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o N Whether You'reA OrJust PII, Want ToRidelikeOne... BIn/lip TiresAre The Winner~ Chllice. CongtatuJatjons... Team Dunlop on another successfu/llVeekend of motorcycle racing. SupelfJJce & 5I4JefSID1 6/18 - 6/1 AMA Camel Pro Road Races 9/88 loudon, NH .- _. ~. ..... ~_. -'"' Off Road 1988 Canadian Superr:mss Champion I" Place Ross f1Jderson, Suzuki, Dunlop 5/28/88 Team Gf1!f!f1 Ameteur Series Mt. Morris, PA InP Superbike D ftJlen, Suzuki; Dunlo lace , oug p Racing S s lick I' PlaceC amel Challenge Doug ftJle Suzuki; , n, Dunlop R acing Sucks I" Place Castrol 250 G John Kocinski; Yamaha, p, Dunlop Racing S ucks on, I" Place 500cc Sopasp Dave Sadowski, Suzuki; Dunlop K591 R ersport. Dave S adowski; InP lace150cc Sup p Suzuki; Dunlo K59IR 6/1 Suzuki GSXR Cup Series 9/88 Wi&1w Springs, CA I" P 500ce, C Rayborn Suzuki, lace al , Dunlop K R 591 P 150ce, C R lace al ayborn Suzuki; , Dunlop K591R 6125 - 6125188 AMA Camel Pro Road Races Elkhart iJJIre, WI 1" Place Superbike, Doug ftJlen, Suzuki; Dunlop R ng S aci licks I" Place Camel C hallenge Doug ftJlen, Suzuki; , Dunlop R g Slicks acin !" PlaceCasrrol250 GP, Richie Oliver. Yamaha, Dunlop Racing Sucks !" Place 150cc Soperspon. Doug ftJlen, Suzuki; Dunlop K59JR 2'" Place 150cc Superspon, SC (( Russell, Suzuki; O Dunlop K591R 3" Place 150cc Sapespon. Dave Sadowski, Suzuki; Dunlop K59IR 1/1188 BHour NlltionaI Endurance Grattan Raceway, Grattan, MI I" Pl ce Heavyweight Producrion, Solmax Racing, a SCO(( Russell/John E nberger. ide Dunlop K59IR 113188 Suzuki GSXR Cup Series - loudon, NH !" Place Middleweight Class, Dave S adowski; Suzuki, Dunlo K591R p !" Place Heavyweight Class, Dave Sadowski; Suzuki; Dunlop K591R !" Place Unlimited Saperspan, Dave Sadowski 1131lJ8 Suzuki GSXR Cup Series WAIJw Spmgs CA , r Place 5OOcc, Iom Aquino, Suzuki; Dunlop K 591R r Place 15 Doug ftJlen, Suzuki; 0cc, Dunlop K R 591 !" Place !JOOcc, Doug ftJlen, Suzuki; Dunlop K 591R r r Place 05cc f14-l5 yr.1, Brian Swink, Kawasaki; Dunlop K490 1" Place School Boy, BrianSw Kawasaki; ink, DunlopK490 I" Place 125cc BIGroup II, C f1Jderson, had Yamaha, Dunlop K595 I" P 125cc BIGroup 21, liJdd Neal, Kawasaki; lace D unlop K595 1" P 125cc BIG 31, Eric McCl ar. Yamaha, lace roup e Dunlop K595 I' Place 125cc A IGrou II, Sean Dukes, H , p onda Dunlop K595 I' Place 250cc BIG u 21, Mike Brown, ro p Kawasaki; Dunlop K595 1" Place 250cc BIG u 31, Iodd Neal, Kawasaki; ro p DunlopK490 5I2!J/8IJ Reading Enduro - New Philadelphia, PA I' P O lace verall, Jack wfferty, Jr., Yamaha, DunlopK595 6/12188 Sun W/I.ey GP - Haley, 10 1" Place Overal, wrry Roeseler. Kawasaki; D l unlop 6/18/88 BI8cIcwater 1/lJ - Davis, WV !" Place Overall, Timmy Coombs, Honda, DunlopK595 2'" Place Overall, KevinHines, KTM, Dunlop K595 6125188 Mammoth Mountain - MammotlJ, CA !" Place 250cc Pro, R ickJo hnson, Honda, DunlopK595 6126188 USBP 250aSupport - Hoiister, CA !" Place 250cc Support, MickyDymond, Yamaha, DunlopK595 2'" Place 250cc Support, George Holland, Honda, K595 3" Place 250cc Support, G Cooper. Honda, uy DunlopK595 113188AMA 8eJ.Ray NatiJnaI MotoarJss &cI1anan, MI I" Place 5OOcc, Jeff w"rd, Kawasaki; DunlopK595 2'" Place 500ce, Rick Johnson, Honda, DunlopK595 3" Place 50 Ron lechien, Kawasaki, 0cc, Dunlo K595 p !" P 125ce, G lace uyCooper. Honda , Dunlop K595 2'" Place 125ee, George Holland, Honda, Dunl p K595 o $.DUAT.£O,P © 1988 Dunlop Tore Corporation ~ Stick WithUs

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