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Recently, we had an opportunity to talk with three-time Camel Pro Champion Bubba Shobert about motorcycle safety. The following excerpts are his Views on the subject. On Safety Equipment: "You knovv, it takes more than skill to win races. Half of winning is being in the right gear. Whenever 1ride, whether I'm on the track or on the street, 1wear a helmet with eye protection, ajacket, gloves, long pants and boots, Anybody that doesn't is foolish" , , On Riding Responsibly: . ..- . '~lot ofpeople never take the time to learn the riglit way to ride.They should take one ofthe classes offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation so they don't pick up bad riding habits." OnAlcohol and Riding: , "Drinking and riding or using drugs and riding is just plain stupid I'd never take that kind ofchance. Nobody should" On Knowing Your Limits: "I see a lot of guys on the street riding over their heads and they probably think they're , pretty cooL But they're not impressing anylKMbr. 1never use the street a race track. 1 think it's important to know your limitations and ride within them. I'm a professional racer, but 1 still make every ride a learning experience." . as Bubba Shobert is a winner, on arid off the track. And winners ride safely. For more information on riding 'classes, call the Motorcycle ,Safety Foundation toll free at 1-800-447-4700. Winners ride safely 1:11988 Am erican Honda Motor Co, Inc. (4/88) "Halfof winning , ┬Ěsbeing inther.ght gear.'" . - Buhba SJwbert .

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