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Tha t we all went out last Sunday .morning, girls and boys in eq uivalent count. The journalist Margaret . Fow ler was giving a ride - for th e m otorcycl in g co m m u nity to m eet and show su p po rt f or i ts w omen members. Well all right! And w hen th e ' bikes assembled that fogg y daybreak th ere were wo men and men from all around. From all over th e state. And states! On su pe rbi kes and cruisers, . v in tages and side hacks, -lu xos, two-strokes, du al-purposes and one-otis. T alk abou t yo ur Cross-Section! A nd all in th eir leath ers and jeans, jumpsu its and - th ose smiles! R eady to ride! T ogeth er! I joined th e group and rode away with it, over th e su perslab and up th e coast, past th e lak es and in to th e foothills. Wh en th e su n brok e through we were a bouquet of colors. One of us had roses painted on a helm et. And.wore p ins froth a hundr ed rallies as she drove her own big Wing. Th ere was a woman from ·H awaii, an em igre from Russia, a veteran from th e m idwest. People w ith immacu late showbik es and din gy rats, custom leath er saddles and duct-taped ma ruels. And as we rode th e roads in format ion I felt th e m agnetic forces of man and woman universal. And I dreamed that someday th is union we were celebrating would be com p lete. And that there would be a w o m an World Champion. And Edith La wson! Hannah Hurricane! "Why the hell notl!" said petite Alex, gripp ing the bars of her spotless trick Beem er, " Y o u . ha ve to ha ve an A T T I TUDE." And she is absolutely righ t. An attitude to achieve, to en joy, to do motorcycling - anything! - as well or bett er than anyone else, w ithout allowing SEX to draw a penalty line. We rode on! And on! L ee aboard her H onda dusting me through the twisties, s how ing th e hindside of her rain bow-h ued leath ers. It was bot h p'ain ful and ex hilarating and, yes, th e way of things to be. And when Margaret's Ride - Our Ride - was over, th ere rem ained that euersuieet mix of Happy and Sad that's ma rried to good tim es. I waved my farewell and stopped for something to eat in all the day's whirlwind I'd forgotten about food. And th ere, alone, I looked beyond the surface theater of our ride and glimpsed th e soul of it. And it was of Man , and of Woman. Equal. Inseparable. . Copyright Page 3 Productions. From an idea by Carol Sims ROAD RACING: .Goodfellow, Pirovano win World Superbike rounds 16 SUPERCROSS: Leisk, Vehkonen win European indoor events 20 LOCAL RACING : What happened . at a track near you 24 CALENDAR: What's coming just around the bend 29 RESULTS: The final word 33 WANT ADS: The motomarketplace 34 MILES: Ingram wins first Grand National at Syracuse 6 Atherton takes Springfield 600 National 18 SPEEDWAY: Danes claim Long Beach team speedway 10 Gundersen dominates World Championship finals " 14 RECORD RUNS: Matson sets marks at Bonneville Speed Week 12 • ON THE FRONT PAGE: (Top) The Danes dominated, while the Americans placed second in Long Beach Speedway racing . Photo by Scott Daloisio. (Bottom) Dan Ingram won his first Grand National Championship event at the Syracuse Mile in New York. Photo by Ty van Hooydonk. '. William Edgar . r-----------------------------------------------------------------, SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM , . I I I I I I I I I I . . Name--=-::7::::-:=-::-::~:::c-::::_-------------------{ PL EA S E P RI N T CLE ARLY } Address _ S tate C ity Order Date: <.ip 7 _ o Thi s is a re newa l o Please b ill me o En cl o s e d is check or money order C harge m y 0 Visa 0 Maste rcard '. laiC' : . • .. VISA , _~ . _ I _ OK, please start my subscription to Cycle News and send me the newspaper ' o every week for one year (50 is s ue s ) for $32.50 o eve ry week for two yea rs (100 is s ues) fo r $60.00 o s ix months second class (25 is s ue s ) for $17.00 One yelr (SO issuesl. 2 nd ctlSS Clnldl or Mexico Ind I II other fo re ign countries $63.00 (U.S . funds). First cla ss and a irmail rates available upon request. S ignature _ MC /Visa # :--_ Expi ra t ion Date ____________________________________ , CA 90801 -0498 / Send to: CYCLE NEWS, Inc.,p.O. Box 498 , Long Beach ~ _ (213) 427-7433 ~3

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