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(J.'& 'T hat I got lost in the pages of motorcycling's Past, and a little bit .carried away. It was a freak y wa~m Sunday and I'd ridden since dawn. All th e way back onto the back est backroads. On e of those days where the sun's hot, but th e earth 's not. And, when our newtime night caught me miles from home, I tucked behind my Paso's red shield to finish the ride by instinct, near frozen. Shivering like a dog, I grabbed a new magazine and jumped in to bed. Th e Novem ber Mo torcyclist all about H eavy A rtillery. Yeah! " Ho pped-up, Exotic And R adical," it teased. Colored wo rds and p ictures that brou ght me u p to temperature ag ain! A rt icl es abo u t tr ipl elegal sp eed bl ow er Beemers, fiery GSXRs, m onst er-muscled Kawis! Forkless su pe rbikes, sin gle -side d sw in garms back and front! H ey! Future was here! I was racing righ t on into th e N in eties! Un til all m y day's ride took its inevitable to ll 'and - lett ing th e mag slip, I sp un away in to sleep. A nd BACK in tim e. Forty years back . Back th rough pages to when I first had a motorcycle. Back to another issue of that old magazin e. NOVEMBER NINE TEEN FOR TYEIGHT - it was all spe lled, Ollt in caps, just lik e that. Mailed with but a two cent stam p, for only tw o bucks a year. Sim p ler, bigger pages, their prose m inus today's volts of inventive passion. j us t th e black-e-uihite facts way back th en, thank you very much. A lead story on th e Sandy Lane Enduro through m ud and dirt and wo oded sw am p, fou ght by the iron men of th eir time. It was, tha t n eat- ir-clean pr int read, " a f in e exam p le of how a large group of goo d sp ortsm en can gather toge ther and thoroughly en joy th em selves w ithout arous in g adverse criticism from john Q. Public." Ah, th ose guileless words of yore! Tim es so innocent, un complicated. Rolled-up blu e jeans and black engineer boots, war surp lus leath er jack ets and cloth caps. Sometimes pot lid helmets and aviator goggles. For speed trials on the Dry Lakes decades before Shuttle! "Real Acceleration Combined With Silence And Docility," said that dream maga zin e's Black Shadow ad. " Perform ance W ith Comfort ," p roclaimed Hap jones, of Douglas flat Vel oceu et . . tw i ns. R em emb er Bazooka Mufflers for your big Indian Ch ief? Ph el an 0- M oor e' s wee " Pan ther" singles? Th ose m an iac Schaller Cams? " T he World's Best R oadholder" N orton? You bet your ass it was a long time ago. 00 00 , O"l ........ Copyright Page 3 Productions. From en idee by Carol Sims WIND: All the latest gossip and race results 2 NEW BIKES: GS500, RMX250 highlight Suzuki's '89 lineup 6 HARE & HOUND: Smith sails at tough 100s H&H 8· CROSS COUNTRY: Fredette flies . at Illinois State Championship . . . . .12 SHORT TRACK: Davis wins season closer at Dixie Speedway 14 MOTOCROSS: Davis, Antunez demolish Carlsbad Trans-Cal finale 16 MOTOCROSS: Patterson wins Q Dick Mann Vintage MX 20 DRAG RACING: Vance, Kizer top guns at IDBA World Finals 18 INTERVIEW: Talkin' to. 250cc World MX' Champion John Van den Berk . . . . .22 LOCAL RACING : Storbeck storms to win at Monterrey International MX . . . . 26 RESULTS : Don't lie 19,32 CALENDAR : Start planning those . long holiday weekends 33 WANT ADS: Just what·you need 36 ON THE FRONT PAGE: (Clo ckwise from top) Jeremy McGrath (125) grabs the holeshot over winner and double-class champ Ty Davis (1 ) at the final round of the Trans-Cal Series at Carlsbad Raceway . Coverage begins on page 16. p hoto by Ken Faught. Dan Smith took a start-to-finish victory at the 1 OOs , .C . Hare & Hound . See page 8 for details . Photo by Tom Van Beveran. World Champion 250cc M MXer John Van den Berk is interviewed on page 22. Photo by A lex Hodgkinson. William Edgar r-----------------------------------------------------------------, , SUBSCRIPTION 'ORDER FORM . Name_-:-:-:-.::-:-:-==::-::-:--::-:-::-:-:-:: o This is a renewa l _ ~ I PL E A S E PR INT CLEARLY } Address --='-- City S tate Order Oete: ~ ....LZip __ _ o Please b ill me o Enclosed is check or money order Charge my 0 V isa 0 Mastercard Ill' V~ f _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper o every week for one yea r (50 issu es) for $32.50 o every week for two years (1 00 issues) for $60.00 o six months second class (2 5 issues ) for $17.00 Ona yee. (50 2nd cia.. Canada 0' Ma.ico ond oil other loreign $.63.00 (U.S . lund. l. Signature _ MC /Visa # _ Expiration Date _ Firat cl... and airmail retes available upon request . Send to : CYCLE NEWS, Inc., P.O . Box 498 . Long Beach, CA 90801-0498 I (213) 427-7433

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