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Wind Con tin ued from page 2) form er Grand Nationa l Champion Mert Lawwill and Dick Mann, and Cam el Pro compe ti tor Chris Carr . Sh erbet says AMRA-Pros is a " for profit" associati o n that is " dedicated to and which specia lizes in the promotion, advancemen t, and devel opment of nationa l and world class dirt track racing." A pro posed 1988 series would incl ude 600 and 750 classes, and AMRA -Pros is requesting co mme n t on in terest in adding a 250cc singl e-cyli nder class, The 250cc class wou ld be part of th e serie s and not a Novice, Pro -Am or Junior class . Rookie first year riders would be restricted to co mpe ting in th e 250 and 600cc cla sses. The Racing Operations Advisory Board will be meet, ing la ter this month on th e West Coast to com pletely finalize all goals, rules and g uidelines for the 1988 seaso n . For more informa tio n or to com ment, contact AMRA· Pros, P.O. Box 1644, T ar pon Sp rings, FL 34689, 813-938-4573_ More than $10,000 was raised for the Special Olympics during the August 29-30 AMA/Camel Pro Series road race meet at Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma, Ca lifornia. The biggest contribution came from Grand National Cham- · pion Bubba Shobert, who won $10,000 in the Camel Challenge race and immediately donated ha lf of his winnings. Of the remaining $5000 contributed to the Special Olympics, $1000 came from Sears Point's Saturday . gate receipts, $375 was raised from spectators who paid $5 each to ride their motorcycles around the race course, more than $1320 was collected in pledges, $1153 was guaranteed by Sears Point Raceway and $1152 was guaranteed by R.J . Reynolds, promoter of the Camel Pro Series. TRA ILER : 16 '. DUA L AXLE. BRAND NEW. 1250 /OBO . (80 5) 255 -0383. (335 -37) Tons Of Used Cycle Parts* onda . Yamaha. Kawasaki & Suzu ki pans in stock ow l 1961 thru 1986 . Dirt and str eet. UPS dai ly. easonable prIc es. " CALL TOLL FREE" (800) 27- 7304 . MIKE'S CYCLE PARTS. (503) 399690 . (135- 39) 987 YZ250 & 490 fa Circu it mo tor, Race-Tech susp en sion . Very low ours due to inj ury . 30 day guaran t ee. (71 4 ) 77 12 15 Bill Frank. (335· 36) ow's Your Sense Of Humor he M X CAT Com ic Book is th e perf ect test. If you n' t thi nk it's funny, you proba bly didn 't laugh hen your prom dat e fe ll in the punch bow l or hen your dad backed the car out of the garag e fore he opened the door . Don't de lay...Order Your X CAT Comic Book Today and let th e w hol e family njoy a good laugh on you. They'r e ju st .75¢ and ailable by using the Cycl e News Prod uct s Ord er rm locat ed below the advertisers ind ex. (5/ N) 500 HONDA YORK J R REGISTERED WINNER. night VZ250. MT125 Honde roadracer. (31 3) 639· 908. (335-36) Wes Cooley Riders Association Open track ri de at Willow Spr ings Raceway September 18 & Rivers ide Raceway Octobe r 5. No . experie nce necessaryl Begin ning rid er? Canyon crazy? Racer? W e have the tra ck time for you . Beg inn ing and advanced schools . For mor e inf or mati on call (8 18) 574 -8153. (235 / PITFN) 1986 RM125/RM250 Both bikes identi cal- mot ors by Suzuki Country. Bill's pipes. cr ank s ma ch ined. he ads milled. cylinder ported, shocks done . ATK kit s. Too many extra s to ment ion . Both bikes-3 r ides by Sen ior rider. Too old .. J Quit l (714) 951-7645 days. (714 ) 492-4811 even ings . (33 5· 38) 1986 Husqvarna 4-Stroke TM 4-Stroke MX . Woods Rafax motor. Perf ect cond ition. all (714) 895-2907 days only. M -F. Bob. (3356) Excellent cond ition. Low mil eage. Titled. $1750. (517) 48 2-6501. (135-36) Kawasaki Dealers/Pvt Owners (133-36) Wanted: 1982 1<21300 new in crate or used. In st ock . p erfec t m in t co nd itio n. (70 2 ) 739 8317. (335-36) hipped daily. Tuesday-Saturday. Wh ite Power rvice. DIRT RIDER HEADQUARTERS. (90 1) 324· 537 . (229 /TFN) Engine. fram es. W hit e Power for ks and shocks. w heels. sw ingarms. tanks. etc. Call (7 14) 895 2907 days onl y. M -F. Bob. . (335 -36) otax Eng ine Parts @ Cost +10 % hy pay mor e? (817) 294 -8634. TM-Can-Am Parts Parting Out KTM 4-Stroke '86 RG500 Gamma/Canadian 95 hp. Hi-Spons. Good condition . never raced. 1300 miles . $4ooo/0BO. (516) 673 -7978 Ted. Leave message. (135·36) 1986 M-STAR 500: PERFECT CONDITION. $1 700 . (8 18) 244 -2645. (335-36) Laverda RGS1.000 1983 Hi -Sports. comp pipe. Works Performa nce shocks . M int condition. 10k . $3500. (80 5) 647 0 190. (135-36) obra/CBX/KZ1300 - 6/1 hro me /black. $2 7 5. Extr a hp & t or qu e. No j ett i ng is re quired. Gr eat sound. Ret a in s ente r st and . (800 ) 3 27 -1109 . (305 ) 78 5180. (235 /PITFN) '86 Husky 510 Cross Country 4 -stroke . M in t condition. Less than 20 ho urs on bike. New tires. skidplate . In storage last year and a ha lf. w ell take n car e of. M ust see. $2350/0BO . (714) 380·1775 or (714 ) 77 0- 80 83 leave message. As k for Chris. . 1 135-36) Althou gh U.S. Senator Pete Wil son (R-Ca liforn ia) has been asked to cosponso r SI 536, Senator John Danforth 's ( R vMisso ur f) Motorcycl e Safety Act of 1987, Wilson, " has n 't fini shed an analysis of the bill or mad e any type of decision," according to Jim Burroughs, Wi lson's legis lative assistan t. T he Dan fort h bill would place performance limits on superbi kes sold in th e Un ited States. Letters urging Wi lson no t to sup port SI536 should be sent as soon as possible to: T h e H ono rable Pe te Wi lson, U.S. Senate, 720 Hart Sena te Office Bldg., Washington, D.C_ 20510. A clean air bill which mandates that motorcycles meet the same emissions standards as automo' biles beginning in 1992 will be considered this month by the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Although Senate Bill 1351 no longer officially exists, the provisions in the measure are contained in a draft committee print (a committee working paper) wh ich will be "marked up " by comm ittee members September 15-16. During the " m ark up" session, sena tors will debate the measure until it is redrafted int o its final form. Letters urging the committee to delete overly stringent emissions standards for motorcycles should · be sent to: The Honorable Quentin N . B urd ick, -C h ai r m an , U.S. Senate Environment and Pub lic Works Committee, United States Senate, Washington , D .C _ 20510. Road racer Gary Goodfellow was released from the Roya l Co lumbian H osp ital in British Co lumbia on Augu st 26 after hi s cras h i n .a Ca na dian roa d race on August 16. " I' m do ing good," Goodfellow sai d on August 26, o nly minutes pr ior to being released. " I' m just" ge tting o u t now . It was quite serious, but I'm healing quick. I' ll be back in four to five weeks, I hope." Goodfellow is now recovering at his ho me in Vanco uver. Cards and letters can be sen t to 976 E. 22nd Street, Vancou ver, B.C. V5VIV9_ .. ~ ~ .. r- ... (.D ....-4 Southern California-based SMX has announced t hat the Yamaha YSR50 Track Challenge road races will continue at Willow Springs for a few more dates while the new Glen Helen facility is being finished. The mini road racers w ill next do t heir t hing at Willow on Sunday, September 13 , with new exhibition classes offered for modified YSR50s, although the main emphasis will remain with the stock classes to. according to SMX's Terry Whytal, "Keep the sport fun, inexpensive and low-key." For more information, call 714/582-3482. The Gran Carrera de Cam peones will be held in Baj a, Mexico , over the October 2-4 weekend, The motorcycle, ATV, car and truck off-roa d ra ce will offer competitors a 350-mile co urse th at will cover two laps of rugged terrain , including a ppro ximately 60% of never-before-raced Baj a terrain, and th e Sea of Cortez beach , The start/finish area is at the On-Dirt/Hacienda Off Road Sta- . diurn, which is located abou t four miles sou th of San Felipe. Racers will have 12 h ours in which to co mp lete the race. For entry' blanks and/or more informa tion, co ntact: Baja Promotions, LTD. S.A., P.O . Box 241, Van Nuys, CA 91308, 818/ 340-5750. HosPITal STOP: Road racer Bob Reed suffered a broken h ip. broken ribs and a punctured lu ng in a race accident at the WERA Reg ional Championship road race meet at St. Louis International Raceway in East St. Louis, Illinois, on September 6. Cards and letters can be sent to St. Elizabeth Hopital, CCU, 2100 Madison Ave., Granite City, IL 62040. Casey Folks, di rector of the Best In T he Desert Racin g Associa tion, tells us he'll run a Sportsman cla ss in the September 26-27 La ughlin U .S . Championshi p Hare Scrambles and in all Best In The Desert events afte r that. Folk s said the reason for the class is many riders have told him that ' they feel unless one is a top expert th en he or she doesn 't really have much of a chance to earn a part of the cash purse , nor can they afford the high entry fee that the cash.purse requires, Folks said, "T hose who have already entered the Laughl in race an d n o w wis h to ride th e Sportsm an class, can con tact Best In The Desert and we will refund the balance of their en try fee." Entries are still open for the event (200 rider limit). For more information, contact Best In the Desert , 3475-C Boul der Hwy., Las Vegas, NV 89121, 702/ 457·5775. NAMED: Rob Hassey as assistant national sales manager for K& N Engineering Inc.: Hassey, a Junior-ranked dirt t rack racer. has . served as a dealer service rep for Oury Gr ips. Kal-Gard, and Pro Man. • 51

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