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That it was Ride Sunday again; but the wages of work made me look to Alternatives. . It all started on Saturday, stealing a break to rent a new video, something funny for the family to watch - and seeing Jay Leno there in front of the store. He was on his Harley dresser, taking some movies home himself. We talked about riding and work, and it was writing that would keep me from riding tomorrow, from motorcycling with Jay and buddy Mike Gottlieb. Maybe next time, I -though. I went on back home, hit the screen hard and beat on the words, hammering computer keys until six in the morn. And still not through with th e art icles I w as doin g. W hen I woke, groggy and ach in g, hours past ride time. T wen t again to 'the word p rocessor and finished up quick. But what to do for what was left of the day? T oo late to go; everyone was already headed back! It was like a bad dream, muffled and slow, but oddly awake. So I wen t and sat in the hot outdoors - and heard bi kes winding hom e from the hills. I watched the final dizzy sp rints of the T our de France on the tube, shot from moto cameras in sunny Par-tee. I went down to the mall, stopped at the magazine stand - reading abou t turbo g ames on a I}arawa y Autobahn, and of Kenn y's Mad Motocrossers here on his California ran ch . Ah, the vicarious glories of pavement and dirt ! H om e ' again, I even got out my bicycle and dusted it off, pumped up its uieenies, lubed the chain and took a slow pedal around. T o a local car show on green schoolyard grass. And there among those automobile beauties you guessed it! - were TwoW heelers, too. Vintage heartt hrobs jrom Britain and Italy, and from Y es ter year America. MO TO R ,:CY CL ES! I absolu tely couldn't get awa y fro m th em , cou ld l l A nd I was th in k ing of the ride, alw ays, th at ride tha t I'd missed - loo king into the "sk» to see.the day's sun sinking low , feeling my roads slip away underneath. What to do now? I thought I'd tried all the alternatives. Bu t, no, there was still one more left ! Vow to either spend next Sunday off .o! a motorcycle again, or to R ide it! H ah! You just guess what I'll do ... Copyright Page 3 Productions. From an idea by Carol Sims ' William Edgar . . r~-~-------------------------------------------------------- - -----, I SUBSCRIPTIO N ORDER FORM I I Name_ ....".,-=::-:== ::-::-:-=:.,-_ I I I, I PLE A S E PR I N T ClE ARL VI Add ress _ St at e City Order Date: -LZ ip _ o T h is is a re newal o Please b ill me o Encl o sed i s check or m oney o rd er C h arge m y 0 V isa 0 Masterca rd "_' _ l~ !._~~ l~ _ OK , please start my subscr iption to Cycle News and send me the newspaper Signa ture o every w eek f or one y ear (50 iss ues) f or $32.50 o every w eek f o r t w o ye ars (100 issues) for,$60.00 o six mo nths sec ond cl ass (2 5 issues) for $17.00 MC /Visa # One year (5 0 issues). 2n d c lass Canada or Mexico and all other foreign countries $63.00 (U.S . funds). First c lass and airmail rates a vaila ble up on request.. ~ • , _ _ ~ Expi rati o n Da t e Send to : CYCLE NEWS, I nc., P.O . Box 498 . Long Beach. CA 90801 -0498 _ / (2 13) 4 27-7433 ~ 3

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