 's own movable maze - to at last a parkin g lot fill ed with bik es, and with welcome good friends. Th ere were luxos and cruisers, sports and duals, th e rider realm 's whole shebang. All of us an xious to loo k, to tou ch, to throw a leg over our latest dream . And we walked lik e sailors off on leave in to that giant hall. It was awesome, breathtaking, more tha n I cou ld imagi ne all at once. No , no t Cologne, not our fu ture's hatjull of exot ic tricks , but availabl e bikes and th e goodies that go w ith them, w hatever Yan kee Dollars might buy if you got'em . At first I wanted everyth ing in sight; an hour later, I couldn't decide on even a T -sh irt. I was stuffed, full to th e gi lls w ith th e wannas and have-to-haves. And suddenly, peacefully, I was adrift on th e roads of another time - conversing with th e lik es of th ose marvelous v eterans, M ik e Parti and Ma rt y Dik erson . T ogether, lost in a comer of that mot orcycle show where our bik e past still ru led, thank God. It was H eaven . I was, I was aboard Marty's Flash and on Mi ke's Rapide, Vin cen ts out of th e yonder to ride me away. A hhh! T here was the oldest Tr iu m ph I'd ever seen! And over here, th is black-ir-uih ite shafty, sleek enough to be th e sho w 's current best - BM W 's R 32 from S ixty-Fou r years ago. And m ore. T here we re Vitalic floorboards and hooded brass lamps; a Flanders wit h bicycle pedals; that sky -blue M itchell fro m th is cen tury's very fi rst decade; Indian 's 1919 track bike, racing me ahead of its forever plume ofd ust. A nd, th e stop pe r of th em all, so elegan tly styl ish in ol ive&-bu rg u n d y w it h ebo ny kl ax o n . hom, Harl ey-Davidson 's 61-inc her ou t of t hose lon gb ar Roarin g T wen ties! M ike spo ke a sobering truth then that brou ght me back , a r~turn to th e present . A motocrosser was catching air high off a warped wa ll (they used to ride the ins ides of carnival barrels '} when Mist er Parti said how lu cky we are to recall that p ioneering past . Yes, and ho w so meda y those of us who still do w ill all be gone. William Edgar .... CU ,.0 8 CU u CU Q Copyright Page 3 Productions. From an idea by Carol Sims MINI OYLMPICS: Smith and Rand get charged up in Florida 6 SUPERCROSS : Bradshaw/Ward capture Japan Supercross wins . . . 12 STOCKING STUFFERS: Lastminute Christmas gift ideas : 14 DUAL SPORT: L.A.-to-Barstow-toLas Vegas street/trail ride LOCAL RACING: Who jammed CALENDAR: Coming attractions RESULTS: After the checkered flag WANT ADS : Wheelieing and dealin' 16 18 24 27 28 ON THE FRONT PAGE : (A b ove) The 85cc (12-13) riders blast off at the start of the TT event at Gatorback Park d uring the Florida Mini Olympics. (C ent er) Butch Sm ith (710) captured t he Golden Goggle Award and (botto m ) Robbie Reynard (67) leads the start of the 85cc (711 ) MX event. Fu ll race coverage begins on page 6. Photos by Mike and Anne Adair /Sports Photography . - -----------------------------------------------------------------, . . SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM Name_~:7:"~=:::-:::_;_~:::_-------------------I P l E A S E P R I I\IT CLEAR lV I Address _ State' CitY__-..,. Order Date: ....LZip _ _ o This is a renewa l o Please bill me o Enclosed is check or money order Charge my 0 Visa 0 Maste rcard • cae OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper Signa tu re o every o every week for one year (50 issues) for $32.50 week for t w o years (100 issues) for $60.00 .0 six months second class (2 5 issues) for $17.00 MC /Visa # One year (50 is s ue l ), 2nd c la ss C.nada or Mexico and all other foreign countr ie s $63.00 (U.S . fund i ). Ex p ira t ion D e:-t e --,_ _ _ _ First c lass and airmail retes available upon re quest. _____________________________498. Send to : CYCLE NEWS, Inc., P.O . Box ~ Lo ng Bea c h . CA 908 0 1-0498 I (213) 427~7433 ~3

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