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Holland's Dave Strijbos (Cag) was the overall winner of round eight of the World Championship 125cc MX Series in Italy. June 12. Strijbos went 1-1. while JeanMichel Bayle (Hon) took second with a 2 -2 tally. Third overall. via a 7-3 score. went to Massimo Contini (Cag). while Georges Jobe (Hon) and American Mike Healey (Cag) rounded out the top five . With four rounds remaining in the series. Strijbos holds Ii 23point lead over Bayle. 275-252. Eddie Lawson (Yam ) won rou nd seven of the 500cc Wor ld Champion ship Road Race Series in Salzburg, Austria, on June 12. Lawson topped hi s Marlboro Yamaha tea mmate Didier de Radigu es by almost six seconds in taki ng his fourth GP win of the season. T hird pla ce at the Salzburgring went to Wayne Rain ey (Yam) with Kevin Schwantz (Suz) and P ier -Fran cesco Chi li (H o n) rounding ou t the top five. Defending World .Champion Wayne Ga rdner (Hon) crashed whi le racing with Lawson on the 16th lap . Lawson leads the title chase over Rainey, 125 to 98. Gardner slips to third with 85, fo ll ow ed by Kevin Ma gee a nd Schwa ntz at 77. La rry Roeseler (Kaw) was the overall win ner a t the AMA Nati onal Champion ship Hare Scrambles in Sun Valley, Ida ho, J un e 12. He narrowl y defeated three-tim e Sun Vall ey GP winner Ron Naylor (Suz), with Fritz Kadl ec (Yam) a nd Duk e Dowell (Ho n) finis hi ng third and fourth , all riding 250s. Rou nding out the top five was first Open Expert Scott Summers (Hon). American Jim Holley (Yam) won the first two rounds of the Molson Canadian Arenacross Championships. His first win came June 10 in Winnipeg where he beat Canadians Ross Pederson (S uz) and Carl Vaillancourt (Ho n). Round two in Saskatoon June 11 saw Holley and Pederson ag ain 1-2 with American Mike Jones (Ya m) finis hing th ird. In the Austrian 250cc GP . Switzerland's Jacques Cornu (Hon) s c o red his first series win of the season. topp ing Re inhold Roth (Hon) and Juan Ga rriga (Yam) . Dominique Sarron (Hon) and S ito Po ns (Ho n) rounded out the top five . Pons leads the championship by a sing le point over Garriga. 9998. wit h Cornu third at 78. In 125cc GP action . Jorge Martinez (De r) took the win . Ro lf Bilandl Kurt Wa ltisberg (LC R) won the Sidecar c lass . Second pl ace finishes in both mo tos ea rne d West German Dietm ar Lacher (Hon) the overall victory in the J une 12 Italian round of the Worl d Champio ns hip 500cc MX Series. Eric Geo bers (Hon) extended his moto win streak to six in the openi ng rnoto , eq ualli ng the class record of Jeff Smith, Paul Friedrichs and David T horpe, but th e wi n streak came to an end when Geboers fini shed fourth in the second mo to. Jacky Vimond (Yam) won the second moto after ·fin ishi ng 11 th in the opening go. David T horpe (Ho n) logged a 3-6 and heads the poi nt standings with 180 point s. Geboers is second with 176 and Nico ll, who had a 5-5 day, is third with 158. Chr is Carr (H-D) won the J une 12 AMA 600 National Dirt Tra ck Series Peoria TT at Peoria, IIlinois. Ricky Graham .(H-D) was second and Dan Ingram (H-D) third. Mike Ha le (H D) won the Pro-Am support race. Steve Mo rehead (H-D) c le an ed up at t he June 11 Dayton (Ohio) Old Tim e Newsies Half Mile . Morehead won the ma in event and in doing so. for the th ird t ime. the Findlay Flyer picked up $5250 in the form of the Har ry Kelly S r. Memorial Award . He also earned $2000 as the winner's share of the purse. $1000 for winning the Dash For Cash. and $1500 in contingency prizes . George Roeder (H-D) finished second in the main event. with Chris Carr (H-D) taking th ird. The Junior main was won by Kevin Atherton (W-R). Pat Behrle (Hon) won the Pro-Am main. Sam Ermolen ko (G M) had a perfect night, winning all five of his races, Governor Deukmejian vetoes California helmet law SACRAMENTO,CA,JUNE13 California Governor George Deukmejian today vetoed California Assembly Bill 36. which would have required all motorcyclists in the state of California to wear helmets on public highways. The bill. sponsored by Assemblyman Richard Floyd (D-Hawthorne). had passed the State Assembly earlier this year and had passed the State Senate on May 19 by a 23-12 vote. The bill was returned to the assembly for approval of minor amendments and was passed there by a 4425 vote on May 31 . Governor Deukmejian received the bill on June 1. . In his veto message. Deukmejian said. "The current studies of motorcycle accidents indicate that (he majority of accidents invo lve young. relative ly ine xpe rie nc e d operators who have freque ntly engaged in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The inc ide nce of accidents involving mature operators. with years of experience. is dramatically low e r. "I believe it is unfair to require these mature. responsible operators t o wear helmets in all conditions on all public roads and highways. Ra ther I believe it is appropriate to require motorcycle operators under 2 1 t o wear helmets. for all drivers to participate in meaningful train ing programs. and to enhance vehicle licensing and testing standards. "1 have been advised that most of the opponents of this bill would support such a measure and I would be wi lling to sign it." said Deukmejian. to top the June I I Nissan American Speedway" Final in Lon g Beach , California. With the top five fin ish ers advancing to the next round in the World Cham pion ship title chase, Ermolenko will be joined in Coventry, England , on July 10 by Rob Pfetzing (GM), Rick Miller (GM), Mi ke Faria (G d n) a nd Bobb y Schwam (Wes) At the Commonwealth Speedway Fina l held in England. June 12. Englishman Kelvin Tatum topped New Zealand's Mitch Shirra and fellow countrymen S imon Wigg. John Davis and Simon Croff to advance to the Overseas Final in Coventry. Six other Commonwealth riders will also face the top five Americans from the American Speedway Final. The July 3 Middletown, New York, round of the AMA Grand National Ch ampionship Dirt Track Series will feature Junior and Pro-Am class racing on the half mile ova l as well as GNC raci ng. Unlike last year 's invitati ona l format, all Junior and Pro-Am racers are eligib le to compete this year; no pr e-entry, sign-up at the track on race day. En t ry forms for the 1988 Barstow-to-Vegas desert hare and hound ra ce a re no w avail a ble. Send a self-addressed. stamped le ga l size en velope to: B-to-V. P.O . Box 3560. Hesperia . CA 92345 . teve Wise will be conducti ng a twoday motocross schoo l in Cresto n, Iowa , June 24-25. For more information , call Wise at 214/276-5331 or Brad Jones at 816/532-0244. The Mid -Atla ntic Road Ra c ing Club (MARRC ) has traditiona lly ru n a 50 /50 drawing at road race events at West Virginia's Summit Po int Raceway with the proceeds going towards feeding the safety crew . At the June 4 -5 WERA National the club announced that they would donate their 50% to the Ted Boody Trust Fund. $840 was raised and the winner of the drawing. Scott Harper. donated $100 of his winnings to the trust fund. Several other riders donated money and a check for $560 is being sent by MARRC to the Ted Boody Trust Fund. P hyll is H olcomb, th e mother of form er MX star Bryar Holcomb, was fina lly overcome by a w ee-year bout with can cer on J u ne 3. She was a familiar "race mom " on the southern California MX circuit, dating back to 1968. A famil y service was held on J une 9. Cards can be sent to Broya " Hoagy" Holcomb, 8409 Wentworth St., Su nland, CA 91040, and to Bryar Holcomb, 5778 Firebird Ct., Camarillo, CA 93010. After being closed s ince May of last year. Mosier Valley Motocross Park in Euless. Texas. will reopen with racing on Friday night. June 17. and Sunday after- . noon. June 19. Promoter Terry Cordray has secured a leas e and renovated the entire 75-acre park. For more information. call 8171 540-0815 . Following an anno uncement that Burro ugh s & Asso ciat es, th e Nas h vi lle- ba sed ad vert isi ng a nd public rela tio ns age ncy, together wi th Vice-Presid ent Dick Ham er would conso lida te the Costa Mesa, California, office into the T ennessee headq uarr ers , co mes word th a t H am er will remain in so u thern California and thereby end his three- year association wi th th e firm . Hamer is currently pursuing other career interests and can be reached at 714/ 979-1498. In answer to several reader inquir-ie s . the shock absorbers mounted on the Cycle NewslCliff Carr Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster project bike are Works Performance Aluminum Street Trackers with dual-rate springs. H IRED : T yrone van Hooydonk as Cycle News assistant editor; van Hooydonk, a native of San Jose, California, graduated from San Jose State with a journalism degree in 1987, and has competed in AFM road race even ts. BORN: Jessica Jean Clark. daughter of road racer Leon Clark. of Team Gonzo. and his wife Katherine in Manchester. Connecticut. on June 2 . In conjunction with the J un e 17-19 Kawasaki Loudon Classic, a round of, the Camel Pro Series, the prom oters of the even t held a contest which called for entran ts to describe the an nua l Loudon road race meet in six words with tile words beginnin g with the letters in Lo udon. They've announced that there was a tie and the two winners are Patt y Wells of Tullahoma, Tennessee, and Rick Baer of Monson,·Massachusells. Patty's winning entry was: Landmark of unique dramatic outstanding nationa ls; while Baer's was: Lo udon's oldest unique diversified outstanding nationa ls. Both Wells and Baer will receive two VIP tickets for the event. The Blackhawk Farms (Illinois) ro und of t he AHRMA Historic Cup Series scheduled for July 9 -10 has been canceled and replaced w ith a n eve nt at Laguna Seca in Monterey. California. on July 9. Pre-entry forms and more information ca n be obtained by calling AHRMA at 419 /253-4442 . Pete Dal io, 74, passed away during the last week of May. Dalio operated one of the nation 's lar gest Indian dealerships in FOri Wort h, T exas, in th e for ti es and fifties and then became a T riump h dea ler. As a Triumph dea ler he fielded bikes ridd en by th e likes of Johnny Allen and Jesse Thomas to land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and by Gary Nixon on the Grand National Championship circuit in 1962. Off-road motorcycle and carl truck groups were well represented at the June 2-3 National Wilderness Conference in las Vegas. Nevada . AMA's Rob Rasor. District 37's Dana Bell. MIC's Jim Williams. Steve Kuehl of CORVA. and other reps of OHV groups were on hand. as were representatives of mining. cattlemen. etc. groups . Rasor described the conference as being "very interesting and productive. (Con tinued to page 49) Commission bans OHVs in California State Parks By Farren Williams MO RRO BAY, CA, J UNE 9 A recentl y a p p ro ved policy which bans th e use of off-road vehicles in California State Parks wa s reaffirmed today by (Contin ued to page 10)

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