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c That once again I'd ridden the ride, and now was review in g th e Prize. , Ridin' & Wr itin ' - Aye, th at's the Goo d L ife! T o run free with th e road mile and written word! The exhilaration of crossing both new territory and old! Critique and adventure, the end of a long motorcycling day, p ick in g through my bookshelves before h itting th e sack. I read like a scavenger, as I often do, paragrap hs and sentences from here and th ere, from th is author and tha t. And alon g about m idn igh t I drift ed off, the book fall ing away from m y grip . In a high silvery mist I was fly ing on literature's cloud. fi ndi ng w hat it was to ride with some of th e masters, daringl y assigning th em new brand lives on motorcycles. Like m y oid pal H emingway on his ~ w hat? H is new KIOORS! If he'd ridden at all , Ern est m igh t have had a Beem er. Pap a was big and pro ud-ch ested; in m y dream he rode exactly lik e his own H em ingw ay H eroes. Alongside was Walt Wh itman on an Electra Glide H arley, lik e the bold post he was, all of America in sonorous song. A rid over here, on this lusty red Ducati , a bright new Paso in all its full passion - m y outrageous lost buddy, th e real H enry M ill er! Th e H en ry who knew his own Big Sur Coast R oad; lon g before any of today's f resh road warriors. And here! - what's th ist! - " Man And Superman" 's brilliant creator, George Bernard Shaw! With showy " GBS" hand-pa inted across his superbike 's tank, his VFR750 Interceptor! And on a white Moto Guzzi LeMans - who's th is bearded perennial Russian? Is it Leo? Is th is Tolstoy actually leading the pack?! Instin ct with genius, something totally different out of " W ar and Peace." And rig ht behind him, that avant-gardist rascal, fa ir J im m y Joyce , " Jam es" on all of his books. Making this ride a mad page out of " Finnegan's Wake." And, who's this lady aboard a IOO-point Triumph? Is it really our famed Emily Dickin son? Could I truly be rid in g motorcycles with all these im m ortal literati? A II writers and riders under the sk int! Is th is where our dall y in creation begins - with th e pen and the throttle held firmly in hand? Then let's Ride! And Write on! William Edgar ยท Copyright Page 3 Prod uctio ns. From an idea by Carol Sims ROAD RACING : Shobert and Polen hot at Mid-Ohio Team Suzuki scores win at Nelson Ledges _ _. _ Rainey/Magee outlast 'em at Suzuka 24-Hour MOTOCROSS: Liles on top in San Marino 500cc GP SPEEDWAY: Danes top the world in Pairs raci~g ' NEW BIKES: 1989 Suzuki RMs 1989 Kawasaki KXs and KDX200 HOW TO : What it takes to get sponsored INSIDE: Honda's Indy race shop LOCAL RACING: Dirt to street RESULTS : How they finished CALENDAR: What's on the agenda WANT ADS: Goodies up for grabs 6. 24 22 12 26 16 24 20 18 30 39 40 ' 46 O N THE FRONT PAGE: Mike Harth and the rest of Team Suzuki captured the o vera ll v ictory at t h e 20th Annual 24 Hours of Nelson Ledges. in Garrettsville. Ohio. It iNas t h e t eam's first w in there si nce 1984. See page 1 4 for coverage . Photo by Larry Be ll. . r----------------------------------------------------- - ~- - - - - - - , --- S UBSCRIP TION ORDER FORM Add ress _ City_:-- ~7ip------ _ 10K, please start my subscription to Cycle New,s I and send me the newspaper I 0 eve ry week f or on e ye a r (50 issues) f or $32.50 ,a na yaar (50 issues), 2nd class Canada or Maxico and all othar fO"'i9n countrias $63.00 (U ,S. funds), First ctass and airmail rates avai lable upon request. I I _ I I I I S ig nat u re f I I I MC /V isa# Expiration Date - - - - - - - - - S en d to : CYCLE NEW S, Inc., P.O . Box 498 . Lo ng Beach , CA 90801 -0498 1 (2 13 ) 4 2 7-7433 - .. '.l~ ~ ~J-=- - ~ I 0 every week for t wo y ears (100 iss ues) f or $60.00 0 six mon t hs sec o n d c la ss (25 iss ues) f or $ 17.00 I ~ I I I I Charge m y 0 Visa 0 M ast ercard ~ Order Date: S ta t e o This is a re newal o Please b ill m e o Enclo sed is c heck o r money o rd er I 3 _ !P LE A SE PRIN T C LEAR LY ) ~ Name_-;;;;-;-;-;c;-;;:= ;-;:;-;-:-:;:-;;; I I I I I

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