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Cycle News 2020 Issue 29 July 21

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F I R ST LO O K P44 2021 HONDA CRF450R H onda's CRF450R motocrosser gets a significant overhaul for 2021, with heavy emphasis put on improving cor- nering performance and lowering weight. The motor has been redesigned with the exhaust port now exiting at the front, rather than the side of the cylinder head. Gone are the twin exhaust mufflers, with a single muffler now in its place. As such, 2.7 pounds has been saved on the exhaust alone, with the single system helping with better low-rpm power delivery. The clutch is now hydrauli- cally actuated, and the airbox gets a massive increase from 1.8 liters to 4.1 liters. The new airbox necessitated a change in the fuel in- jector position, which now sits at 30 degrees compared to the 60 of the 2020 model. When it comes to weight saving, the fuel pump is 120 grams lighter, the new body- work goes from 12 mounting screws to eight, the frame is a couple of grams lighter, 0.7 grams has been saved from the new subframe, and the new shock spring saves another half a gram. 2021 HONDA CRF450R 2021 Honda CRF450R

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