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There is also silly season talk tha t Raymond Roche has signed with ' Suzuki for 1988. Reportedl y, France was Suzuki's biggest street bike market in 1987 and the company feels the signing of the Frenchman would further add to the marketability of their brand in .France. Last year Roche first signed with Suzuki, bu t ended up signing . for and riding Cagivas in the Grands Prix. More details regarding the Cagiva/ Randy Mamola contract became available at .the Cagiva North America new model Introduction in Torrence, California, on November 17. Marnola inked a two-year contract with a third year option that, according to' Marnola's manager Jim Doyle, will see the Californian · teamed with Fren ch ma n Raymond Roche in 1988. Cagiva is currently contracted ' with P irelli tires, but Marnola's contract is non -exclusive and states that he can use another brand of tire if the Pirellis don't fare well in pre-season testi ng. American George Vukmanovich, who previously worked with Mamola at Suzuki and last worked with Freddie Spencer and Honda in 1986, will be the crew chief on the team that at presstime does not have a major outside sponsor. As a bonus, Mamola wi ll receive a Ferrari Testarossa for his first Grand Prix win on the Ita lian V-four. Cagiva North America. however. has not yet announced its National motocross. hare scrambles and enduro racing program for 1988. It is rumo red. though. that the company's enduro team w ill be s limmed down to just two rid e rs. former three-time National Champion Terry Cunningham and a not yet determined rider. Team Maclean owne r Bob · Maclean is currently go ing through the trial s and tribulations of trying to put together a road ' race team for the 1988 World .Championship Road Race Series. Maclean met with Cagiva .t h re e weeks ago in an effort to secure machinery from the Italian firm . but the recent signing of Randy Mamola put the squeeze on that idea. "We are still t ry ing to do something in Europe fo r next year." Maclean said . " W e ' v e done t his fo r so many years in the U.S .• but we want to see what's at the end of the rainbow . We want to do the World Champion sh ips. but it's very tough breaking int o it:' Maclean. however. lo o ks set to . continue h is support of 250cc racing in the U.S . and has ordered two Hondas for the 1988 AMA/Camel Pro Series. A rider has not been picked. a lthough Maclean did not ru le out the possib ility of Jimmy Filice riding for the team. The rider Maclean is trying to secure GP equ ipment for is Mike Baldwin. who has been dropped from Team l u c ky Strike Ro be rt s . ' ~We 've been talking t o Mike pretty regu larly; we want a dea l for Eu rope for him." The April 10, 1988, U.S. Road Race -C ran d Prix will be shown on NBC President Ronald Reagan met the U.S . Motocross des Nations team on October 29 at the Wh ite House in Washington. D.C. World Champions Bob Hanna h. Rick Johnson and Jeff Ward. along with mechanics Randy Br u mi nga. Bria n l unn is a nd Tom Morgan. team manager Roger DeCoster. the AMA's Bill Am ick and Rob Rasor. and former AMA MX head Ned Redway were on hand. Photos by Pete Souza /The White House. 2 with a one-week te lecast delay, according to Lagu na Seca's Art Glattke. Glattke also reports that the construction invo lved in lengthening th e Monterey, California, faci lity is going well. "We have a real good visua l of the new turn two ," Glattke said. " An d we recently came across some great base material from Monterey. They were going to drop it real close to here, and now we've got them ' brin gin g it in here." Team Marlboro Agostini has signed Belgian Didier de Radigues to contest the 1988 500cc Road .Racing World Championship as ' ·Ed d ie lawson's teammate on Yamaha YZR500s. De Radigues ro d e a Cagiva V-four in 1987 and finished 12th in the championship. scoring 21 points. Dave Golden, owner of Dave Golden Mo tor cycles in San Francisco, Ca lifornia, died on Wednesday, November 18. Golden, whose shop was once Hap Jones Motorcycles, was 72-years-old. Yamaha has announced a road, race contingency program which will spread a total of $508.200 among 155 events in the U.S . during 1988. The program will offer contingency .awards in t he AMA/Camel Pro Series ro a d race - ro u n d s (n ine events each in the Supe rb ike and Supersport classes; $34.900 will be pa id in . the Superbike class. and FZ riders will collect $31.900 in the Supersport d ivision); AFM North and South (10 events. total payback of $45.200 in the 600. 750 and 1000cc classes); Formula U.S.A. (n in e events. $20.800 offered between the 600cc and Open classes); WERA Endurance (14 events . $59.300 t o be split between the Midd leweight Superb ike and Heavyweight Superbike . divisions); AMA/CCS Endurance (14 events. $59.300 to be divided between the GTO and GTU d ivisi o ns ); WERA Sprints (30 events. $87.900 to be awarded between the 600. 750 and 1·000cc classes); AMA/CCS Sprints (30 events. $87.900 offered between the 600 . 750 and 1000cc classes ); MRA (10 events . $27.000 to be paid between the 600. 750 and 1000cc classes); OMRRA (10 events. $27.000 to be d ivided among the 600. 750 and 1000cc classes); and WMRRA (10 events, $27.000 to be paid between the 600. 750 and 1000cc c lasses). Yamaha contingency money will be paid to riders of FZR400s. FZ600s. FZR750s and FZ1000s w ho finish well in approved races. Riders competing in all types of AMA District 37 races are reminded by the Bureau of Land Management that motorcycles using public lands must be equipped with both U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrestors, and "green stickers" (Ca lifornia Off-Highway Vehicle Registration Certificates). According to BLM Outdoor Recreation P lanner Mark Struble, BLM rangers now are actively en forcing the green sticker and spark arrestor requirements before a ll District 37 events and riders who ar e discovered to be illegal will not be allowed to compete. "Our rangers will go down ' the line and check everybo d y for compliance before a race is allowed to start," said Struble, Riders with new motorcycles who have not received registration certificates from the Department of Motor Vehicles must possess a copy of their bill of sale which shows that the $20 DMV fee has been paid. South African Rod Gray (Suz) won the in a u g u ra l Phillips Tracer South African Superbike Road Race Series by one point over fellow countryman Wayne Heasman (Suz) at the final round in Kyalami on November 22. Top Amer ican in the series was seventh-placed Doug Polen (Suz); . Polen finished th ird in Kya lam i. Yamaha has officially announced its 1988 National motocross and supercross' teams. Two-time 125cc MX National Champion Micky Dymond and former Nationa l Champion Broc G lover wi ll ride the 1988 Supercross and 250cc National MX Series, and J eff Stanton will ride th e Supercross and 250 and 500cc Nationa ls. Yamaha will not be fielding any factory riders, for the 125cc Nationals. Suzuki has not announced its 1988 motocross team. but accord ing to U.S. Suzuki's press relations manager Rob Sanders. Suzuki will announce itsMX race program in m id -December. In a recent phone conversation. Sanders sa id. "Our motocross program will stun the industry: ' Stay tuned. Mike Goodwin of Supercross, In c. (SXI) informs us that SXI and Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group (MTEG) have a December 14 court date scheduled. According to Goodwin, " SXI is seeking a temporary restraining order which could lead to . a preliminary injunction while SXI and MTEG await trial on their non competition' lawsuit." In essence, SXI is seeking-a ruling that says MTEG cannot produce motorcycle events a t venues where S'Xl has produced Supercross events; Goodwin says , "If the judge rules that MTEG can run motorcycles where SXI previously has, that also opens the way for SXI to run cars where MTEG has had events. SXI will then add a Sunday car/mud drag/monster truck event follow ing most of its Supercrosses except for San Diego." SXI's tentative 1988 Supercross schedule is as follows: January 30, Atlanta (G eo rgia) Stadium; February 20, San Diego (Ca lifornia ) J ack Murphy Stadium; March 19, Sacramentoj California} Cal Expo; June 4, Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts; June I I, San Jose, California; and June 18, Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, California. Goodwin concluded with, " If the courts restricts MTEG from runni ng motorcycles and SXI gets its January 30 Anaheim (Ca lifornia) Stadium da te back, then Atlanta wi ll move to February 27." . In ou r review of the 1988 BMWs in issue #45 we listed an in c orre c t , suggested reta il price for the R 1 OOGS. The correct price is $5695. ' . - BORN: Sarah Kate Veery, daughter of lon gt ime Cycle News contributor T horn Veery and wife Nancy on October 27 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; Thorn and Sarah Kate share .the same birthdate, The Tr iumph t h a t Dusty Coppage rode to v ictory in the 1967 Barstow-to-Vegas race will be on display at the B-to-V tech ins pe c tion area in Barstow. Californ ia. on Friday. November 27. Raffle tickets w ill be ava ilable for $1 each at the display a nd some lucky ticket holder will w in t he bike. Gene Smith. who fin ished second in both t h e 1967 and 1969 B-toV. ra c e s . has already purchased 60 (Con tinued to page 4)

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