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CYLINDER HEAD COMBUSTION CHAMBER PISTON INTAKE PORT CONNECTING ROD CRAN KSHAFT CRANKCASE THE TWO-STROKE ENGINE The power center of your bike. Simpler and more powerful than 4-stroke engines. two-stroke eng ines require high-quality pre-mix oils for optimum performance and longer life. TWO-STROKE LUBRICATION All two-stroke moving engine parts require constant lubrication to reduce friction and wear. Lubrication is accomplished =-.i~~=:::1: by burning a mixture of p= two-stroke oil and fuel that is carried throughthe crankcase, lubricating the crankshaft, rod, pin and cylinder wall. Without proper lubrication, engine wear and engine seizure are inevitable. Only PJ1 Goldfire Premix oils have been scientifically IGNITION formu lated from the ground up ...for each RPM /application, to provide a superior protective lubrication barrier that won't burn or wear off when used according to manufacturer's specifications. What to look for in a two-stroke pre-mix oil. • Clean burning to avoid spark plug fouling and gummy engine deposits. • High film strength to +E;:;~~tJi reduce friction and increase horsepower and engine life. • Consistent viscosity and formulation for predictable performance ... even with different gasolines. • Formulation to fit different riding purposes. EXHAUST & i.e., small engines like TRANSFER scooters require different lubrication than high RPM race eng ines. PJ 1oilers three different pre-mix oils to cover all two-stroke RPM/applications: • Injection /Premix for general, all purpose uses such as scooters and other low RPM eng ines. • Goldfire Premix for medium size eng ines, dirt bikes. ATV. motocross, and enduro riders. • Goldfire Pro is the ultimate for high RPM motocross and road racing engines.

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