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cross by Honda which takes place in the pit road area in front of Daytona International Speedway's Campbell Grandstand on Saturday, March 5. Three new sponsors have been added to the famil y of corporations wh ich will su ppo rt activities and racing even ts during Daytona Cycle Week '88 at Florida's Daytona Intern ational Sp eedway and other area facilities. Nestle 's Chunk y brand will spo nsor the Ch un ky H o rsesh oe Tum and the Chunky Chi can e on the 3.56-mi le roa d course for the March 6 47th Annual Daytona 200 by Arai. Daytona Budweiser joins Wiseco and Denn is Kirk, Inc. as spo nsors of the 14th Ann ua l Daytona BudweiserlWiseco Dirt T rack Series. . Bud weiser also sponsors the Dayton a Victory La ne: A T rip Down Memory La ne disp lay at Volusia MalI du ring Cycle Week. Den nis Kirk will spo nsor a $100 lap leader award for the six dirt track events which comprise the dirt track series. In each feature race, Dennis Kirk will pay $100 to the rider who leads the Dennis Kirk Lu cky Lap 9. Busch will again sponsor Daytona Cycle Week's 14th Annual Busch Half Mile dirt track race Sunday, February 28, at Vol usia County Speedway in Barberville, Florida, while Budweiser will sponsor the Saturday night, March 5, 600 National Dirt Track Series round at Memorial Stadium. HarleyDavidson will again be marketing its Harley Heaven area at the speedway for the Daytona 200, and 'American Honda will once again support the Daytona Super- Pre-en tries for the March 6 Dayton a 200 by Arai total 107 riders represen ting II different coun tries on six different mak es of motorcycles. Top entries include Cam el Pro Series cha mp Bubb a Shobert , Suzuki factory rid er Kevin Schwantz , former Formula O ne champs Mike Baldwin and Randy Ren frow, and forme r Battle of the Twins (no w Pro Twin) cha mp jimm y Adam o. In addition to rid ers from the U.S., road racers from Canada, Spain, Sweden, j apan, England, France, Ital y, Switzerland, Finland, and, for the first time, a rider from beh ind the Iron Curtain, Harmat Ar pad of Hungary, are ent ered. T op i nt ernational riders incl ude: Swedish ch am p Ander s Andersso n, French Superbike aces Gi lIes Husson, Philip pe Bouzanne, J ean -Lo u is Tournadre, Suzu kiback ed j apa n ese rid er Yukiy a O hsirna, It aly's Stefano Ca racci , Edwin Weibel of Switzerla nd , British riders Keith H u ewen and Andy McG laddery , and the first Finns entered since J arn o Sarrinen won the 200 in 1973, Kimm o Kopra and Esko Kupari nen. The May 22 Camel Pro Seriesl Grand National San Jose Mile will be the last motorcycle race ever held on the one-mile dirt oval at Santa Clara County Fa irgrounds. The September 18 Grand National mile in San Jose recently was canceled because the fa irgrounds oval will be paved to accommodate future Winston Cup Series auto racing events; the paving was authorized by a recent . agreement between Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and Internationa l Speedway Corporation . After the mile oval is paved some- time this fall , the track probebly will feature two Winston Cup races a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. According to Rick Farren, a spokesman for San Jose Mile promoter Bob Barkhimer Associates, plans are being considered to relocate the San Jose Mile to another northern Cal ifornia facility, but a site has not been selected. Farren added that the San Jose Mile "hasn 't held itself up financially, over the last couple of years as we had hoped it would." Dutchman Racing (S uz), with Kevin Ren tzell and jeff Heino hand ling the ridi ng chores, won th e opening ro und of the '88 A MAlCCS EBC Brake Endurance ChalIenge Series at Firebird Raceway in Chandler, Arizona. Dutchman Racin g finished one minute and 10 seconds in front of T eam Lockhart's Doug Bra uneck and Dale Quarterl y (Suz). Donnie Rowe and Tommy Sloan took Kayo Racing (Yam) to a third p lace fini sh. Mike .Ba ld w in and Eng land's Roger Burnett will ride George Vincensi-prepared Hondas in the Daytona 200. The two VFR750 Hondas were campaigned by Dan ' Chivington last year. No word on a 200 mount for Chivington, but he's jo ine d Larry Shorts on a Kawasaki as Rob Muzzy's AMAI CCS Endurance Series tearn. According to Kevin Rentzell, the Muzzy Kawasaki 1000 was develop ing " a w e s o m e power but wasn't hand ling well" a t last weekend's AMA Endurance Series opener at Arizona 's Firebird Raceway. Muzzy's team finished fourth . Add itio na l U.S. Senate hearings on S7 have not been scheduled, according to Diane Nagel, a spo kesperson for the Public Lands Subcommitt ee o f th e Senate Energy & Natural Reso urces Committee. " We hav e (other) hearings scheduled through March, so heanngs on S7 will be held sometime after that, if at alI (in 1988)," Nage l said. S7, known as the Californ ia Desert Pro tection Act, was in troduced by Senator Alan Cra nston (D-California) and wri tten by the Sierra Club. The bilI would close most of the California desert to offroad riding. Three-time Camel Pro Series champ Bubba Shobert received both the Motorcycle Racer of the Year and the Motorsportsman of the Year awards at the Sunnyvale, California-based Motoring Press Association's 25th Annual Awards Dinner in San Francisco recently. This marked the second consecutive year Shobert has been named Motorcycle Racer of the Year by the MPA. In a .se pa rat e ma il balloting by the more than 50 MPA members, Shobert was also selected to receive the Motorsportsman of the Year award over nominees from other forms of racing. Motorsports columnist Floyd Busby (right) is seen in the photo below presenting Shobert with his Motorcycle Racer of the Year Plaque. Ul !:! :r 11.. ~ a: Cl <, o to :r 11.. z o Ul z :r o ..., '" u C > '" o 5 :x: 11.. Don Griewe (Hus) won the 38th Annual Moose Run, round two of the 1988 National Hare & Hound Championship Series, held February 14 in Red Mountain, California . Dan Ashcraft (Yam) claimed second, and Larry Roeseler (Kaw) finished f irst in the 250cc class to take third overall. Eric Ha llgath (Ya m ) collected seventh overall to to p t he 1 2 5 cc d ivision . Randy Hawkins (Suz) scored h is second stra i!?h t win in the SE&TRA Enduro Senes when he won the Febru ary 14 round in Gr eenville, Nonh Carolina. Hawkins dropped 34 points, topping Brian Adam s (Suz) who was second overalI with 40 points dropped, a nd AlIen Gravitt (KT M) who was third wit h 41. MOVED: HPS. manufacturer of J:i ig h Performance Synthetic lubricants, to 1365 Grand Ave., Unit 106, San Marcos, CA 92069; the new phone number is 619 /931 0844. 2 Entries for Great Britain 's 1988 Isle of Man TT road race will close April 30, accordi ng to race officials. Up to (Continued to pag e 28) Election 1988 T he most crucial legislative election in 1988 is for California 's U.S. Senate seat. O ne volatile issue will make or break Pete Wilson. Wilson 's political life has been one of sh unning publici ty and exposure. Not surp risinglv, few Americans know Wil son is a U.S. Senator. Even in Cal ifornia , many can 't identify Wil son as their "other" fede ra l Sena tor, whi le Alan Cra nston enjoys widespread awa reness. Bu t obscurity has .given Wilson electorate votes when facin g controversial opposition. T he Sena tor's staff are prompt to po int out that Wilson's obscurity rela tes to his job dedication , innumerous a p poi ntments and lon g hours. As Senator of the nation 's largest (28-miIlion ) a n d fastestgrowing state , Wilson indeed has endless formida ble chalIenges. Fi g issues crucia l to the world 's seve nth la rgest eco no my is no t Wilson 's chal lenge, but selecting which he will cha mpion, or oppose, 1S• . An ominous sta tistic haunts the Wilson cam paign. No junior Senator from Californ ia has been reelected in 36 years. Pete Wilson is best kn own fo r hi s su p p ort o f national defense which is always an issue of monumen tal consequence to Californian bu sin esses and employmen t, However, the issues of national defen se, Iran-Contra, et al, are no t subjects for thi s forum. Pete Wilson has been keen to accep t the titl e of "s taunch en vironmen talist." It is this identity which has traditionall y gi ven hi m full sup port and/ or endorsement of the Sierra Club and ot her environ men tal groups. - until 1988. Now Wilso n is cau ght in a situation of, " dam ned if he does and dam ned if he doesn 't." The issue is Alan Cra nsto n's Senate Bill 7, the Ca lifo rnia Desert Protection Act, the most sweeping environmental legis lation in our nation's history. In spring of last year, Wilso n was accorded the "Bronx Cheer" at a Sierra Cl ub convention where he gave the opening speech. He condemned " no isy" off-roaders, bu t declined to endorse S7. Conversely, Wilson 's certain op po nent for the senate seat , California's Lieutena nt Govern or Leo McCarthy, su pports S7 and is endorsed by the Sierra Club and other environmental leaders. S7 has rapidl y become the " hot potato" whi ch Wilson and his campaign wish, fruitl essly, the Senator cou ld ignore. O ver si x-m ill io n p eopl e visi t Cal ifo rn ia 's deserts every yea r. Around two-milli on work in the desert , a large po rtion in nationa l defen se. The emp loyment and dollar value invo lving the military, recreatio n, tourism, vital mineral s, livestock, farming and more are mind bogglin g. And all will be severely impacted by S7. T he peop le numbers alone would easily elect or defeat any (Con tinued to page 34)

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